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Who are we?

Who is god ? What is god?
Is he a man who lives in the sky . Nothing to do more important than watch upon humans. Punish them when they wrong .reward them on their right.
If he is as mighty as to be called the almighty . Why is that such a divine power being is so intrested in the doings of we human? Is their nothing more important in this infinite universe than we humans ? Why would he create heaven and hell for us? If god is the almighty force who created all being and all thing , If he is the one who controls all being and things. Than why are humans be sent to hell to be punished for the wrongs that god has made us do? Or sent to heaven to enjoy the fruits of good things he had made us do? Why is their such discrimination of rich and poor? Or are we just toys he created just for his amusements?
Any holy book we shall read, doesn't matter of what religions, every book has the same concept about birth of humanity. That God created the first man and Woman. And the first made the second generation of man . Than question comes to my mind , who were there wife? Where did they came from? Was the women their sister's? But that would be incest, a crime in all religions I know off. So did god almighty make their wife's for them ? If he could make beings on his wise . Why did he left evolution to do rest of the work? Today we can clearly see that evolution has messed up. Evolution is not perfect as God's work . Cause of evolution's mess , today we have humans of different race and sexuality. Most of who hate each other. And some wants to kill all the different ones.

 Or I am understanding it wrong ? In fact this is not God's fault. Like religions say ,there is no such thing as evolution.
  Than the only conclusion I reach to is ,there are many different Gods. The white god created the white people, the black god created the black, the Asian god created the Asian etc.
And they are using humans as proxy to fight their war. That's the real reason why today's world is so crazy, always fighting in the name of God's.

          Thank you for reading , these are just my thoughts. So if you're a religious person please don't mind my words.


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Well, there was hope for Rhino and Dustin. Their English was quite acceptable.

Then they ran into Archer again.
Still, hope springs eternal!