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Shadow Rising (Prologue)

The night sky was clear and the moon was bright. Everything was perfect for someone who was just learning to live in the shadows. A girl with an overstuffed duffel bag was walking down the alleyway next to an abandoned warehouse, looking for a place to get in it. Finding none after she had circled around it twice, she sighed and disappeared from the outside. She reappeared on the inside that very same instant and looked around. She set the bag down with a thud and walked around. Everything in the place was dusty and old, it seemed that the place hadn’t been used in years. Everything looked to be just as it had been the day that the place closed down - crates stacked up along one wall, the forklifts still waiting to be turned on and put back to work, and the entire place was waiting to be filled up with shipments of all kinds. Walking into one of the offices on the second floor, the girl kicked something. As she bent over and picked it up, she realized that it was a journal. Opening it, she found that it was never used. She made her way fully into the office and dusted the cover off. She sat down in an old swivel chair and picked up a pen lying on the desk, it seemed like it was waiting to be used just like everything else in the building. The girl sighed and began writing her first entry in the book.
Feb. 21, 2017
Wow, my life is going great. *note sarcasm*. I had my life changed forever, I have to stay in hiding and I am a danger to humanity. I should probably write down how it was changed and how I got here, even though i’m sure no one will find this place. But anyway here I go...
I remember the day that everyone thought that i died, only i didn't, they just messed with my genes. More specifically my DNA, which cause me to develop rather interesting powers. One of the more useful ones - the ability to turn into a dragon. For whoever is reading this, i guess i should fill you in on all of the details. It all started three weeks ago when my family and i decided to visit one of the more rural towns of Iowa...
I sat behind my dad who was driving our car. I stared out the window in awe at the countryside. The sky was a blue that seemed to be liquid paint and the grass was impossibly green. It was the exact definition of heaven for me. The ride was quiet besides the occasional “Look at that!” or “I wish we came out her more often”.
We were going to a place called Creston, Iowa because I wanted to hold a little concert in their park stage. I found it weird that they had a stage in the middle of their city park, but I just went along with it.
"Celia we're here" My mom, Eliza, said. I snapped out of my dazed and carefully got out of the car, my purple dress billowing around me in the slight wind.
"Ok" I said walking around to the trunk. I grabbed my guitar, microphone, and one speaker then started towards the stage. I hopped up on the stage and grabbed the chair that my father gave me. I helped my parents set everything down so it could be wired then, I sat down and ran a sound check as they were plugging everything in.
I looked around and saw a few people enjoying the day here and there. When they noticed something was going on at the stage they came to check it out. By the time that they came everything was all set up, and I started to sing my original song.
"Everyone thinks that i'm fine, things that i've lived here all my life. They don't know who i am inside, no one does. They don't realize that i envy them, i only want what they have.
"Everyone says 'family is forever'. Try telling that to someone who never really had one, no one wanted to take me in! I just wish someone did......
"I just wish that someone could step in and help, help me forget about the past, and maybe help me be the person i really am~! All I know is that there is no permanent family for me! No one will step in and dry my tears, no one will help me in the darkest nights. Even though i will do anything for my temporary family.....
"Throughout my life in iowa, I've had four families. They may all be different but the have one thing in common, not of them wanted me at first! Then they realized what i am capable of, so they kept me caged behind bars of things to do. I never once had the chance to become free!..........." By now a sizeable crowd had shown up and was watching.
"I just wish someone could step in and help, help me forget about the past, maybe even help me be who i really am~! All i know is that there is no perfect family for me. No one will step in and dry my tears, no one will help me in the darkest nights. Even Though i will do anything for them~!
"Oh~~! I've been looking for a place to call my home. Oh~! I've been trying' to find a place to fit in~~~!
"I just wish someone would step in and help, help me forget about the past, maybe you could help me be the person i really am~~! All i know is that no matter what there is no perfect family for me!
"All i want is a place to call home, A family to call my own~! A family that will accept me~~~! Oh Yeah~~~!
"All i want is for someone to step in al help, help me forget about the past, maybe they could help me to be the person i really am! All i know is that there is no perfect family for me! No one will step in and help dry my tears, now one will help me in the darkest nights. Even though-!
"All i want is for you to step in and help, help me forget about the past, maybe you can help me be who i really am! All i know is that no matter what, there is no perfect family for me! No one will step in and help dry my tears, no one will help me through my fears. Even though~~~! I will give everything up for them.....
"No one will step in and help me dry my tears, no one will help me through my fears No one........" I finished, my voice barely above a whisper
Everyone clapped as i smiled. I was a rising singer/songwriter and was holding small performances across the state. My parents sacrificed a lot for me and I will pay them back one day.
So as you could tell, everything was going great - had a little concert, met some fans, blah blah blah. It seemed like nothing bad could happen, or so we all thought….
The audience was cheering and I began to play a song that I always sing it was Balloons by Mandopony. I was just about to start singing when a gunshot rendered the air. The crowd ducked down and the person who fired the shot was seen clearly, the gun still raised above his head, "We have you surrounded, stay on the ground with your hands up and no one gets hurt!!"
I stood up slinging my guitar around to rest across my back, “Who the Hell do you think you are?!” I yelled and another gunshot filled the silence. I put my hands over my head as pieces of concrete fell down.
“Get on the ground now, or I won't miss next time.” The man said as he reached for another gun on his waist
I slowly kneeled on the ground with my hands beside my head as everyone had done. I saw the man raise the other gun and point it at me. Before I could yell a needle had implanted itself in my arm, I started towards the edge of the stage but fell. In my blurry vision, i saw the crowd running for their lives and felt myself being picked up bridal style. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was “She will make a good test subject for the Scientist’s Shadow”.
I was then transported to an underground facility. How long I was out for is uncertain. I do remember waking up briefly several times before another dose of the sedative was put into my bloodstream. During my brief wakings, I was always being transported from one van to another and everyone was wearing white lab coats. When I fully awoke I immediately knew something was wrong.
 I groggily looked around the plain white room. All of the sudden, I was fully awake and taking in the sterile look of the room. There were gleaming instruments that had no other purpose but to be used in surgery. At the thought of an unwanted surgery performed on me, I started to struggle against my restraints. As I did they gradually got tighter, although it didn’t matter to me, I needed to get out.
A door slammed open from behind me, "Getting feisty aren't we?" A man said as he walked into the room and to my left with another needle, he had a smug look on his face that made me want to kill him. He walked to one of the tables lining the room and started to look at various tools.
I was tired of the shit these people were giving me, they drugged me, kidnapped me, and god knows what else they did. "What do you want from me?" I asked with a dangerous edge to my voice as he walked towards me preparing the needle. The vial was full of a clear liquid, and it didn’t do anything to settle my nerves.
"Well sweetheart, you are in the headquarters of the Scientist's Shadow, a band of scientists that strive towards creating a new race of humanity that will survive anything." He said as he stuck the 3” needle in my arm.
"Agh!" I groaned as he slowly put the liquid into my arm. I could feel it running through my body and changing my blood.
"And you are one of the first test subjects my dear" He said as he pulled the needle out and gently set it on the table right next to me.
"H-how long have i been here" I stuttered trying to block out the pain. He walked towards me with a look of concern, faker.
"A couple of days, although you first got here a few hours after you were first drugged. Since you kept waking up every twenty minutes, they had to administer a stronger dose to keep you out. Although, we aren't that far from the town that you were found in." He said cupping my cheek. "As soon as you are stable, we will release you from your restraints and let you roam the room so you can get a feel of what you are now capable of." He turned around and motioned for a second, younger man to come through the door. The man seemed like he was about 15 years old, around my age. "Until then Kyle will be staying in this room keeping an eye on you." He said as he walked out, leaving the two of us alone.
"So, you are the girl that they caught" Kyle said in awe, as he looked me up and down.
I was very irritable from the pain, and I was very annoyed with my current standings with these people. "Yeah so, your point is?" I snapped, unaware of what would happen. Kyle seemed to understand and began administering painkillers. They kicked in almost immediately.
Then he sat down on a table to my right that was almost completely clear besides a few petri dishes, sighing he said one thing that would turn my life around, "It's that there isn't another girl in this facility and i've been wanting someone to talk to other than my masters" He looked at me with eyes the color of the ocean.
I was ashamed of what I had done, but mostly surprise controlled me. Before I could stop myself I asked the most stupidest question i could have at that time."Huh, whoa wait-your a SLAVE?" still taken aback from both of our previous statements.
"Yeah....." He said as the lights seemed to dim slightly, probably to simulate day and night.
 I looked at my restraints, trying to find something to look at than him. "Oh my gosh i am so sorry...." I said as I thought of ways to get the both of us out of here, alive.
Everything from there was fine, I was still strapped to the table, Kyle and I gradually grew closer and, the best part of all, I was pain free! So after a few days i was released from the table and when i tested out my new powers, it I escaped that very same day, the only problem was, kyle wasn’t anywhere to be found and so I had to leave without him. I felt utterly terrible for doing it, and I knew karma would get me for that. After flying nonstop all night, I had returned back to Ames. The only problem was that I find out that everyone presumed that I was dead. I honestly don’t blame them because a vial of an unknown substance was stuck into my arm by terrorists. So I stayed in the shadows.
It was like that for a few weeks until i was watching my ex-boyfriend from a distance at an outdoor dance in one of my favorite parks.
The sky was a black void with the stars twinkling like jewels. He was sitting alone on the side of the oversized gazebo. He was at a dance in my honor held by one of my old best friends, Lizzy. The place was lit up with fairy lights and lanterns on strings, giving the entire place a surreal feeling. I watched Seth from a distance until it was almost dawn, then I knew that it was time to leave. As I was walking away, I felt another presence behind me, obviously trying to follow me. I pulled my hood up and quickened my step to try to lose the person, then I made the mistake of glancing over my shoulder and seeing who it was. “Celia?!” I heard him say.
“God Dammit.” I muttered underneath of my breath and broke out into a jog. As much as I still loved him, I knew it was time that I blew that popsicle stand.
“What the hell? Celia, what are you doing?! Where are you going?!” He yelled as he started to run after me. My hood fell down allowing my hip-length hair billow behind me. When he was about to grab my jacket I sprinted harder than I ever had before.
We ran for another five minutes before I ran into an alley. I ran as far I could before finding that It was a dead end, I turned around only to be pinned against a wall by Seth. He was breathing hard, and he held me there until he had calmed down. His look never strayed from my eyes, then he leaned in and kissed me. He never let go of my hands, “If I let you go, you promise you won't run away?” He whispered, I gave him a look that said ‘no guarantees bud’. He sighed and slowly released his grip on my hands and stepped back. I took this chance and ran out of the alley way and jumped up onto the fire escape.
Tears were streaming down my face as I ran from my beloved and towards the warehouse.
He tried to follow me but thanks to my new DNA (and my head start) i was-am- able to run longer without breathing hard than any ordinary human. But then again, i'm not even human anymore. I kept running long after he gave and and went into the abandoned building i called my home.
And that is where i am now, writing this journal for all of you wonderful people to enjoy. If someone ever finds this before my time is up, don't tell anyone. If you do, i will know and i will find you. Trust me when i say that you don't want that to happen
Celia is gone, she was dead on the day i became reborn. From now on everyone will know me as the Shadow Hunter and i promise to protect the Des Moines area and i will take that to my grave.
The girl sighed as she put the cap on the pen and closed the journal. She kept both items with her as she walked out of the office and towards a corner in the back of the building, the place that she would sleep for the night.
The girl sat down on the floor and looked down at her legs and saw something fall. She lifted the back of her hand to her left eye and pulled it back, seeing that she was crying made the entire situation of her new life so much more real. The girl went to sleep with thought of her old life haunting her dreams.


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Commented Aug 13, 2017, 7:22:41 PM
This is very, very intense.

Now, you have some potential here for a very powerful scene. You need to write it as a story. This is an outline of how you want the story to progress. Add detail, description, and dialog. Add scenery. Set the stage, and let the actors play it out. I will bet you have a powerful tale once you do that.