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PS Motherhood Rated 18+

Chapter *1*

22 years had passed since that horrific day, I recently had to move back into the parent's house of Mary and Joseph Butler. My name is Chloe Heartthorn. They had a small house on the outskirts of Kingston, Ontario. I hated that house, the door crept open eerily silent. How the wood stove could get so hot that you could burn anything just by being near it. How unfinished and unsafe everything was in the barn outside.

Or how cold my room would get in winter because I stayed in the barely working barn. I always had to bring up extra blankets to bed to counter the icy colds of the winters. My parents tolerated me. I don't know who was happier when I moved out for college, them or me. My brother on the other hand got everything he wanted and more. Even though I did everything. Honestly everything, housework, yard work I even picked up a part-time job when I was 15 to pay rent and pay bills.

I guess this was their answer to parenting their son. Son got angry at me, so they sent me away. Sometimes I felt like my parents hated me. They definitely made it obvious. By saying things like “I shoulda left you at the door we found you.” “Fuck off you little slut”. I think my Mom hates me because my dad took special care of our nighttime routines as he would call them. I never went to the police about it because I just thought it was something that happened in all families

They completely cleaned out my stuff just in time for the person who was arranged to pick me up. All I could hear was a shout from my brother asking why I got to go to the tropics and he was stuck with them “Son, you do not want to be going to the family she is going to.” Then my mother slammed the door to the kitchen. Anyways, my brother and I got into a fight that night. We were having dinner in the kitchen. I had informed my brother couldn't use my room for his guests. He got upset and punched me at the diner table. In return, I called him a spoiled brat while holding my face. Before I knew it. My parents had called someone, and about an hour later, I was being packed up and sent to the airport in Toronto.

After the long ride to the Toronto airport. I was on a private plane with a family. I couldn't figure out if they owned the plane or were condemned to work for the family business too. My parents told me, I was going to wish I was never born after they straightened me out. I walked up the narrow staircase to the plane and kept only a few things with me on the plane.

I looked at the narrow but nice hallway of the plane seating area. The family or I thought they were family and didn't pay much attention to me. I walked awkwardly down the lane to my seat. I saw from the corner of my eye. The two brothers eyeing me over the one quickly lost interest in me and went back to his television show but the other kept eye contact and smiled. I smiled awkwardly, I sat down nervously in my seat by the daughter.

My hands are constantly moving around and fidgeting. My eyes kept scanning the room. I couldn't help but notice the brothers staring at me during the flight. I smiled slightly, getting up to go to the bathroom. I walked carefully down the aisle to where the bathroom was. I noticed from the corner of my eyes the one brother getting up before I knew it he was near me. No, not near me, behind me in the bathroom.

 I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I had this overwhelming feeling of comfort and pleasure. I saw my body undressing before him. I couldn't do anything to stop myself, my body wouldn't listen to me. He started to take off his pants. I was screaming at him in my mind, get off me, stop it, stop it! STOP IT! Why was I letting him do this? I could feel the unwelcomed presence of him inside me as he was about to finish. I could hear banging on the door.

"Dante gets out of there..." a male voice rang through my head. Dante finished quickly with me and left. Shoving the door shut before whoever was there could see me. I sat half-naked in the bathroom stunned and started to cry. No, I can't cry. I can't let him know he affected me. I cleaned my bruised face and washed my hands after using the toilet. I put on a brave face and opened the door. I walked to my seat, where the young lady was looking at me oddly. I couldn't really tell if it was disgust or confusion.

"Listen, I know the bathrooms are a bit of a maze to get to but if you need a map or directions next time just ask," she said with a small laugh, a bemused look on her face.

"I didn't get lost..I.." I said, stumbling over my words. "I just..."

"Don't worry it's okay, I'm just messing with you." She laughed at me.

I smiled partially, in no mood for joking around. I put my sweater in between my head and shoulder making a small pillow. I closed my hurting eyes pretending not to see or hear anything that was happening around me.

I saw a small light in the corner of my eye. I was in a car. I don't remember being in a car, wasn't I in a plane? Did I oversleep? Who moved me from the plane to the car. Wait, that's my mom and my friend in the car with me. Where are we going? They were talking about the mall and my birthday the only time everyone celebrated anything with me and I was only allowed one friend over. There's a car, why isn't it stopping.. It's getting closer and closer. Stop!

I screamed at the top of my lungs waking myself up. The lady beside me questioned if I was okay.

"Yeah sorry bad... Bad.. a dream." I stumbled over my words.

"I'm Jen." She said with her hand out to shake mine.

"Erm, Chloe," I replied, giving her my hand.

She turned to my palm and traced around it looking at it hard.

'So you're my brother's future wife, or sorry, the helper for his estate.' She asked,as more of a statement to herself at that point.

"Yeah, I guess so.. Wife is a little fast to assume, I was sent to help out from my understanding." I interrupted her surprise with a train of thought, whatever it was.

"Well, we're here. Better put on your seatbelt." She said quickly.

I was about to ask, How did she knew that we were here? When suddenly the voice rang over the speakers “please put on your seat we are about to land at our destination”. I gasped speechless at her. She just smiled. How the heck did she know? I tried to not think anything of it, as she helped me with my bags off the plane to an Island resort with no guests? This island was full of palm trees, nothing like at home. Do I even have a home still? The resort was on a huge beach with the ocean in its backyard. Jen tapped me on the shoulder and told me this was Vincent's vacation house for the family...

It was a beachfront fantasy castle. Like the ones you only read about. I swear the castle was huge. It was built into the land like the land and itself were one the same. It had one tower on the left side of the main square building. It also had huge decorative gardens surrounding the whole castle. Ivy ran up its old stone walls. It had the same features as a church but within the religious crosses and paintings. It almost looks elven-like with archways and pillars along the front. It is two towers on along the top of the roof. I didn't even realize they had an island in the southern hemisphere with castles remaining untouched from the long hard years on them. Beside the house was a nice sized guest house, which I assumed I was sleeping in but she took my bags to the master bedroom of the main house. I was very confused at this point. She escorted me to the dining area where the whole family was. I sat beside Jen and one of the brothers which she had told me before we sat down, his name was Vincent.

"Vincent. This is yours to deal with as you please" his father I assumed, waving his hand in my general direction.

I heard Jen whispering in my ear "don't take it personally he treats all future family or future wives like this."


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Commented Jul 7, 2010, 10:48:50 AM
Very well done; fewer glitches, and a nice pace. This is an absorbing tale, with excellent dialog and atmosphere.

Just, please don't tell me that the freind in Chicago is Harry Dresden. :)

That would be too much too handle.

Very well written.
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Commented Jul 8, 2010, 1:36:52 AM
...Okay, before they get to Chicago, let me say for the record that I have not read the Dresden Files, and created the character they're going to meet long before I ever even knew the Dresden Files existed. There are similarities between them, but they are completely coincidental; the only reason I'm using Chicago is because I'm from Chicago, and like that city. I only found out the similarities between them when a friend of mine heard a brief description, and asked if I was talking about Dresden.

...I'm somewhat sensitive about using other people's work, accidentally or intentionally. I always try to make sure my ideas are my own, not copies of old ideas.

That said, you'll meet the character in Chapter 12; if you think he's too Dresden-esque, please let me know.
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Commented Jul 8, 2010, 8:50:17 AM
My apologies; you're obviously not used to British (English) humour.

I'm a massive fan of Jim butchers work, and any comparison between this and Dresden be purely a good thing.

There is very little to compare between the two, so don't worry. This is an original work, that stands upon its own strengths. Don't worry about any comparisons that may be made; that will always happen, and should be taken as praise.

Keep writing.
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Commented Jul 9, 2010, 8:24:59 AM
No worries, I got what you meant (text failed to convey my facial expressions when I was reading your comment, which would have started as a pleased chuckle, then degraded to "Oh wait. Sh**, that's right, he does kind of resemble Dresden..." ) Just thought I'd make sure it's clarified is all, no apologies needed.

And thank you for all the nice things you've been saying. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I've been getting some useful feedback. Always, always, always learning...
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Commented Jul 14, 2010, 12:45:08 AM
A good section of dialog; nicely done.