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PS Motherhood 18+

"Wives?" I choked on my water. Again with the wife, what is she talking about? I thought to myself.

"They didn't tell you why you were coming here?" Jen said honestly, surprised.

"No, those idiots never tell me anything," I said with great frustration.

I stood up. "Listen I dunno what my parents told you. But I'm not marrying someone I barely know." I started to walk away. I felt a hand grab my wrist.

"It's not what I wanted either but give me until the wedding date to win you over and if you still feel this way you can leave the day of our wedding in 12 months' time."

I don't know what came over me but I sat down.

"Fine, one year," I spoke the words before I could stop myself from saying them.

"Lenna, we are ready for our food." The father said coldly.

The servant came out with a wine decanter with a thick red liquid and all different types of food for the family.One sister had her boyfriend with her and the brother named Dante had two women with him. Vincent was alone and Jen seemed to be alone as well. They all sat down Dante and the girls sat across from Vincent, Jen and I. Her sister beside Dante, and her sister’s boyfriend beside us. The parents sat on either end of the table. Then it started the endless small talk and petty, abusive remarks from everyone towards everyone.

"Just remember whatever my family says... It's nothing personal... They're just a bunch of over-entitled idiots." Jen whispered into my ear.

"So this hearthstone's girl?" The mother looked at me with a dismissive tone in her question.

"Yes dear, that is Chloe." the father said while working on his tablet.

"There really isn't a lot of meat on her, and quite disgusting to look at." The mother said.

"Is this what we have come to, babysitting young people?" The sister hissed in disapproval.

"Mother you're just mad you can't afford a better plastic surgeon and it's not like she is marrying you. Some of us care more about personality than the looks of youthfulness to our skin." Vincent coldly and not the least bit amused by the conversation.

"Yeah, you should be the last to comment about it. My little sister, considering all the times we had to babysit your drunk ass." Dante said coolly.

"Thanks," Chloe said under her breath. "Apparently I'm just a minor inconvenience to everyone." I rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry about my sister... She is just mad that Vincent didn't choose to wed her." Jen said with a smirk.

"What do you mean aren't you related?" I said to Jen confused.

"No actually we aren't,” Dante answered,” we all just consider those two our leaders or mentors.. Others mistake us as family. And don't worry Sophie, I'm sure that your new boy toy will fulfill your latest needs." Dante said with cruelty to Sophie.

The rest of the lunch was just cruel remarks between the family. Can I even call them a family with the truth being known. Why were they so cruel to each other? Lunch was done and with a last remark from his father, they were off. I walked towards my room and I heard Vincent whispering under his breath.

"You so much as look at her again I will cut your eyes out, you’re lucky that our father likes you and for what reason I don't understand but I know what you did and I won't have you fucking around with my future." Dante just sighed noncommitedly

I walked a bit quicker down the hallway to my room. I curled in bed and cried. I can't believe my parents sold me off to be married to such a cruel family. I cried until my eyes were not only bruised but red and puffy. One of them already raped me. This was why they were so happy to be rid of me. The worst part of it was that a part of me craved him. I went to the bathroom and made a bath for myself. I was in the bath when I heard someone come in.

"Hello?" Vincent's voice echoed in the room. "Chloe."

"Yes.. I'm in the bathroom." I answered.

"There are some clothes for you and I need talk to you when you are done with your bath" He replied.

"Oh yeah, I can get out now," I said scrubbing my face even though it hurt, to hide the tears that had fallen. I got out of the warm water and wrapped a towel around me. I walked into the bedroom. He had shown me quite a bit of respect and well we were to be married right. He stood and I could tell he was uncomfortable looking at me. Vincent just said "I'll be at the living room by the dining area.

 He walked out and closed the door behind him. I looked at the red bikini and red dress that went with it. It was a very pretty dress. I wasn't sure if it would look good on me but what hell right no ones going see me anyhow. I put on the clothes, it fit me so nicely I walked to the living room. I saw him sitting patiently for me on the couch. I sat beside him. He looked at me long and hard.

"So, though we are to wedded, I do not attend see anyone else, but if you so chose to see others it is fine just remember since you can see others I may do the same. I would have rather met you before to form a connection, but this is the cards we were dealt with. Please accept this house as a gift from me.So you stay here you will have a house to live in I understand you do not have a home anymore. I promise you, in a year's time we will fall in love and you will want to stay but you don't wish to stay. You may stay here until you decide what to do.If you do so chose to stay here you can keep the house"

He talked as if it was a business deal.

"I do have a lot of business trips, while I'm away you may see whoever please make a life for yourself here but while I am here I would like you to focus your energy on me. Now you understand the terms. Dyson is a friend of the family he has agreed to help you and show you around the next couple days after we return from our date.'

He was wearing a tuxedo. He took my hand as we went to a small boat, looking at him a little confused. I sat in the passenger seat as he slid into the drivers seat. We took off. I didn't realize how close we were to an Island, we parked then went on a plane. Which I assumed was meant for business meetings or private plane rides. They sat in the back and he smiled at me.

"Sorry for all the planes, just want to take you somewhere special." Vincent said smiling.

I politely returned his smile

The waitress offered them a variety of drinks to pick from, for our ride on the plane, we ended up with apple ice wine and some mixed Long Island iced tea. I never been too fond of drinking personally. I thought to myself, but he eventually caught on and ordered some sodas. As the cook came with their food I was surprised, he really didn't hold back. There were steak, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. I was positive there was more in the back. He told the staff not to waste any food as he could tell I wasn't a huge eater either. So the cook and waitresses ate the rest of the food. We talked about stuff, which was me mostly talking about my goals as a writer and artist. I told him how I really wanted to publish a book.

 Eventually would like to get a team to make it into an anime. But there is a lot of time and steps that went into it. I also told him the reason why my family sent me away. I told him how I ran away to my ex's place and they had broken into my ex's house and dragged me out by my hair. That I had no intentions of going back, even if it ended up killing me. He just listened and told me. A great deal about his family had made up this story to frighten him as a child that they would sell him off for a new child and that his family was known for taking in people. Sometimes they wouldn't give the family a choice in the matter. I looked at him puzzled.

"Well it looks like we have arrived at our destination." he finally said, breaking my train of thought.

"Where is it?' I asked him.

He only said I would see, as we went into a limousine the whole trip must have taken at least an hour. We arrived in Paris where the prized tourist point of interest, the Eiffel tower. I was in shock and looked at him.

"I always wanted to go to Paris... I only told my mom once."

He smiled as he opened the door to my side and took my hand.. I was blown away by the view. We ascended to the top of the tower and admired the scenery. He told me about his business and that he had offices all over the world. He explained to me what he did, and how much power he had over the other companies and of the media. They would constantly buy out smaller companies and businesses then make profit from them. It honestly reminded of the mafia.
 It was around 12 at night when they finally headed back to the house. He took off my clothes one by one.

"I see why my brother is so fond of you," he said. He traced my body with his hands, kissing my body the whole time. I didn't know what it was at that point, I thought I knew that I was meant to be with this man. That he was my destiny. He used my own strength against me. His lower area pressed tightly against me, larger than Dante's and hard. We made love for the first time. It was like ecstasy. He made my body come to life. Every feeling was like being felt for the first time. After a few minutes of bliss, we laid on the bed with the blankets barely covering us. .

I was in a black silk sleeveless dress, I walked out of the kitchen area. I could hear birds singing and the smell of the sea tasted sweet.. There was a tray of fresh fruit and everything needed for amazing crepes. I sat on the patio looking at the ocean and ate.. Wow, just pure bliss, no noisy parents. Actually, I haven't heard from them since they sent me here. I guessed they were happier without me in their minds. Not that I minded, I would take this over them any day.There was a knock on my door. Vincent was standing outside ina swimsuit
"Hello, Chloe."

"Hi, Vincent."

"So I see you haven't changed." he looked at me slowly following me to my bedroom.

"Oh, no I haven't yet." I blushed thinking shit to myself because I was embarassed to woken up so late.

" Did you enjoy your breakfast?" he said, finally arriving at the bedroom.

"Yes thank you."


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See my previous comment.
Also, you move too quickly with the plot. You need to slow down a bit and let things develop.