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dairies of selena

Diaries of selena

I remember her, Selena, the dream I keep having. I could read it like a book of moving pictures.
 I was in a huge room from a house though I couldn’t quite figure out where it was, it was very beautiful. I seem to be a goddess of some sort, or a princess of some sort with greek clothing. I went over the dresser and picked up what looked like a journal. Started to read it out loud. My voice was echoing through my thoughts in my head.

    Monday April 1 450 BCE

Entry 1

Geia sas, my name is Selene. I am the beautiful titanese of the moon, occasionally I will pretend to be a servant of the Delphi temple of apollo. Of course, my parents don’t approve of me mingling with humans so much. On this occasion, it ended badly for this visit with the mortals. I was doing my daily duties as a helper to the oracle, I had her memories modified. It's ironic when you think about it. I was known as the oracle’s sister, helper, and servant of apollo. Apollo was my cousin from my mother's side.

 Apollo was known as the god of the sun and music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, manly beauty, and archery. Yes, it’s quite the list, but that’s how we controlled the humans. Pythia and I use to pull pranks on apollo all the time. Sometimes when he came down to get his offerings we would revive them to living still, or we would replace the treasure with fool’s gold and fakes. Apollo would take it out on humans, of course, we didn't care about the humans. They are our puppets to do our bidding as we command.

 I wasn’t ready for what was about to come. Today Pythia read a prophecy for a young man Ambrogio, he is from Florence Italy, an adventurer that heard the remarkable rumors of Delphi. He met with Pythia and she told “The curse. The moon. The blood will run.”. That in the future he would be a curse for an enduring lust for blood and no longer be able to stand the light of the day. Ambrogio I’ve been told ended up staying the whole night pondering over what Pythia had told him.
He soon realized that it had become dawn for a new day, so he made his way out of the temple. That’s when we first met. He bumped into me, I was replacing the offerings for this moon cycle. I was going to curse him after he made his way from me. When I looked up it was love at first sight. He is the most handsome human I ever laid my eyes on. I didn’t know what to say when he asked me if I was alright. I froze up, I have never been in a situation where I froze. A mere mortal at that.
He did not seem to notice me at first, seemed to be entranced by this cryptic riddle that Pythia placed in his head. “The curse. The moon. The blood will run.” I mean to be fair, who wouldn’t be caught up in a riddle like that? I rarely took what Pythia said seriously, most of the time it was just said to mess with the mortals with no true meaning to it.
 As soon as he saw me, his look changed.


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Paragraphs are like little stories. A paragraph is about one idea. A new idea= new paragraph.
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did I put in too many then?
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"Started to read it out loud. My voice was echoing through my thoughts in my head. " - The first part of this is an incomplete sentence. You need to fix things like this.

Will this be continued?