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A prose poem by

Jaggie Bunnet

Submitted Sep 5, 2009, 9:45:28 AM


What nothing for me?
The guy over there
Has the same ail as me
Talk about wind up
He nearly broke the spring

Taken by trolley
To the plaster room
Awaiting the physician
Still nothing for me

Here comes the doctor
With porter in tow
Yes. Nothing for me

That guy's stories
Worried me
He had no legs

The big porter wheeled me in
And stood at my shoulder
Should I sit up?
Nothing for me

But the stainless steel rods
Are about eleven inches long
Still nothing for me

Pliers or grips were produced
I'll be knocked out at least
But still nothing for me

Scream if it gets too sore
And proceeded to pull
The rods through my knee OOOOH F-F-for goodness sake
Still nothing for me


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Commented Aug 23, 2008, 12:05:29 AM
nicely done. :p