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Another simple store

Another simple store


The first day of class in "the imperial palace High School" where they students are sons and daughters of the richest people in England, this students attend to class with the emotion, one girl and her friend won't know this year their live are going to change for the rest of their live, for this reason I am going to write about two friends who have a very strong friendship, one of this girls is Christina a beautiful teenager with a black long hair, with 1.60 meters, blue eyes and face skin, with a lot of money but not for this reason she is a egotistical person, for example her best friend is Madeline and she is a poor person but is her best friend, Madeline is a beauty girl with green eyes, 1.60 meters, face skin and she have a terrible story her parents die in a car accident but she is studying in this school because she get a scholarship, but also she have work in a restaurant attending people, but Madeline have beauty feelings.

This first day of class Christina and Madeline get into their classroom when the teacher gives a notice to the class, he said that they going to receive a new classmate while the teacher was giving this notice, someone open the door and enter to the classroom, the teacher gave him a greeting and said "Students he is your new classmate, his name is Oriol Riddle, his father is the owner of a important company in France, her was transferred of "Century School", I want you receive him with cozy". This boy are very different of the rest of the class, he have brown hair, he was very handsome boy, his green eyes are so cute, but this boy have a serious expression in his face and during the teacher presentation he only saw a one girl, Madeline feels intimidated by this gay and the teacher assign his carpet, it was just next to her.

Then two weeks later, Madeline was thinking " I hate him, He is so silly ,I can't stand him", while she was trying to calm her temper, ok she can understand why he hate her and make her live impossible, since he was in the school he makes her live in the school impossible and all starting when she was in the coffee with Christina talking and just he was getting into the coffee, Madeline stand up to get a juice so she stumble with the juice and the juice dropped him, since that day he hate her because all the people who are in this coffee started laugh.


Madeline spent the days and lived her normal life when she began to notice that a strange man approached to her and watched all things that she was doing but she decided not to give importance to him, but one day when she entered to the restaurant where she worked this old stranger man have been waiting for her and when she sit in front of him and she have been watching him fixedly, his white hair like snow, he was tall and she pays attention those green eyes like those of her, This strange man star this conversation with:
-    Hello, My name is Ricardo Roussenbell, I am your grandfather-with a serious expression in her face- I can understand that you can't believe this, I supposed that your parents said you that I was died, but This is not true because when your mother said me that she want to got married with your father I opposed her decision and we had a terrible discussion, In this moment she decided travel with your father to this country, and time later I received a letter from your parents where they said that they were happy and had a beautiful daughter, but there wasn't any direction in their letter, I've tried to find you , but I couldn't it, time later someone said me that my daughter and your father are died and you are alone, I've been investigated about you , I know that you have a scholarship and for about two years you are paying your live and I kwon it would be difficult for you but I want you live with me and you permit that I take the responsibility of you.
Madeline can believe that, for her is so difficult believe that in one moment she was alone without anyone and know she have a grandfather who wants take care about her, in this moment she started cry and she felt a special emotion , and in this moment she decided go with her grand father, and she said:
-    Ok, I am very surprising, and I decided go to live with you, but I don't want go outside of my school.
-    Don't worry, I know that this school is the best school in England and I am agree about you are interactive with people of your level.-Madeline was surprise for this comment.


Time later, she picked up her few things in her apartment, and now his was in the most selected resident of England, they stop in a beautiful bid house, then she knows that her grandfather is the president of a big corporation, then her life change in a matter of days, no longer had to worry about working, about the clothes, about food but now she doesn't worry about how she can pay the university now no longer her classmates annoyed her everything was improving she liked her independence, and she likes that somebody take care about she felt very happy, and her grandfather in a short time replacement that emptiness that left their parents, soon its life change,


Two years later, Madeline and Christina are in the university, and Madeline lives happy with her grandfather, one day she arrive from the university, when she get into her home she saw that same people were with her grandfather, they are laughing and she hear, her grandfather call her:
-    Madeline, comes please, he is my friend Roberto and he is son Oriol.
She was surprise, Oriol this boy makes her live impossible, but the thing that more surprise was that her grandfather said:
-    Madeline hi is going to you, because I and my friend want to joint our companies and your wedding is going to be successful to the company,
Madeline can believe it, she hate Oriol and Oriol hate her, she doesn't say anything because she was too upset, then she going to thought how to not get married with this person. Just she was thinking about that when her friend Christina call her, and invite her to go to shopping, Madeline decided go with her, she had a great time with her friend and then they decided walk around the park and they are talking when in the vegetation was leafier therefore there was less visibility, at least about 25 armed men and in the trees they hoped to assault this caravan. It was question of minutes, all of this bad people jumped of the trees "be quieted and nobody will leave wounded." It soon said what it seemed to be the leader of that one band "Dirty, will not take in arriving the police." "I have her" The pestilent and ominous man had removed to Madeline of the car on the verge of pistol,
Madeline was in a terrible situation, these bad people capture her, while she was with her best friend Christina, and for her fault Christina as with her in this terrible situation, this people want to get money by her grandfather, the leather of this group said her" You're a are a smart and beauty girl I hope that your grandfather have the same smart main, because if he don't pay the rescue You could died also your friend too" just in this moment Madeline had fear and felt worry about her friend because IT was her fault, if she don't be with her and don't be her friend she could be sage in her home, two hours later, Madeline and Christina hear some noises, and then saw a group of people getting into the room with arms, they star to shoot their arms and this situation with arms and noises Madeline saw someone who never want to see in this situation, She feel a terrible fear just in this moment, Oriol was fighting when She looks his ayes , and in this moment she knows that she love him, and he only thing that he did, he running in her direction, He tried to protect her, but the leader in this moment shoot his arms in direction of the couple, but someone cross in the direction of the bullet, when the couple saw this they running to the body of this person, Christina has been receive the bullet with the intention of protect her friend, and last thing that Christina Said was "Madeline you was my best friend and I always want do something for you , because you saved me when we knew ,you save when this person try to kill and you didn't worry about yourself, I loved you like a sister " in this moment Christina died.


-    I love you-said Oriol to Madeline- when your grand father cold me and tell me that you was capture by these people, in this moment I was like a crazy man, and know without any responsibility do you want get married with me?
-    Yes, I will get married with you.


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Commented Jun 26, 2009, 3:32:57 AM
This is a nice romantic story. However, I think the story is a bit advanced for the writer's command of English. Perhaps a simpler story, or a simpler word choice, would work better. A nice effort, however. B)