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Submitted Mar 18, 2015, 11:28:02 AM

Angus 'n' Brothers

Angus 'n' Brothers

In July 1940, we both fell;
final cost, who could tell?
I died, "˜brothers" hit too...
some survived, lucky few!

For free lands and nation;
thus ensures preservation.
To stop foes, what might do;
and see war safely through.

Cost was high, paid price:
high expense, nothing nice.
While I Passed - "˜Other-Side"...
many suffered, bar our pride.

Our 'Life-family' will mature;
our future - it must be sure.
No more war, embrace peace,
our policy: to encourage Ease!

We paid Cost in dearest way,
in every style, we all did pay.
Cost of Peace, never cheap;
now benefits: all shall reap.

Free to talk - all to roam:
freedoms of good home...
peace"s benefits are there;
happy places, and are fair.

Had a 'long-line' cut short:
"˜tree""branch' foe' did abort...
but despite this drastic deed;
the remainder does proceed!




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Commented Mar 18, 2015, 1:27:48 PM
I like the flow of this. Nicely done.

The subject matter also, war is a terrible thing, should be avoided at all cost.

Keep it coming.
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Commented Mar 18, 2015, 1:45:42 PM
Very good. Excellent poem.