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An unexpected friendship

There was an old woman who had a beautiful dog called Torn which was brown and white. He also was very friendly and he always made his owner laugh. He was very happy in the farm. But one day the old woman died and her sons decided to leave the dog (Torn) in the forest.

Torn was sacred because he did not know the place and the day was finishing. A dark night was coming. Torn decided to sleep. In the morning he started to walk and explore the forest. He stopped when suddenly appeared a UFO in the sky, Torn saw it with curiosity. He was very surprised when he saw an Alien get down very slowly. Torn asked the Alien "who is it?" The Alien answered that he was Greky, an alien who traveled around the entire galaxy but his transportation got damaged. So he arrived in this planet. Greky had powers. Torn thought that they could travel together and could discover new things, places, etc. Torn told Greky his idea. Greky agreed and he gave Torn the powers of speaking. After that, they became best friends. And they started to explore.

When they looked around, they were lost. There were two ways to follow but no one knew was the correct way, they were very confused. But they did not know that a small monkey called Kida was following them. She appeared form the trees. Kida lived in the forest and she knew all the forest. She told them "the right way is the correct way to get out of the forest." She went with Greky and Torn. When they were saying "good bye." Kida realized that she had a beautiful friendship so she asked if she can go with them. They decided to travel together around the world.

First, they went to "Machu Pichu" which is a mystic and beautiful place. There they discovered the history of INCAS.

Then they went to Puerto Maldonado. There they could see many exotic animals. They made many friends as well. They tried "Suri". In Puerto Maldonado they went to the river, but Kida fell down into the river, Torn and Greky started to make a plan to get Kida out the river. Torn got into the river and swam. He took Kida out but so tired and scared. Greky and Torn took care of Kida all night. After two days Kida woke up so they continued the trip.

Then they went to Egypt. They found the pyramids very interesting they thought that Egyptians were smart and did an excellent job.

Afterwards they came back to America and they went to Mexico. They learned about the Maya Culture. They tried "Tacos". They spent a great time there.

Also they traveled to Brazil; they learn to dance and went to "Rio", it was a beautiful place. Kida said "It would be the perfect place to live" but Torn and Greky said "we want to travel more, to know places, maybe better than this." Kida was angry because she really wanted to stay there for ever. But a few minutes later she was happy. She understood that there are a lot of attractive places to discover.
And she had the reason. After that they traveled to Africa and they found a big jungle where there was a portal to another dimension. It was a big and fantastic place. "It is a paradise" said Greky. There were many kinds of places such as a desert, an ocean, a jungle, a forest, etc. there were a lot of strange animals for example: there was an animal which had a big tail, small ears and one eye. Also a big turtle with antlers and many others.

There were plants as big as 22 meters and others which were of many colors such as purple, pink, blue black, etc. and a few that eat meat and insects.
Torn, Greky and Kida were surprised and they decided that the dimension was perfect to live in because it had everything.
They made new friends. Some of them were Pink, Lola, Kaft and other.

Pink was a small bird which had purple scales. She loved to fly and discover new places to visit. She liked to eat small mammals.
Lola sometimes was a little aggressive animal. She was very big with one eye, three noses and had a lot of hair. She liked to eat big insects and to walk in the forest as well. The most important was that she was the girlfriend of Torn.
Kaft was an alien like Greky. They started to talk about their experiences in their trips. Kaft had strange ideas such as the monkeys are bad animals but at the end he understood that monkeys are funny and good animals. He was the best friend of Kida.

All weekends they made big parties with beer (there was a beer tree), music (Lola was a great DJ) and they spent a really good time together.
Lola and Torn got married and they had two weird and wonderful sons.
But Torn, Greky and Kida never forgot their fantastic trip and the beginning of their unexpected friendship.


Written by Ana Paula Moncada Troncoso


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Commented Jun 26, 2009, 3:42:22 AM
Very nicely done! I really found it quite funny. I loved the "beer tree." Nice job!