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An action story of adventure

An Action Story of Friendship

In 1991, three very good friends graduated from the secret FBI Camping School, they were Joseph Walker, Charles O'Conner and Steve Puri. The three friends graduated with excellent grades. Joseph was hired by the CIA and Charles became a hacker and worked in Microsoft, but Steve wasn't hired by any secret agent or for any important company, although he was an excellent person and an excellent agent.
Fifteen years later, something strange happened, the computers and ATM's of the principal stores of Los Angeles started to break down and the prices of every product in the stores started to increase and the cashiers get confused.
Managers of the stores didn´t know what to do with the computers because computers had made a lot of changes in the security of the stores, prices of products and also, secret documents like the Property Title.
Managers decided to call a technician to solve the problem because they think that it was a problem caused by the cashiers, but the technician didn't know what exactly was happening because it was not a problem caused by a cashier but it was a problem caused by a hacker that make the machines go down. The technician asked if there was a central control that manages the computers; the managers said that the central computer was in a very secret room and they also said that no one can touch that machine because there were a lot of security guards. The managers take the technician to the central computer to know what was happening, the technician make everything he knows to try to solve the problem but he couldn't, so the technician decided to call the CIA for support.
A special agent of the CIA went to the central computer and started to find out with the help of the technician, who was the responsible of what was happening because they know that it was a problem caused by a hacker. The agent alerted the CIA because they found a new virus that was created to steal secret documents of the CIA, FBI and the Pentagon; steal money and to make electricity go down. The virus could not be eliminated by an antivirus because it was confused as an important part of the system and also, because it was a new one.

The person who created the virus wanted to demonstrate that he was not the weak person that they think in the past.
In another part of Los Angeles, Charles was in a party in his house with some family and friends, suddenly someone knocked the door, Charles opened the door and no one was outside, but there was a package in the entrance, he picked up and he hear a strange sound like a countdown. Immediately, he threw the package and ordered the people in his house to cover. The bomb exploded and fortunately, no one was injured. Charles started to think about who leave the bomb in his house but he didn't know who wanted him dead, because he hasn't have enemies.
In the next days, Charles received a lot of e-mails threatening him and also strange calls that made him very worried. He wanted to know why this person that was calling was threatening him, so he decided to answer a call. When he answered, the man told him that he wanted to talk with Charles in a secret alley on downtown.
Charles went to the alley and he saw the silhouette of a man. The man started talking to Charles; the man said that he knows Charles very well, he knows his family and what they do and also knows that he was an important hacker.
The man told Charles that he had a special job for Charles and if he doesn't do it, he would kidnap his family and may be, kill them. The special job consisted in creating a special software.
The CIA started to find out an agent to solve the problem because the virus could steal the secret documents of the most important secret agencies and also the United States Department of Defense. The CIA decided to call Joseph Walker, who was one of the most excellent agents that the CIA have.
Immediately, Joseph started to look up for a special person who knows a lot about computers and he thought in Charles, who was his childhood friend. Joseph called Charles and they started to work together to find out who was the responsible of the creation of the virus.
Charles told Joseph that he was receiving strange calls and also he told him about the meeting with the strange man and the threats he received.
Joseph started to think about the man and he made a link between the creator of the virus and the man that was threatening Charles.
Joseph and Charles started to think of an ambush. They planned to continue doing the job that the man gave to Charles because when the man was going to receive the program, they could catch him and ask some questions to him.
The day when Charles was going to give the software to the man, Joseph called the CIA and told them that a suspicious man was going to be in an alley in downtown, so he would need reinforcements to trap the man.
Charles went to the alley but it was empty. Charles said hello, but nobody was there. When Charles was returning to the car where Joseph was waiting, a group of fifteen people appeared and stole the software, and escape in four sports cars. Charles entered the car and Joseph started to drive very fast to try to catch up them, but the problem was that who had the software.
Charles called the CIA to inform about the cars that were escaping and also they need reinforcements and a helicopter to chase the other cars. Joseph decided to follow the fastest car and the pursuit started. Joseph gave Charles an Uzi if something bad could happen or if the people in the other car started to shoot,
Joseph though that his best friend could help a lot to solve the problem.
The car entered into a large tunnel and it was followed by the friends Joseph and Charles. The driver of the car ordered his partner to start the shooting.
Joseph started to handle with the car to avoid the bullets and Charles started to shoot with that Uzi that his best friend gave him. The pursuit scarred some drivers that there were a lot of crashes in the tunnel and Joseph had to do a lot of tricks to avoid them.
The other car was very far from Joseph's car, but he didn't surrender, he continues the pursuit, but unfortunately, a truck exploded and created a huge fire that he had to go back and the other car escaped.
Joseph and Charles were frustrated because they couldn't trap the people that created the virus and put the country in danger. Joseph asked Charles where he lives and took Charles to his house.
 When they arrived, Charles found a note under the door of his house. The note said, "You tried to trap me, tell your friend that I'm the responsible of the problems in the computers and I'm the creator of the virus. I told you that if you don´t do the job I gave, I would kidnap your family and maybe I would KILL them, I know you very well Charles O'Conner and also you Joseph Walker."
Joseph was very confused; the man that creates the virus and started all the problems knows everything about him and Charles. Joseph though that the man was a person who worked or lived with them because he knows so much about them
Joseph and Charles started to think about a person that hates them, but they only think on the bully they had on elementary school. They didn´t think in another person because they were always friendly people.
Joseph and Charles received a call from the CIA telling them that the car, that the helicopter was chasing, was trapped and the driver of the car wanted to talk with the two friends.
Joseph and Charles went to talk to the driver and the driver started to tell that the responsible of the problems with the computers was Steve Puri, an agent that was rejected by all the secret agencies because he was very shy. Also the driver say that Steve was attacking Joseph and Charles because they leave him when he need friends to be with him and because he was jealous about the success they had in work and relations.
Joseph and Charles were shocked because they didn´t think that a person like Steve Puri was the responsible of the problems that were happening in USA. They remembered Steve as a shy person that didn´t have so much friends, a person that wanted to have a girlfriend although he was shy, they also remembered when they graduated from the secret FBI Camping School when they were younger and the days of fun that the three had in the school.
Although Joseph and Charles like Steve, they had to find a solution for the computers problems, so they decided to go to the Pentagon because there, they would found a lot of sophisticated computers that would made their job easily.
Joseph began to think on a plan to capture Steve and to eliminate the virus. When they arrived to the Pentagon, they found that it had been taken by Steve and his new "friends". A shooting started and Joseph and Charles made a good team work, they defeat all the enemies that were in the entrance of the Pentagon and they enter carefully and began to find out where the principal computer was. In the halls, there were a lot of enemies, so they started a new shooting that alerted all the people inside the Pentagon.
Joseph and Charles defeat the enemies in the halls and continue the search of the principal computer where they supposed there was Steve. They finally found the door of the principal computer, they entered and they finally found Steve.
Steve started to laugh because Joseph and Charles didn't suspected that he was the person who created an extremely powerful virus that made the economy of USA going down.
Steve told the friends that they leave him when he was ignored by all the secret agencies, although he had excellent grades in the FBI secret camping school. He said that his friend could help him to find a job in a secret agency, but they leave him only with his sadness. He also said that he was jealous because his friends got good jobs, but he didn't have a good job.
Joseph and Charles wanted to apologize, but Steve didn't accept their apology. He also said that Charles family was hidden in a place where only he could enter. Steve took an AK-47 and started to shoot to his ex-friends. Joseph and Charles took their Uzi's and started to shoot in all the directions. Steve was shooting in all the directions and he runs out of bullets. Joseph took advantage of the situation and shoot directly to the head of Steve. Everything was over.
Joseph and Charles looked at the body of his friend and started to cry, they would remember Steve as a good person and more important as a good friend.
Joseph told Charles to try to eliminate the virus with the codes that Steve had in his pocket. The codes function and the virus was eliminated, all the problems with the computers were solved. Charles looked up in the computer were his family was, he found that his family was in the Pentagon in the room next to the principal computer. He opened the door with the codes and he finally rescues his family with the help of Joseph.
The two friends decided to bury the body of Steve because they wanted Steve to be recognized as one of the best secret agent of the history.
 In the last year, Joseph and Charles got married with two girls that are also secret agents and Joseph had one son whose name was Steve, in honor of his friend.


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A very good first chapter. Let's see where you go with this.