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Amelia Character List

James Conte: King of Arcadia,46 years old, he has eleven children with his wife Margaret, six of which are adopted- he will adopt three more after her death

Margaret Conte: Queen of Arcadia, 36 years old, she has eleven children with her husband James, six of which are adopted.

Benjamin Conte: 16 years old, the oldest biological son of Margaret and James he is next in line for the throne of Arcadia

Endzo Conte: 16 years old, the oldest adopted son of Margaret and James he is part giant and part fey. He was found by James during a hunting trip in the forests on the eastern border of Arcadia.

Derek Conte: 15 years old, the second biological son of James and Margaret, he takes after Margaret- even at a young age his prowess with mage and wild magic are well known through out the realm.

Matthew Conte: 14 years old, the third biological son of James and Margaret, he has a love of water and his magic is particularly strong with this element.

Max Conte: 17 years old, the oldest daughter of James, Max landed in Arcadia after a time jump gone awry, she was rescued by Ben when she was sold into slavery by Germainian trader.

Brian Conte: 13 years old; the second adopted son of James and Margaret, he was taken in after his father a bard died of a stroke during a performance at the castle. Brian takes after his father- and his magic is channeled through music.

J.C Conte: 13 years old; the third adopted son of James and Margaret, he was adopted when his mother- Margaret's lady in waiting died giving birth to him. His father is unknown. J.C's magic is best channneled when applied to plants- he is the farmer of the family.

Carly Conte- 12 years old; she is the oldest biological daughter of James and Margaret; she is a homebody- her magic is best used for tasks applied to hearth and home

Andrew Conte- 10 years old; he is the youngest biological son of James and Margaret; he is the scholar of the family constantly searching for and absorbing knowlege- as of yet Andrew is yet to discover is true powers, but is showing an adeptness with fire.

Tobias Conte- 6 years old; he is the youngest son of James; adopted after Margaret's death he was found by Endzo outside the castle walls of Anetole; his magic is wild and can be used for many tasks and purposes. It will later be discovered that he is a half brother to Andrea, Jonathan and Amelia through their father.

Kerri Conte- 10 years; she is the youngest adopted daughter of James; the same age as Tobias; her power is more strong when applied to animals - dragons in particular. She is the daughter of two dragon researchers and was discovered by Derek during an herb expidition in the norther mountain range of Arcadia , days ride north of Anetole.

Andrae Conte- the first born of the triplets; her powers are wild and can be used for many tasks and purposes. She is the oldest daughter of Lord Torrence Atheron and Lady Titania Olleron

Jonathan Conte- the middle child of the triplets; he is the only male of the three- he is the oldest son of Lord Torrence Atheron and Lady Titania Olleron- he is Atheron's youngest son ; his powers are wild magic and can be used for many tasks and purposes. Jon is best know for his diplomacy - particularly when it comes to keeping his two sisters from killing each other.

Amelia Conte- the last born of the triplets; she is the smallest and yet the most powerful of the three he wild magic is stronger than that of her brother's and sisters- possibly due to her fate. She is the youngest daughter of Lord Torrence Atheron and Lady Titania Olleron. She is the reincarnation of the Jade Empress - the woman who saved Arcadia from the Gerainian invasion two hundred years before her birth.

Lord Terrance Altheron- Lord of West Haven a province in South west arcadia; he is the father of the triplets. He also has three other sons- all of different mothers- Anthony, Raul, and Tobias.

Lady Titania Olleron- Lady of Doorence, she is the mother of the triplets, wife to Lord Vernard Olleron the lord of Doorence in South eastern arcadia, she is also the high priestess for the Goddess Alma

Alma- High Godess, she is the goddess of justice, and the protector and Amelia

* All ages are based off of current age at the birth of the triplets or current age at time of adoption.


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"You're the soldier who... saved... me earlier! It's so nice to see you again!" Collin laughed
In my writing course, I am learning that phrases like 'Collin laughed' are not good writing. Try 'Collin said, with a laugh,' or something along those lines.

A bit a rough spot during the transition on page 3. You may want to add a bit of detail there.
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Thanks for the advice! I'll change that when I go back and edit it all.