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Submitted Apr 13, 2005, 7:20:37 AM

Alone; Page 2

Head throbbing Azah awoke laying on a patch of soil. Confused she amediatly got up looking around to discover her last memory of her falling didn't seem to be a dream like she had hoped. She was in the middle of what looked like a dug hole with a high black cieling and a wall infront of her. Not seeing a way to go back she moved toward the wall, wich had a door in the middle of it and a big 'A'carved into it. The door had no door knob, but when she pushed on it it swung open into a shorter but much longer room. She entered and found the dug out walls to be replaced by brick, and the loose dirt to be a hard wood floor. There was a single wooden table in the middle with a chair at the end of it at her side. On the table sat a folded card with another 'A' on it in front of the chair. She walked toward the table and noticed a small door on the opisit side of the room, it was in shadows and she could barly see it.

"Sit," a strange voice called from beside the door where a short figure stood. "The seat has been reserved."

Confused, and not sure what was going on Azah took the man's advice and pulled the chair out.


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Commented Oct 14, 2009, 1:05:47 AM
This is a nice story. It needs a little cleaning, and you could use some more spaceing between paragraphs.
Nicely done.