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Alone; Page 1

The night was cold, dark, she had been sitting there for hours, or at least what seemed like hours. The cold hard cement was starting too ache her muscles and joints, she didn't even really know if she could stand if she wanted too. The night was growing on but she couldn't tell. There was a heavy over cast and nothing but a chill wind in the air. The desolated alley was starting too sicken her, this end of town always did. Nothing but low life addicts and whores around but they were never seen, too busy with there own business indoors, condemned, abandoned buildings where ever they could crawl into like the rats they were. That's why she came here though, no one around too bother her. She never really liked people, but now she was faced with a choice. She hadn't eaten in days, or longer, and she needed money. All the dumpsters were being chained in this area, and she didn't have the guts, or means, too rob anything. So she was left with panning, too go to the busy sections of town, bars, hotels, where no one slept and deal with all the looks and names she got from people walking by. Feeling like an outcast, which she was, but not by choice. To go be reminded, by the people who cast her too the street, that they put her there. Not like she thought she'd make any money anyway. There she was with the dilemma, how was she going too survive this week? Or maybe she could just sit there until she was dead from hunger, but it was too cold for that.

Eventually the girl managed too pick herself up, legs cramped and almost falling over she started her usual winding walk too the down town section of Faeriea City, or as the locals called it Cloudland. Locals, anyone from around here was doing crack or jibb, all except for the one dark little girl. The girl in the shadows, Azah.

This was her life, on the street. Doing all she could too get by, or at least all she was willing too do. Her name was Azah, she lived here all her life, or at least as far as she could remember, from 9 to 16, which she was now, going from missions to wherever she could be alone. Her world was dark and lonely, and she was the only one in it.

As she made her way to the busy, downtown section of the city she started to feel sick with frustration. Just the thought of being near all the low life's ate at her. Started to second guess her thoughts and ditch eating for one more night to find a place to sleep, but despite her self she kept on walking. Her stomach was already in knots and another night would probably drive her mad.

By this point she had been walking for awhile and was starting to feel tried. It was still a couple more blocks till the area she wanted to be in, and starting to hear the common sounds of the downtown life she decided to take a break and rest up against a wall. Board Azah was staring at the few stars visible that poked through the unseen patches in the clouds. The stars had always held some kind of comfort to her, there was a silent peace in them. Her childish delight didn't last long tonight though, she still had stuff to do. Still exhausted and not wanting to move her eyes dropped into the open street in front of her as she sank back into the wall. There were no lights and it was dark, just a big open street, and this was the most comfortable she had been all night.

Azah rested there just staring into the brick of the building on the other side. Her skirt was black and faded into the shadows picking up now and again with the passing wind. It was thick and almost reached her ankles and a lot warmer, not to mention comfortable, than she had ever found pants, and she found the motion of it in the wind soothing. Just laying against the cold hard brick surrounded by the night she was deep in thought. Going over her choices of how to eat and where to sleep, she started also to think of life and whether or not she'd die on the street, or if she could live a normal life, or at least a better one. A life where she had a bed, and a job, and could walk down the street and see street kids and remember back to now when she was the same as them. Her eyes lifted to the stars again and her mind wandered, thoughts of a better world and a place where she wasn't alone filled her head.

The sound of an engine starting in the distance broke her thought and pulled her back to the world where she was alone and still needed to eat. Anxiousness stole her and she started back toward the main streets ducking in an alley as to not be seen by the vehicle. As the flash of the car passing behind her light the ally she stopped at a sudden movement across the floor. It was like a streak of white flashing by her feet that disappeared into the dark. Continuing on she stopped at a corner hearing the voices of two men talking from the other side. Pissed off at her luck tonight, thinking she wouldn't have to face anyone till she was on the main strip, she caught herself as she was about to turn it. Nervous her mind started to skip, she wasn't sure that casually walking by was the best idea, and she didn't want to turn back in fear of being heard, which would probably turn out worse. Her heart quickened trying to decided on the best choice of action standing there in the middle of the unlit ally way as the two strange men talked. She tried to listen but couldn't make out what they were saying so she didn't know if they were locals or tourists, or if she should try to leave or stay. As she thought about her choices she could hear a car pick up in the distance which was getting closer, she could also hear the voices getting closer. Her heart and head started to pound as both the noises of the men and the engine got louder. Azah froze like a scared rabbit feeling as though she was being hunted down by a pack of dogs who had her cornered. Finally making a decision she turned to walk the way she had just came in. After taking a step one man from behind her shouted something. Trying to stay calm she turned to look, but as she turned the car passed filling the alley with a bright glow, blinding her. The light seemed brighter than before and when it passed the man was gone. Confused at the whole situation she decided to continue down the alley toward the way the men were, figuring on the fact that the man ran away they were probably some low life addicts who thought the passing car was a cop and were now about 2 miles from anywhere she was going now. Relieved that the whole situation was over and she probably wouldn't see another soul for at least 40 min. Azah moved confidently turning back and forth through a maze of alleys. Getting fed up her back found a wall and another rest had taken over. Not even a minute had passed before a loud bang echoed passed her. Frustrated by the constant disturbances she'd received tonight Azah walked toward where the sound originated, looking for the cause of it. Ready to ring a cat's neck another white steak flew by her feet blurred by the dark.
Following the mysterious object she discovered a large patch of dirt in the middle of an alley with a small hole dug in it. "Looks like a rabbit hole," echoed back to her as she neared the strange scenery which seemed like it wasn't aware of it being quiet out of place. As curiosity swept over she leaned over the little hole for further inspection. The hole was much larger than her original guess, it seem large enough for a medium sized dog. This grabbed her even more and had her almost laying on the ground trying to see how far it went. The hole seemed to not be cut off by darkness and reached down for a far way, and seemed to have doubled in size. When Azah looked back up to stand the hole filled the ally way and was open right in front of her. Surprised she went to back off from edge to safety, but with a collapse of soil from under her she feel into darkness.


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Commented Mar 2, 2015, 8:10:49 PM
This is a very good chapter. Excellent imagery. You capture the feeling of the wolves becoming a pack very well.

You do have some errors. A good editing will catch them and allow you to clean them.