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   My name is Alexis O'Hara and I am a fallen angel. My friends all call me Alex. All of my friends adore my long healthy dark purple hair, they say that it makes me look exotic. My eyes are beautiful. They are the most purest, clearest green that would be the envy of any cat. My skin is naturally dark and that helps with making me exotic. But unknown to them I am actually exotic, quite rare on Earth or any other world.

   I am an angel but I fell. I killed another angel and now must save the human race from destroying themselves. They are such an odd race. It took me many years to learn to mimic them and learn their many cultures.

   I wish all the time that I didn't kill the angel but it was a necessity. I was not going to let him destroy my wings and send me to a different world for no reason. I prefer here than any other world. At least I made some friends, whose parents help with my duty to Earth.

   Scientists I think they are called. I really don't know. Well nothing so far has happened and Earth is still the same except for the ozone layer but I can't control how people get around.

  I do wonder what will bring the destruction of the human race? I have wondered for such a long time but still can never come up with the reason. Humans seem so happy but so interested in finding new ways to kill each other in wars and things like that. I so hope that whatever I'm meant to save them from happens soon because it's been too long and I just want to go home.


   " Great story. Shame it's meant to be true." Narcissus said, reading over my shoulder.

   " You know Mr. Roberts, he always gives me at least an A- for my biographies. He asked for a new one every month and says that it must be different in some way. Well I give him different. I totally change what's happening and from who's prospective it's from." I answered. I shoved him away from my shoulder and saved my work. I turned the computer off and we went outside.


   It was a beautiful day and I couldn't get over how many trees I had in my dormitory yard. We decided to sit in our favorite spot underneath an old cherry blossom tree. I sat underneath and Narcissus sat in the tree. We were talking about how bad his spelling was when the bell for the seniors went. We both laughed because a group of seniors had been sitting near us had to get up and go to class. We didn't start until 10:30am. It was 9:00am.


   We waited and talked until our other friend called us over to the other cherry blossom tree on the other side of the courtyard. We wondered over trying to think of the reason why he hadn't come over to us. I ran up to the tree and looked up. I saw that he had been bashed again. I hated my friends getting hurt, I always wanted to heal them but couldn't because than I would have to explain what I was and why I was here.

  " Who bashed you this time, Mikhal?" I asked because I would pay whomever did it back. I had sat many detentions for my two friends but didn't really care. They needed somebody to make sure they didn't end up in a hospital.

   " He's right where you two were." Mikhal answered. Both of us looked behind us. We saw Jamil watching us waiting for the right moment to get Narcissus. I so wasn't leaving the boys alone with him lurking around. I also saw his two bodyguards with him. They meant business today. I couldn't believe that they wanted to hurt the boys. There was nothing special about them, they were just normal boys who wanted to be left alone.

   I suppose add the fact that I'm their friend doesn't really help. I bashed Jamil too many times. I think this is his way to get me back without actually hitting me. I was so going to get him expelled as soon as possible.

   " Shall we go to your room, Alexis?" Mikhal asked. I nodded. I didn't need to turn around to know that the others where moving closer to us. The three of us ran across the courtyard and into the dormitory. We ran up the stairs and to my room. I unlocked it and we stepped into my air-conditioned room.


   We had been asking for months if the boys could move in with me because I was lonely and none of the girls liked me. They keep saying no. They let the others girls have boys in their room so we're just going to keep arguing until they are allowed. We sat around doing nothing. I logged on to my computer and printed my biography for my first class.

   " We should get going soon. Class starts in ten minutes." I told the boys. They only nodded. I knew that they hadn't done their biography and quickly wrote two totally different ones and printed. I walked over to them and handed them each one. The boys looked at me.

   " How did you know?" Narcissus asked as he accepted his. Mikhal laughed than grimaced in pain.

   " Because I know you two never do your biography homework. I should just write them when I write mine. I have something I need to tell you!" I announced to them. I continued on without waiting for their reaction.

   " I'm not human you know. I'm a fallen angel and that I am here to save the human race so I can go home." The boys had both fallen silent. I wondered if they would believe me.

   " I don't believe you. Show us and than I'll believe you." Narcissus said. I looked at Mikhal and stepped over to him. I gently placed my hands over his cheeks and shut my eyes. I heard Narcissus gasp behind me. I stepped back and opened my eyes. Mikhal was completely healed. He looked into my mirror and nearly fainted. He dropped to the ground.

   " You healed me. You really are an angel." He said. I looked away from both of their faces.

    " Yes. And I ask one thing from you, that you never tell anybody. If anybody else found out I would be hunted after and made into a circus freak." I said. I turned and looked at them. They both nodded. I suddenly got the urge to laugh. I didn't. The bell went moments later. We all jumped.

   " We'd better get going." I said as I picked up my bag. The boys followed my lead. We walked to Mr. Roberts' class and found that our usual seats were still vacant. We took them. Mr. Roberts entered minutes after.


   " Now class if you will kindly bring your biographies down when you are called I will read them and tell you your marks before telling the rest of the class. This week it's first name alphabetical order. So Alexis you are first." He told the class. I walked down to his desk and handed over my biography. He read it and laughed at the right places.

   " Well done. I love your biographies. They are the absolute best. I give you an A+." He said quietly. Out loud. " An A+. Alexis's biographies are the absolute best and I don't think anybody else will get an A+ so I think it will be a waste of time to let you not do work. Here Alexis please hand out this sheet. It needs to be done by next lesson. Bernard, your next." I handed out the sheets and laughed quietly when I passed the popular girls. They looked as if they had swallowed a lemon. I finished and went to the boys. By this time both boys had been up. Mikhal managed a B+ and Narcissus got a C.

   " I can't believe that your biography got an A+ and we got less." Narcissus said as we waited at the bell to go.


   The bell went and we left. I had to go to French, while the boys had PE. French went as well as possible and I met with the boys under our tree.

   " How was PE today?" I asked as I started my lunch. We had gone to our rooms and grabbed lunch.

   " Alright. And how was French?" Mikhal answered with a question. I laughed.

   " So pretty much normal. I wonder if we have to go to our last class seeing that our teacher is sick?" Narcusiss said. None of us knew. I wanted to not go. I hated history. They had it wrong but if I said anything they would want an explanation and I wouldn't know how to tell them. The bell went and we went to history. We didn't need to go. We hung out in my room. A knock on the door and someone called out, saying that the principal wanted to see us.


   We walked into the principal's office. It was semi dark and stank like sweat. I wondered what had we done.

   " Welcome. Now I re-considered your request and the answer is yes. You can move in boys. Now please leave." The principal said. We left. I wondered what was wrong with him. The boys didn't even realize that something was wrong.

   " I can't believe that our request finally went through! I thought that he would never give." Narcusiss said. I realized that what he said actually meant that I wouldn't be alone anymore.


   I loved my privacy but I preferred to have somebody else around. We walked out into the open and started running towards the boys' room. We got all their stuff and took it to my room. I showed the boys to the spare rooms and left them to sort out their belongings. I had a detention to go to.


   I walked into block D and headed for the 8th classroom. I walked up to the door and knocked. A teacher answered.

   " You must be Alexis Valcov!" The teacher stated. I only nodded. I wondered where the detention teacher was.

   " Enter than. Hurry up. Table at the front." She said, pointing towards the table on the far side of the front row. I walked to where she pointed and found that she had placed me next to Jamil. I didn't sit down.

   " Miss Valcov, is there a problem?" she asked. I nodded. She walked up and looked down at Jamil and me. " What's the problem?"

   " He is. I only got this detention because of him and I'm not meant to be near him during the detentions we have together." I answered her.

   I disliked her. Her body language told me that she didn't care and that she wanted a reason to give me an extra one.

   " Oh ok then. Sit up the back young man. You are staying at the front Miss now sit down." She said. I sat. I was mildly happy. I raised my hand.

   " Yes?" Her voice carried anger quite well.

   " Umm what's your name?" I asked as politely as I could. She looked as if I had asked something very personal. She finally looked as if she was going to answer.

   " Mrs Mac Orson. Why would you need to know?" She snapped. I laughed and just couldn't stop. I finally managed to get my laughing under control.

   " Because I like to know as many teachers as possible, that's all." I answered, wiping a tear from my face. She let a little oh escape her mouth. Nobody else had spoken. The rest of the detention was boring.


   When I got back to the room, both boys were trying very hard not to laugh. I wondered what they had done. I walked into my room and found a small package on my bed. I opened it carefully. I knew whom it was from but why they gave me it, I just didn't know. Inside was a small pouch and a piece of paper. It said that if I had something small and special that they weren't allowed to see, I could place it there and they would never look unless I said. I looked behind me to make sure they weren't looking and placed something in there. I knew they would keep to their promise.


   I re-entered to lounge room and gave them both a hug. I didn't say anything but walked into the kitchen and started dinner. I knew what the boys liked, so that's what we were having. They walked in minutes later.

   " What you doing?" Mikhal asked me. I was in the middle of tasting the sauce. I answered after I finished.

   " What does it look like? I'm cooking dinner. Spaghetti bolognaise. I thought both of you liked it." I continued to cook. I put the pasta water on to boil and got four different pastas out of the cupboard.

   " Which one guys?" I asked because I didn't really care. They both choose the penne. I put two handfuls of penne in the water when it boiled. After it was cooked I put everything in three bowls and put heaps of cheese on top of two. Narcusiss was lactose intolerant. I gave him the one with out cheese and the extra one to Mikhal. We sat around watching a movie marathon. I went to bed after the forth movie.


   It was very early, I could tell because the sky was still dark. It was the way I like it when I went jogging. I hated everyone crowding in around me. I walked into the lounge room and found both boys fast asleep on the lounge. I laughed silently. I couldn't believe that they stayed up all night and watched all of those black and white movies. I walked past them and into the kitchen.

   I felt as if someone or something was watching me suddenly. I looked around and saw a blue bird sitting on the windowsill. I opened the window and the bird didn't fly away. I turned and walked back to the cupboard, that's when it hit me, blue birds delivered messages to fallen angels, telling them things from the others. I walked back and touched the bird. It started talking. It wasn't very surprising. It told me to watch my friends very closely when the moon was full. Than it flew away. I remembered suddenly that my wings showed on the night of the full moon. It was a constant problem. I closed the window and heard a grunt from the other room.

   I looked around the door and saw that Narcusiss was slowly advancing to his room. I turned and walked back to my half prepared breakfast. I heard a soft thump as Narcusiss landed on his mattress. I also heard Mikhal snoring.

   I couldn't believe that after eight months of arguing we got what we wanted. I loved the fact that I was no longer alone, although it could become a problem if the boys couldn't accept my wings. They only just managed to accept that I was a fallen angel.

   I finished breakfast and washed the dishes. It was lighter outside now and still the perfect time to go jogging. I left the boys a note and went out the door. I ran every Saturday morning at about 5:30am. I was an early riser and preferred to get an early start on things. I walked right into the janitor.

   " I'm so sorry." I said as I looked at him. He nodded and continued to clean the floor. I walked outside and started to jog. I jogged for over two hours and than I headed back to my room. When I got there I realized I had forgotten my keys. I went to knock on the door when it opened.

   " Good morning. Forget something did we." Mikhal said holding my keys up. I laughed and pushed past him. I walked into my room and shut my door. I found another package on my bed. I wondered if it was from the boys or from somebody else. I opened it and found that it was from my world. I couldn't believe that they had sent me two things when I was supposed to be fallen.

   I changed and walked out to the boys. Inside the package was a sapphire pendent with a silver chain. The boys noticed it instantly.

   " Where'd you get that?" Narcusiss asked accusingly. I had to explain everything to them about where I came from and where the necklace came from and why I had it. They were totally awed after. They couldn't figure out why they sent it any more than I could.

   We sat around watching cartoons and black and white movies all day and that night played video games till we all were too tired to continue. We went to bed at 6:58am on Sunday morning.

   I heard noises outside my room but couldn't muster enough energy to open my eyes. I felt like I had only just managed to get to sleep. I yelled out and told who ever it was to be quiet. I drifted back off to sleep. I awoke to someone shaking me.

   " What's wrong Mikhal?" I asked before I had even opened my eyes. Mikhal didn't answer me. I opened my eyes to find another angel starring at me from inches away.

   " Ok, your defiantly not Mikhal. Who are you? I don't think I ever meant you before." I asked as I looked at my alarm clock. It said that it was only 10:47am. I had only a few hours sleep. I wasn't impressed.

   " I am Adrienne and no you haven't meant me before. I've been sent to tell you to be careful. You don't know how much information your friends can understand before they lose it. Now I have some things you need to know." Adrienne said. She told me everything that had happened while I was gone. I sat there and listened. I couldn't believe that my best friend had died and left the necklace for me. I wanted to visit her burial site but couldn't without getting in trouble.

   " How did she die? I want to know." I asked Adrienne. She looked sad suddenly. I knew what had killed her before she said anything. I heard muttering and realized it was me. I couldn't understand why she had been executed.

   " Why did they do it? Answer me Adrienne." I yelled at her. Adrienne looked away. I noticed she had tears falling down her cheeks.

   " She did something and was proclaimed fallen. She refused to leave. So they; they executed her. I actually tried to stop them. I knew how much her friendship meant to you. I wanted her to leave and come here. But;" Adrienne didn't finish. Another angel had appeared. He was angry with Adrienne and I could feel his anger in the air.

   " What did she do to deserve to be killed? I can't believe that you kill so easily. Angels ain't meant to kill." I yelled at him. He didn't even answer me. He grabbed Adrienne and disappeared. I sat there and wondered. I just wouldn't believe that Sheena was actually dead. It would have explained why I felt sad the other day.



   I fell back to sleep an hour later. The boys awoke me at 7:00pm. I yelled at them and they only laughed. I just pushed past them. It was the night of the full moon and I couldn't wait for the boys to see my wings.

   I was sitting in the kitchen when the boys walked in. Their mouths dropped. They had noticed my wings. I just sat there and didn't look at them, I wanted them to say something but they didn't. I just left the silence spread over us. I was about to say something but one of boys said something.

    " What's with the wings?" I just sat there. I didn't know how to explain it to them. I suddenly found myself explaining and apologizing to them about not telling them sooner. When I finished I was crying and my wings were becoming more solid. Mikhal placed his arm around me gently and hugged me close. I cried into his shoulder until I could cry no more.

   " Feeling better now?" Narcusiss said as Mikhal moved away. My wings were no longer solid but barely visible. I nodded.

   " Yeah thanks for understanding. I knew that my kind were wrong. They said that you wouldn't be able to take in what I am and that my wings appeared at the full moon." I said, walking out to the lounge room. I stood by the window and looked out it. Narcusiss walked up behind me and said something in German. I turned to face him.

   " Say that in English for me." I said. He repeated it and I understood what he had said. He told me to not worry about the them, that they were perfectly alright with me being an angel and that they expected something from me. They always thought that I was different. Exotic.

   I left the boys at home and walked into the woods not far from the dorms. I wanted to be alone. I was going to try to get home. I wanted to visit Sheena's grave. I wanted to kill the executioner and make him pay for what he did to my best friend. I sat on a fallen tree and made sure I was calm. I said two words and found myself on a different fallen tree in the angel world, just outside a small graveyard.

   I walked into the small graveyard and walked until I found the newest grave. It was Sheena's grave. It was covered with flowers and items that I couldn't figure out what they were. I wanted to throw myself to my knees and cry my heart out. But I didn't. I noticed that I wasn't alone. Several official angels had appeared and were surrounding me. I waited until they were almost within touching distance before I talked.

   " Who killed Sheena? I want to know so that I can kill him and add another grave to this graveyard." I said loudly. All the angels stopped moving. One in particular was standing further away. I walked up to him and spoke into his face.

   " It was you wasn't it? You killed her and now you will pay for it." I said before I attacked him. I didn't stop until he was dead. The other angels grabbed me and took me to the head council of angels. I struggled and they had to knock me out.

   I awoke to find myself in a small cell, only just big enough for me to move around. I looked out the window and waited until the guards realized that I was awake. Minutes flew by and I just stayed where I was. Two guards appeared.

   " The council wants to see you. You must come with us right now." One said. He was beautiful. His hair fell in gentle golden-brown curls and his eyes were bright blue. I nodded and followed him down the corridor. We walked into the council chamber and stood before them. I felt that I was equal to his strength and speed. The council filed in and the judgment started.

   " You have been charged with killing another angel and returning before finishing your punishment. Do you have anything to say in your defense?" The eldest council member said. I nodded before speaking.

   " I only returned because I found out my best friend Sheena was executed and I wanted to visit her grave. I only killed the angel because he killed her. I wanted revenge for her. He didn't deserve to live." I was crying. I wanted to return to my friends back on earth. I continued to cry. The council was about to pass judgment.

    " You are to never return here until earth is saved and your wings are being taken from you after you arrived on earth. Now Boudoir take her back to earth." I was relieved that they weren't going to execute me. Boudoir walked me out into the courtyard.

   " I'm going to take you back but if you promise me not to return I will let you keep your wings. Do you promise?" He asked as he turned away.
" I promise. Thank you." I said moving in front of him. Boudoir grabbed my arm and we disappeared. We re-appeared on earth. I walked away from him. He went away.


   I walked into my dormitory and up to my room. I knocked on the door. Mikhal opened it. I went to walk past him but was too exhausted. I collapsed but didn't land on the floor. Mikhal had caught me. He called Narcusiss and they both took me into my room. Mikhal went to get the nurse. They were both worried that I had done something to deliberately hurt myself. I was still semi-conscious but after Mikhal left I fully past out.
   " What do you think she had done to herself boys?" a voice asked above me. I couldn't tell where I was or how many people were in the room. I tried to sit up but couldn't. I opened my eyes and looked around. I saw Narcusiss and Mikhal and the school nurse watching me. I looked at the boys but they both looked away. I knew that they had done something stupid.

   " I'm alright I just tripped in the woods and banged my head. I just need some rest, that's all." I said in my defense. I sat up and went to get out of bed. The nurse came up on my left and pushed me back against the pillows.
   " You have been unconscious for several days now. I want you to stay here for a few more days than we'll see if you're well enough." The nurse said. I pushed myself up a bit further up the pillows. The boys were expecting me to argue but I had learnt from experience that you don't argue with the school nurses, they always knew what was good for you.

   " Boys, she needs her beauty sleep so why don't you go to your room and study or something." The nurse suggested, pulling the curtains around my bed closed. I fell into a restless sleep.

   I awoke to someone screaming. I didn't know who it was until the nurse appeared over me. I suddenly realized that I was screaming. I stopped myself.

   " Are you alright? You frightened me and the other staff." She asked very concerned. I nodded. I remembered the dream I awoke from. It was like I was there when Sheena was killed. Like I had actually witnessed it. I wanted to go back and kill all the angels who watched her death. I just lay there and watched the nurse's worried face. I knew that the look on my face was one of total destruction. I found my voice.

   " Yeah I'm fine just a bad dream that's all." I laughed as I said it. She bustled off to look after some other patients. I sat up and had a look at the food another nurse had brought over to me. I noticed that there was a fairly large group of guys standing around watching a nurse do something to someone else.

   I ate and sat around watching people come and go through out the day. A nurse came up to me and told me that I was allowed to leave. I got up and got changed. I walked out of the infirmary. I walked straight to my dorm room. I wondered if the boys were there or if they were still at class. I knocked on the door and to my surprise it opened. I saw Mikhal and Narcusiss. They looked like they were waiting for me to get out and come home.

   " Good to see that your alright and allowed to come back. Please come on in." Narcusiss said walking away from the door. I followed him in and shut the door. I couldn't believe that the room was spotless and that all the dishes were done. I wanted to ask who had helped them but never got the chance. Adrienne walked out and looked straight at me.

   " Nice to see that your ok Alexis. I've been helping the boys out while you were unwell. They seemed to need all the help they could get." Adrienne said as she hugged me and walked back into the kitchen. I followed her and found my favorite muffins sitting on a cooling tray. The smell of cookies in the oven was also in the room. I grabbed a muffin and started eating. I had missed all my favorites while I was stuck in the infirmary. I hated infirmary food. It tasted horrible. I loved freshly made muffins and cookies. I remembered eating them when I was younger. I always got to lick the bowl clean when my mother made them. But after she died I didn't get a chance to find her recipe and learn it off by heart. These tasted like them.

   " Is this my mothers' secret recipe?" I asked Adrienne. She nodded and walked over to the oven. Adrienne bent down and got the cookies out of the oven. She than walked into the lounge room and wrote something down on some paper. She walked back to me and handed it over. I looked and found that it was the recipe. I got up and hugged her.

   I walked into my room and called out saying that I was going in for a shower and that if any of them needed to go they would have to hurry. No one moved so I walked in. I wanted a long hot shower to relax my muscles and to think over what I had dreamed back in the infirmary.


   After my shower I found dinner cooked and Adrienne gone. I asked the boys where she went but they didn't answer me.
   " Answer me. Don't pretend that you don't hear me!" I shouted at them. They both looked at me. What I saw in their eyes worried me. By the looks of things, Adrienne had told them to not allow me to follow and this was the way they were doing it. I turned and walked away.
   Later that night I was lying awake crying softly. I didn't know if the boys were awake or asleep. I didn't really care at that moment. I got up and walked out to the lounge room to find it dark. I could hear Mikhal snoring from his room and a soft thump as Narcusiss rolled over. I walked into the kitchen and couldn't hold back the tears. I lost what little control I had and cried my heart away. It felt like hours after I started crying that Narcusiss walked in and found me. He sat down beside me and hugged me. I clung to him and continued to cry. I never wanted to leave my world. I wanted to go back in time and change what I had done before I got sent here.

   It took some time and encouraging before Narcusiss managed to make me stop crying. I still clung on. Narcusiss whispered to me that I needed sleep and that he wasn't going to carry me. He stood, bringing me to my feet. He led me towards my room and laid me down. I felt weak and exhausted. I fell asleep while he quietly placed the blanket on me.

   I awoke to find the sunlight on my face and turned to find Narcusiss asleep in a chair beside my bed. I sat up and touched his shoulder. He sat up right and looked straight at me.

   " Do you feel alright now?" He asked yawning. I nodded. I felt much better but still wished that I could go back in time. I got up and walked past Narcusiss. I smelt something cooking and went to find out what it was. I found Adrienne standing over the stove with tears in her eyes. I walked up and turned her softly around.

   She had three deep scratches going across her forehead. I knew who gave them to her but still didn't know his name.

  " That angel did it. Why? What's his name?" I said. I didn't know if Mikhal was awake but I knew that Narcusiss had gone to bed for a few more hours worth of sleep.

   " Aidan. His name is Aidan." Adrienne answered before falling into my arms crying with loud sobs. I held her until the boys came to give me a hand. She had awoken them with her crying. They actually thought it was me again. Mikhal took Adrienne out to the lounge room and left Narcusiss and me in the kitchen to finish cooking. Narcusiss looked at me before leaving after them. I didn't feel like eating but I finished cooking and placed it on three plates. I carried them out and handed them to the others. I wanted out. I couldn't wait. It was a Thursday and that meant that I had computer studies. I told the boys to place Adrienne in my room so that she could sleep. I was getting an early start on our assessment task for English. I headed towards the library.



   I walked into the computer room and found my almost boyfriend sitting in my seat. I always used the same computer every week. As I approached he moved. I noticed something on the keyboard. I saw that it was a piece of paper with my name on it. I opened it and read it while the computer loaded my personal settings. It said to meet Cedric outside the woods after lessons were finished. I couldn't wait. I wondered what he wanted to do there and why there of all places.

   I had one more double before I had to meet Cedric. I didn't really focus and scored myself a detention in science. I just couldn't focus. I just wanted everything else to finish so my personal life could blossom.

   I walked towards the edge of the woods and noticed that Cedric was already there and was looking straight at me. My heart tried to jump out of my throat. I couldn't believe how cute Cedric really was. His high-sculptured cheekbones gave his face the look of pure masculinity. I wanted to run to his arms and hugged him. I resisted the urge and walked to him instead.

   " Wow, you look beautiful as ever Alexis." Cedric said in his perfect voice. If you couldn't tell, I totally wanted him all too myself. I blushed. I couldn't utter a single word. Cedric came up beside me and took my hand. He led me into the woods and to the tree I had sat on the last full moon. I sat down with him and suddenly felt shy. He lent over me and gently kissed my cheek. I pulled away.

   " What was with the kiss? I didn't think you liked me in that way!" I said. I was totally confused. I knew that I liked him but didn't think that he might actually like me back. Cedric lent in close and whispered in my ear.

   " I do. I love the way you walk and the way you talk." He went to kiss me and I lent into it. I wanted to kiss him and now was my chance. He broke the kiss and sat up a little straighter. I lent against him and he braced to hold my weight. I looked up at him and sighed. I never thought that I would actually like living on earth. Weird, but I loved him and now I knew he could be mine.

   " I love you." He whispered into my hair. I turned so that I could kiss him again. He turned away.

   " I got something I want to ask. I want to know if you want to go out with me?" He looked straight into my eyes though it was like he was looking into my soul. I nodded unable to speak. I cleared my throat and answered.

   " Yes, of course I'll be your girl friend." I relaxed into the comfort of his arms and wanted to kiss him again. We heard the distant ring of the bell, it told us that we needed to leave and go to assembly.
   " I don't want to leave. Do we really need to go?" I asked him. He turned to look at me. He nodded. I sighed. I didn't feel like moving but had no choice. I got up and waited for him to follow.

   We walked out into the open and held hands. We walked to the hall and kissed goodbye. We were in separate roll calls and were made to sit apart from each other.

   The assistant principal approached the stage and started to speak to us. She blabbed on for about an hour and then we were sent to our dorm rooms to get ready for the ball.


    It took four and a half hours to get everything right and to look my absolute best. I walked into my lounge room and saw the boys wearing tuxedos and bow ties.

   " Wow. I heard that you and Cedric were going out but I didn't believe until now!" Narcusiss stated looking at me with awe.

   " He's right you look stupendous. I wish I could look great but I would have to settle for good." Mikhal said circling me as if he was a shark.

   " So, I'm going to the ball and I need to look good. You two look so bland why don't you jazz up your outfits or something." I said as I walked towards the kitchen. I was hungry but I knew that I wouldn't eat.

   At 7:29pm I was waiting for Cedric to knock on the door. The boys were sitting next to me watching TV. I wasn't really paying much attention to what they were watching because it was almost time for the whole school to find out that I was Cedric's newest girl friend. He had a new one for every formal occasion but I knew that we would go a long way together. A knock on the door told me that my time for glory had arrived. I was nervous and felt sick to my stomach but didn't want to let him down. Narcusiss opened the door and let him in. I was surprised that he looked so normal but then again formal occasions were girlier than anything I had ever seen.

   " You look absolutely beautiful. I am the luckiest guy alive I think." Cedric said the moment he laid eyes on me. I blushed. I wanted to leap into his arms and hug him until the end of time.

   We walked towards the ballroom but we never actually made it there. We saw the smoke and orange tinge to the sky. We turned the corner and saw the ballroom in flames. I gasped. I didn't think that anybody at this school would ever do something this wrong. We heard the distant wails of the fire engines but I knew they wouldn't get here in time to save the ballroom. I also knew that the other buildings near by would catch soon. I would have given anything to have been able to let my magical energy flow and stop the fire from spreading but being this close to Cedric he would feel the extra energy and think that something was wrong with me. I just couldn't risk it.

   It took many hours for the firefighters to get the fire under control. We were all send back to our rooms. We didn't know what would happen but we knew that we all would be interviewed and that the culprits would be punished.

   Early morning and the school bell rang. Everybody knew that we were to meet in the quadrangle and sit in our roll classes. I was wearing nothing but my pajamas. We weren't allowed to get dressed into proper clothing.

   We sat in the cold quadrangle waiting for our principal to appear. I felt the sudden appearance of another angel. They were nearby and I knew that it wasn't Adrienne. I was worried that I was about to let everybody here know what I was. I knew that the angel wasn't good but a corrupt and evil one. It felt like Aidan. I waited to see if he would appear and demand something. He didn't. Our principal appeared and was saying something about the fire and that the culprits were still not caught. I suddenly realized that it must have been Aidan. I sat there letting my magical energy flow around me and hoped that nobody noticed. Our principal had finished blabbing on and we were allowed to leave and go back to our dorms.

   I quickly changed and went to see if I could follow Aidan's evil scent. I was hoping to give him a taste of his own magic. He had hurt a friend and now if I could find him, I would punish him. I found his scent and saw our school principal and Aidan talking. Aidan's wings were in sight and my principal wasn't even shocked. I realized that this was why the boys weren't allowed to move in with me for such a long time. Aidan had been watching me since I arrived and was controlling almost everything in my life. I bet that he wouldn't like the fact that I was going out with the cutest and most popular guy in the whole school.

   I tried to sneak closer to Aidan but he somehow guessed that I was around and abruptly disappeared.