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Submitted Sep 11, 2017, 7:37:36 PM

Alcoholics Identified

Roll up your sleeves

And take the liquor off the top shelf

Grit your teeth as you try to become someone else

Because to kill your devils

First you have to kill your self

Can’t expect to have a life

And live it too

So grab that stick of rouge

And plaster red on those lips

Put a tight skirt around those hips

Smoke the cigarette that’s stale

Ashy heaven, reeking of betrayal

Promised that it would kill you on the pack

Notice nails yellowed, chipping

So pick up polish and you paint it black

Take your drink, and shoot it back

Rinse and repeat until you cant keep track

We promise you,

this will make up for the things you lack

Will cleanse mind, body and soul

Because the parasite will eat you whole

If you don’t quench that thirst,

If you don’t drink the poison first.


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Commented Sep 20, 2017, 8:36:21 PM
Wow! Very intense, and very good. Excellent imagery. Great job.