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A prose poem by


Submitted Mar 21, 2009, 4:26:05 PM


The wind blows,
A cool refreshing air.
I breathe it in and I feel at home.
It smells like spring,
And tastes like the ocean.
It engulfs me as I take a deeper breath.
Its like the air is a drug.
It makes me feel alive and I get higher.
I am closer to the sky now.
And as I look down from Gods point of view.
I can see how messed up this world is.
People dying and so much hate?
Tell me is this what we have to live for?
The wind blows,
And a suffocating air strangles me.    
I cant help but breath it in,
And it takes my lungs and tears them apart.
It smells like my grave
And tastes like death.
The air was a drug.
It made you feel alive, but ended up causing your death.
I am in the sky now.
Staring down at this messed up world.
And I shake my head.
Because that's what I left behind.


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