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Abyss Master Chapter 1

Abyss Master
"It's finally over... All of this chaos has finally ended..." Takeshi choked as he stood and gazed down on the now silent war zone. The masses of dead bodies towered like mountains above a crimson sea of blood. Broken pieces of iron and steel glinted under the sun, now colored red by the atmosphere of dust that filled the air. Fires burned throughout the wasteland, giving off ominous black columns of smoke. The pain-stricken faces and butchered corpses was a perfect testimony to the horror that the war truly was.
"I had hoped that I wouldn't have ever had to see this horrendous sight; it feels, surreal, somehow..." the large shadow of a man, covered in tattered clothes, solemnly voiced.
"I agree. Sights like this make life hard to live joyously." Another silhouette breathed heavily.
"This war isn't over just yet; we have to dispose of the Seven Gems of the Abyss first. If we don't the war won't be truly over, just stalled." Takeshi ordered as four more silhouettes gathered around him.
"How do you propose we accomplish this exactly?" asked the second of the six shadows around Takeshi. "If we destroy them as they are now I fear that they will release their true strength and-"

"A magical surge of an incredible caliber would be released." the fourth silhouette interjected. After pondering this for a time, the fifth silhouette spoke.

    "The best way, that I can think of, to ultimately destroy this power would be to separate each gem into seven pieces. We could then give one piece of each gem to each one of us, the members of Reborn."
"The gems would cease to function and their reunification would be impossible unless someone had strength enough to defeat each of us and claim our pieces... That sounds like it would be an adequate way to deal with this dilemma." The third replied.
"Don't be cocky; we narrowly defeated that power you speak of hours ago." the second stepped forward forcefully. "Even if they're dead now, the Red Wing Clan serves as an example to the fact that there are powers in the world with strength enough to defeat us."
"The only true way the Seven Gems will ever be safe is if the memory of them is forgotten." The fourth silhouette forcefully said as he walked into the center of the circle of men. "There is no chance that any of us, even together, has the power to erase the presence of such a force; even if we had the power necessary, I doubt the Gems would be to keen on having their presence erased."

    "You make it sound like the Gems have a will of their own." The third folded his arms and asked with an almost condescending tone.
"How foolish are you? Of course they have a will of their own! Magic comes from willpower! A source of magic of as powerful as The Gems of the Abyss must have a will to match!" The second shadow almost yelled in response.
"Don't confuse your facts." the first of the shadows, the man who was hailed as the Right Hand of God, finally spoke. "The Gems of the Abyss have incredible magic power, but they do not have a will of their own; the will you speak of pertaining to the Gems comes from the magic they bestow upon their wielder. They have wills because of the one who hold them in other words-"
"In other words they share a will with whoever holds them." Takeshi sighed and ran his fingers through the back of his hair. "The /only way that I can think of is to break the gems up, and bestow each piece of them to one of us, just as you suggested," he gestured towards the fifth silhouette. "Then, just as Daiki suggested, by erasing memories pertaining to the gems we will be entirely safe. However, instead of erasing the presence of the gems, we erase all of not only our, but everyone's memories of one of us."
"So you're suggesting we 'erase' one of the members of Reborn after splitting up the gems?"
"If that were the case, then even if we all were to lose our fragments, the Gems would still be useless because the final seven fragments would be lost because all memories of that individual would be gone..." The first silhouette said, then crossed his arms, cracked his neck, and smiled.
"If you agree then seal your sign on each of the Gems." Takeshi ordered and pulled a shining red diamond from beneath his coat pocket. Slowly, and reluctantly at first, each of the members of Reborn placed their seal on each of the Gems. Before long every one of the seven Gems had six seals etched onto them. "I will be the one who will be forgotten." Takeshi smiled fakely and cradled the six gems in his arms. "To tell the truth I don't really want to remember any of this... Once I place my seal on the Gems I will forget everything from the draft, until this moment. All of you, as well as anyone else who knew me, will forget my name, my face, even my existence. All will be lost."
"I have no place to question the choice of the one who I swore to serve." The third silhouette smiled and placed his hand on Takeshi's back.
"I agree." The fourth shadow choked and did the same as the third. Slowly, each of the remaining silhouettes placed their hands on Takeshi and spoke their farewells. In an instant Takeshi disappeared along with all memories of him and the gems separated and entered the first sleep they had in almost an eternity...
Three days later, a young man named Hiroyuki Yuuto appeared in the town of Eden Bay holding only a black katana. The man had a white seal burned into his left shoulder that looked like a dragon with four wings and seven eyes...


The world of the Abyss, a magical world where mystical creatures and mysterious powers abound. It's a peaceful world; war is just a bad memory... Unfortunately, it's still a memory... Three years ago, the planet was engulfed in the biggest war in the history, and future of the world. This war was fought mainly over the Seven Gems of the Abyss. Theoretically, if an individual possessed all seven of these gems they would gain complete control over all of the magic in the mortal plane. Naturally, there were forces that wanted to use this omnipotent power to unify the world under a perfect, invincible power. The strongest of these groups was known as the Catastrophe and was so morally corrupt, so twisted and sick that it was willing to do anything in order to reach its goal. The Catastrophe was led by a clan of warriors known as the Red Wing Clan; The Red Wing Clan consisted of the seven strongest fighters on the side of the Catastrophe and was led by Takeshi Shun, a man whose name would soon be remembered throughout the world as the Bringer of Chaos. By the time opposition arose, the Catastrophe had tortured and killed thousands of innocent people, all in the name of their "quest for a righteous empire."
In contrast to the Catastrophe, the group known as the High Sect fought to destroy the Seven Gems. The High Sect was led by a clan that was the mirror opposite of the Red Wing Clan. This clan was known as the Reborn Clan and consisted of the seven most powerful men in the High Sect. In a sick twist of fate; the leader of Reborn was also named Takeshi: Takeshi Yuuto. The High Sect waged war against the Catastrophe and many lives were lost. The war ended after two years of conflict. The deciding factor of the victory was the Reborn Clan, who ended up defeating the main army of the Catastrophe, as well as the Red Wing Clan in a single, decisive battle.
After the War ended, Takeshi Yuuto decided life would be better if he could just forget all of his painful memories, including his current life and his experiences in war. The six other members of Reborn agreed that it was alright to do this, and combined their most powerful magic in order to grant their commander that last request. They sealed Yuuto's god-like power and erased not only his memories, but everyone else's memories of him (including their own) and sent him to a random location in the New World with a new name, Hiroyuki Yuuto.


"Rebirth, I hope it's as sweet as you imagined... The other Takeshi..."


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You capture some confusing feelings nicely. Once again, begin each line with upper case and add a bit of punctuation to help with phrasing.