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Submitted Apr 25, 2020, 2:35:42 PM

A Woman Scorned

Short dresses and deep necklines,
Its her fault every time.
"Why was she out so late?
Late night, she ought to be unsafe!"
Its her, that foolish people blame,
But the rapists, they don't treat the same.
"Its all her fault, why did she smile?
Its a hint, hasn't she seen the file?"
Its a "file" that tells us when a woman allows,
Someone to rape her, friend or foe.

Is it so hard to understand?
Respect is all that women demand!
These nincompoops need to know,
That a no means NO!
Back off and don't ever try,
To see "signs" that she never did imply.
Leave her, she is not yours to claim,
If you can't support her, its a shame!
Shame on you to let her be,
With monsters who'd use her and flee.
For them she's just an instrument,
For their very own pleasurement.

You monsters, oh, you vicious beasts!
You can't compare to normal beings,
You are but a stain on all manhood,
Rot in hell, your souls should!

You think that woman is a toy,
That you should use for your joy!
My blood boils when i see your kind,
If only you had even a teeny mind,
You would not ever disrespect,
A woman's worth, you won't suspect.

For she is God's most beloved creation,
Gods themselves bow down to her in unison.
She's the one who gives you your life,
Nine months with you in her womb, she strives.
She does everything for you,
She's the only one who's love for you is true.
Not just your mother, even your wife,
Devotes to you, all her life.
But when you disrespect a woman,
She'll loathe you till you are a dead man.


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Commented Jan 16, 2007, 12:11:30 AM
*applaudes* I like this one. I like the style this was written in, I like the premise you chose to write about, and I like the flow of this, though it does stutter in a couple of places. Read it a couple times aloud, and you'll probably notice what im talking about.
Jake Avatar


Commented Jan 17, 2007, 2:52:35 AM
Talented writing. I agree with everything Sariel said. One suggestion for the last line would be to make it simply "sail" because that seems to flow a bit better, and still makes sense.
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Commented Jan 17, 2007, 4:43:18 PM
Smiting?! I like a poem that smites something! ;) Nicely written poem. I'd have to agree with Tsyni on the "sail" it would make the ending a bit smoother, but very nicely done.