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A True Friendship

The shy and isolated Erica started the last year of high school in a big new school; it was located in the center of the city. Erica was from Argentina, her father move to Peru for business, and they had to leave their live in Argentina. In the school, the new classmates were so cold and somehow they were unaware her. However, she was missing and longing for those moments with her old friends of the year before. Then, her parents encouraged her to sign up in a workshop if painting. She had no great desire to do that, but in the end she was decided to try something new.
The first day of the class, it was on afternoon, Erica was a little nervous. She feared that the same refuse of the school happen there. She sat next to a girl who has a beautiful brown hair and black eyes. The girl asked her name. Erica answered quickly, and the girl said that her name was Jessica. Then, they started to talk and become friends. Coincidentally, Jessica went to the same school to Erica, so she helped Erica to adapt quickly at school. Jessica introduced some friends to Erica. They were a good peer. That week they ate under the trees and talked about everything. Each day, they met themselves more.
Jessica is self confident and outgoing person. She likes to listen and help her friends. She is friendly and enjoys the life. She lives with her father and her brother who suffer paralysis in his legs due to an accident. She studies and works like a waitress in a knowing restaurant of the city. One day, Erica finds Jessica, but Jessica looked so sad, so she told Erica that she can't stand to see how her brother suffers. That was something Erica was unaware. She felt sorry about Jessica. Jessica works to support her family; she lost her mom when she was a child. She wants to become a doctor to help her brother. She was a person worth admiring, Erica thought. Now, Erica started to see the problems in other way. There are people that cross big problems, but do not give up and fight for overcoming.
Erica began to appreciate his friendship with Jessica despite her shyness hinder to make friends. However, Erica loved writing stories and poems; it was a way of getting ride of her sorrow and isolation. Since she was a seven year-old girl, she spent her time reading. When she was ten year old, she started to write short stories. Its stories reflected her way to see the life.
With the problem of Jessica, Erica started to read books about self-confidence and overcoming. She found a book that said: "Problems are only Problems when we define them as such. They are really learning events. As the saying goes...If it doesn't kill you , then it can only make you stronger. Whenever we encounter a problem we should try to look at it indifferently. No matter how bad it may be, know for sure that 99% of Problems are solvable. When setting goals or designing a house, a blue print, a plan is needed. The same applies to Problems. We need a plan." Erica understood strength and courage of Jessica. Erica lived with her parents, and she was an only child. It was a very difficult for her because she confronted her loneliness since her childhood. Otherwise, it was changing. Erica became more self confident thanks to Jessica. She become like a sister that she never had.
One day, Erica came back to her house and found her mother crying. She didn't understand anything. She asked her mother what was happening. Her mother said that Erica's father went to the house, and he never come back again. Erica couldn't believe what she was hearing. Their parents had discussed and it appeared they were going to divorce. It was shocking for Erica. Sometimes she felt that things were not going well at home, but she never imagine that something like that would happen. After that, she called Jessica to tell her everything. Jessica was a very mature person and knew that Erica would suffer a lot with this situation. So, Jessica visited Erica. Jessica listened to her and says: "This type of situations and conflicts happen all the time, but the problem is between your parents, they still love you, and that will not change, you have to learn to live with this, I know that you are strong...". This time was important for Erica; she did not think to find a true friendship like the Jessica offered.
A few weeks later, school offered a scholarship to study Chinese language in Taiwan, but to achieve the scholarship she had to win a contest essay. This was the specialty of Erica, but she did not hesitate any time to participate. Jessica encouraged her to compete although knowing that this could be the end of their friendship, since the distance is sometimes stronger. However, Jessica supportive her to participate in the competition. Finally, the day of publication of the result, the two friends went to the school to the awards ceremony. The mother of Erica went to the ceremony. Erica was disappointed because her father didn't go to the ceremony. After waiting a few minutes, the teacher arrives to announce the winner of the competition. Erica was the winner of scholarship. Everybody was so happy, Erica didn't expect to win. Days later, Erica was ready to travel despite she felt sad for leaving her family and Jessica who helped to overcome her fears. They went to the airport to say goodbye, and they promised never forget their friendship.
    In Taiwan, Erica started a new life with more self-confidence and hopes. Taiwan is a small island country located in Eastern Asia for thousands of miles from South America, overcrowded, moist, and imbued with strong odors, colors, and motorcycle everywhere. Erica was expecting to live an adventure to forget the cultural differences. After nearly two days of travel, she arrived in Taipei where she hoped to share a tiny room with seven women from different backgrounds, among whom were Laura of Indian traits. Laura and Erica and quickly became friends, it was not hard for Erica as a beginning.
After several days, someone knocked on the door looking for Japanese; Laura slowly turned towards Erica asking if she was despite she didn't had Japanese traits. Erica answered:"I`m Argentina" so, Laura said "I'm from Ecuador and I`m here because I win a Chinese language scholarship". Surprisingly, they were experiencing the same fears of a strange culture, but united by not only the situation, also by the similar values and beliefs.
    The year passed quickly in Taiwan. Erica's mother returned to her country, Argentina. Then at the end of the scholarship in Taiwan, Erica returned to Argentina with her mother. There, Erica started her studies of law in College. It is a new stage in the life of Erica, but she does not forget her old friend at school, Jessica. Erica never forgot so many experiences, conversations and endless kindness and appreciation to Jessica. Erica tried to communicate with her, but Erica knew that Jessica traveled to United States to study medicine as she wanted.
    In college, Erica made good friend. She met someone special, his name was David. He was tall, and he has black hair. David was friendly and smart. From the beginning he was the first of his class. Erica and David started a relationship. They were a nice couple. They continued their relationship for many years. Missing a year to complete their studies, they decided to travel to Peru to visit the father of Erica and knowing about Jessica.
    They arrived to Peru. They visited the Erica's father. The couple left the house of the father of Erica at night. That night was raining. When they were driving for the city, Erica asked him to drive, and he accepted. When they go down for change the seats; suddenly from the darkness of the street left three men. Two of them took hold David, and the other covered the mouth of Erica. She can hear the David's voice that shouted: "please; don't damage her!". Suddenly, she felt a strong blow in her head. When she waking up, she asked the nurse about David. There was her father and he told her that David had to be operate because he received a stabbed in the back and had lost much blood. He was between life and death. In this moment, coming the doctor, and Erica surprised to see her best friend of high school, Jessica, who become a doctor. In the hands of Jessica was the life of the boyfriend of Erica. After, Jessica enters to the surgery room. Erica begged Jessica to save the life of David. Then, Erica couldn't hold up the uncertainty of not knowing how David is. After, three long hours, which were eternal for Erica, Jessica goes to the room of Erica and says that everything is ok, and David would recover. Since that moment, Erica and Jessica maintain a friendship that turned into brotherhood. Through our lives many thing could happened, but the important is kept a friendship and find a real friend who are forever.


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Commented Jun 27, 2009, 7:34:24 PM
A nice story. You could also add a chapter on Jessica's working to help her disabled brother. I also enjoyed this: "Problems are only Problems when we define them as such. They are really learning events." This a classic Zen Buddhist observation.