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A Tru Tale- Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

"Sir? Sir wake up please," a voice whispered in Mark's ear. Hands pushed at his arm and he groaned, rolling away into the back of the couch.

The other man sighed. "Sir please. It's Tru-."

"Tru?" Immediately Mark sat up. He rubbed at his eyes. "What's wrong with Tru?"

"She's having another one of her dreams," he said and moved aside to let Mark hang his legs over the edge.

Yawning he stretched out. "Ohhhh fuck!" He wiped at his leaking eyes. "Just give me a minute to shower and get changed."

The man nodded. "Of course Sir. I'll wait outside for you."

Mark waved his hand at him, his head in his other hand. Only once the door slid shut did he get off the sofa. He pushed his shoulders backwards, stretching his arms behind him and yawned. Eyes still closed he patted the wall for the light switch and gasped as the world turned pink behind his closed eyelids. Cautiously he opened one eye, winced, and then opened the other. At once his eyes went to the white clock on the wall.

"Seven am. Uurgh." He glanced at the door, pondering whether he should go into the bedroom to get fresh clothes out of the wardrobe before shaking his head. "No I don't want to wake Lorraine up."

He sat back down and scooped up the shirt and jeans he'd wore the day before. Standing he carried them into the bathroom and switched on the shower. After a quick pee he got in and ducked his head under the hot spray. The water pressed his hair flat against his head and he leant backwards, letting it drip into his open mouth. Finally he switched off the shower and shook his head from left to right, watching as water splashed the lime green curtain. He climbed out of the bathtub and dried himself down with a towel before dressing.

He went out of the apartment and met the man waiting there.


"Hello sir."

"Don't call me sir." Mark eyed him up. "I feel I've told you this before, Jonathon."

He smiled sheepishly. "You probably have, I've talked to you hundreds of times. I just always forget I guess."


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Commented Jul 15, 2011, 12:24:49 AM
It's been a long time between chapters.

Some punctuation errors, but the plot is moving nicely. Good job.
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Commented Jul 15, 2011, 12:40:43 AM
uurgh. Page breaks haven't worked -.-

Sorry it took so long, I've been distracted recently plus didn't quite know how to progress it so had to write 2 scenarios.