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A Tru Tale- chapter 6

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In the last chapter(s) Humans go in the forest, looking for the Wolf pack. They kill Jake after he attacks them and capture Tru and Faith. Tru is locked in a cage and sedated by Alec.

Chapter 6

"Mummy!" I yelped, sitting up. Cold bars didn't meet my eyes, trees did. Blinking I looked around me. "What the-?"

I stood. "I'm...I'm not there." A smile rolled across my face. "I'm not there! The Humans aren't...They never came!" I stood still for a few seconds, remembering the ropes, the dark face staring between them. Trembling I backed away and leant against a tree. "They're not here!" I ran a hand through my hair, pushing it back and swallowed. "It was just a dream."

But I couldn't stop my hand from shaking. Curling it into a fist I struggled to control the tremors. "I'm safe. They're not here, they won't come here." I closed my eyes. "They won't take me away."

But what about mum and dad?

My eyes snapped open. "Dad!"

I got from the tree, lunging forward into the small clearing. He was dead. They said he was dead! I spun around, trying to find my bearings. I have to get home, now!

I didn't morph, preferring to run in my other form. Without a rest or a breath I sprinted home. I needed to see it. I needed to see mum and dad alive and free; otherwise I couldn't convince myself that that was a dream. I got to the valley and looked down. There it was, home. Taking in a long draw of air I smelt mum and dad and scrambled down the valley, nearly tripping.

"Mum! Dad!" I yelled, forgetting the rules of silence in my haste. I tore open the door and there they were, standing only a few feet away with their backs to me.

Grinning I approached them. "Mummy! Daddy! I had a horrible dre-."

Mum spun round and I stopped. Her eyes widened. "Jake what is she-?" She swallowed, licking her lips. "Jake get her out of here, please!"

His eyes revolved round to look at me. Under his fierce gaze I backed away. "Da...Daddy what are you-? Daddy!" I screamed as he picked me up, carried me a few steps and dropped me outside. I fell onto my butt and scrambled round, getting up. The door slammed shut in my face and I fell against it, hitting it with a curled fist.

"Mummy! Daddy! What's going on? Let me back in!" I cried. The door didn't open and I slumped forward against it. "What's wrong?"

"You don't remember?"

I spun round. "Michelle?"


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A good poem, well written

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