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Submitted May 14, 2010, 2:22:34 PM

A tree will meet its demise.

Hello cruel world. I am a tree. I stand lone and tall amidst a lonely parking lot crammed with cars. I call out to them, but they never reply. In fact I am hardly used to conversations anymore. The towering concrete jungle stretches out to the horizon and beyond. They are of different shapes and sizes. Some reach for the sky like colossal hollow spikes protruding from the surface, while others form vast networks of grey streams flowing out to grey rivers. But, these streams hold no water, only chunks of metal rushing through its sterile veins. However, they all share one common persona. That is, they have no persona. They are all dead!

Yet they reflect to what is now the definition of life. Every night, the concrete jungle flares up its hollow spikes and grey rivers in a plethora of colors. These hues embellish the ground with millions and millions of sparkles, as they humble the starlight sky. But in several places, there is no sky. The sky itself is enveloped as pitch black smoke swathe in its expanse. I am lonely and devoid of company. Even the birds don't whisper in my branches. There are actually no birds, just the carrion feeding crows that gnaw into my branches desperate for worms.

I had a name once, but it has been long since I have forgotten what it was. Having a name becomes fairly meaningless if there are none to call you by it. But, I have cared to remember my age. One Hundred and Two! Even though my senile form is making it harder everyday "" I always make it a point to remember my age. It takes me back to the time when I was young. This was a happier place back then. And these days the memories give me solace.

I was born a long time ago. The blue sky was bluer back then, and the clouds were whiter. The land was greener and the burnt charcoal air smelled more like sumptuous fragrances. Back then I was only a young sapling reaching for the sky amidst a forest as far as the eyes could see. Being so young, I was the object of much admiration from the other trees. Their tall and strong braches protected my fragile self from storms, and amongst this affection I had soon grown to be a fine and strong. The birds would meticulously build nests on my branches and I would often eavesdrop into their cheery conversations before they tucked in for the night. There was always something about birds that enthralled me. Perhaps it was because they were so playful all the time. Often I had spent entire evenings basking in their joy and laughter.

Not so often, would the humans arrive. And, how could I forget the first day I met you. He was a mere child "" not taller than a shrub. His eyes permeated tickles of water down his reddened face. And his gaping wide mouth elicited a shrill noise that echoed through the forest. The small creature was soon followed by a much larger form that was quick to grasp the smaller one within its arms. This latter one was much larger, had a bolder disposition with thicker flesh and hair on its face. The larger creature after clutching the smaller one within his body, quickly observed his surroundings. In his eyes I could see that fear and barely-suppressed anxiety that was surely mimicked in mine.

As time passed by, more and more of humans arrived. I daresay, I had become rather benign towards their presence. A very curious collection they were. Some would be frolicking around me with their congenial laughter and spread murmurs of joy into the atmosphere. There would also be some, who would seek repose beneath my shady canopy and dose off into their dreams. On happenstance, I would encounter young couples as they cuddled each other within my robust roots. There they would share their hopes and fears. Some would even scratch their names into my bark. Perhaps, they felt secured amongst me. And that gave me a sense of belonging.

But, all good things must come to an end. And, for me that day was not far away. Early one morning I shuddered awake to a baleful sound from the edge of the forest. The deafening sound pervaded all around me as I witnessed the death cry of my brother. It was as if his entrails were ripped open with a force that splintered his thick and strong trunk like it was made of sand. I remember the fear and anxiety I shared that day with others in the forest. But, now that I reminisce "" back then I could have never guessed the extent of evil that I would be subjected to.

As time rolled by, it had cast a think dark fog into my existence. Everyday would be the shrieks and squeals of death and agony as those beasts ruptured with their chainsaws deep in to our trunks. Hundreds fell each day to their insidious fate. Not even the saplings were spared. Our numbers were depleting, and they were taking over our home. Tall and majestic oaks had been transformed to crude furniture and firewood to fuel their fire breathing homes and factories. As the smoke of our smoldering brothers' rose from their chimneys we stood mere hapless bystanders. If only we could shed tears!

But, these days I have become quite indifferent to the malevolence. I am after all a simple and meaningless form of life with the sole purpose of your servitude. I do not wake up to the resounding menace of death any more. But, how can I? There are simple none left to kill! I know my time will come soon, and I will be engulfed by the ever-famished concrete monster. I will meet my demise before long. But I know, without me you will meet yours too!


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Commented May 15, 2010, 1:41:44 AM
Just some minor spelling needs fixing here and there.

Otherwise, superb! Nicely done.
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Commented May 15, 2010, 5:04:08 AM
I agree with Kt about the mechanics of the story.

Otherwise; a very good cautionary tale.
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Commented May 15, 2010, 7:03:41 PM
I have to say this but if you are not from the UK it will seem weird... "I want to be a tweeee!" Sorry couldn't resist it. I am in a funny if not condescending mood today, so forgive me.

I agree a very nice tale. Well done!
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Commented May 15, 2010, 8:42:34 PM
thats arrite....& thanks everyone...