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Submitted Aug 15, 2009, 3:23:58 PM

¤ This Is For Keeps.

I don't normally do this poem stuff. But I was feeling creative. So, here it is:

We left that night and we ran.

They'll never reach us. Not out here.

To the cliff edge we shall stand.

Time will soon be at an end.

The wind blew cold.

So I held her near.

She gripped my hand so ever tight

Is it time?

I smiled.

No, not yet.

We laughed that night.

As time drew near.

We were actually happy here.

But won't they find us?

Someone will.

Sorry for that I am.

But at least we'll always be in your memory.

So this round we play for keeps.

Never apart will we be.

So till the end our love we'll keep.

This will always be you and me.

Is it time?

I smiled.

I think it is.

We took our stand at the edge.

Kissed her lips one last time.

Hand in hand we made the leap.

This they can never take.

This love we have.

Forever us.

Forever you and me.