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Submitted Jul 7, 2005, 3:11:16 PM

A Sweet Dream

When I'm alone I think bad thoughts,
ways to lie and ways to die,
and think of the things Im not.
I know I'm not perfect though I wish I could be,
I know you don't understand what you see,
I'm a ghost of a girl who used to have dreams,
and in her life she was in all the scenes;
but now I feel frozen, and full of lead,
suddenly the music doesnt play in my head,
'Im a wreck, and a ruin,
a lonely, meager,soul
I feel like a hollow bowl
yet,I still cannot hold anything,
it just falls through,
and even though I know what they say are lies,
I hold them true.
It's all my fault you see,
I let them hurt me,
I let them bring me down,
I let them break me,
So now all I do is frown,
because I hate me.
I can't place blame except on myself,
because I let them, I hurt myself,
So now no matter what you do,
I'll hate me, but never you.