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A real friendship

A true friendship
"Maiin the Glupz"
""Friend is not the person who you dries the tears; but the one that prevents from spilling them"
"A real friend stay always there, they help you to find the light in the darkness"
In the life, there are different feelings, some of that are bad but other is good. People have the mission to discover the different kinds of it. Maybe, there is one that is different, one that is purer that the rest, with a different essence, almost like incomparable. I talked about the real friendship, I going to tell you a story about an example of that.
There a beautiful city, called Trujillo. In that city, there is a school where a lot of students spend their best years with their friends, they experiment different feeling that could mark their lives. In schools always are different groups of students, one of that are conformed by 3 girls, called: Nataly, Marjory and Guadalupe, they always have been united. They meet in primary, despite that they have different personalities, they always were friends. Each of them had different ways of thinking and of seeing the life. Nataly is 15 years old, she is a person that love the life, and always try to lives each moment of life with fun and enjoying it. Her major fault was to be stubborn and that often she had difficulty to speak about her personal problems, she only trusts in her best friends because they always understood her. One thing that she loves of her personality is that she always said the things that she thinking, she confronts the problems face to face. On the other hand Marjory is extrovert, sociable and friendly. She is the type of person that always listen you when you have problems, she help you to find the way for overcome it, and she is a compressive girl. One of her defects is that she is a bit undecided about take decision of her personal life. Yuriko is a beautiful person that loves to create news things; she likes to mix different colors in order to create her own style. She is good doing crafts because she is trying and trying until she does it in the way that she wants. They thought that her group was going to be shaped always for only the 3 but, when these 3 girls were in first grade, one girl enter to their classroom. The name of it girl is Cecilia, she was looking like one calm and studious girl, but she was not like that. First Cecilia was started to be friend with other girls of the classroom, and then Marjory started treating her. Marjory and Cecilia were turned into best friends. Nataly and Yuriko also turned into friends of Cecilia. After some time the four girls decided to form their own group and for be more original they put a name:" Maiin the Glupz". It special name that they put to their group is so different that the rest, it contains a part and the essence of each one (nobody know the meaning) they promised that never said the meaning of the name of the group. In their classroom the rest of students were a little surprised because they never imagine that one new student could conform that group but after know how Cecilia was, they changed their minds. Cecilia is a person that loves to laugh and saw the fun way of the life, she loves to make jokes. She is very friendly and extrovert. She is a trusting person and she has like a different soul like with a different essence;
These 4 girls made a promise: that they would be together despite all the things or persons that cross their ways. They all were feeling feelings of immense happiness and did not know what say or do, each one was lost in their thoughts. Marjory broke the silence;.She said:
         "Thanks to be my friends"
In that moment the four girls understood that everything was real!
The time passed, the girls grew but they friendship was continuing existing. One Wednesday, Nataly was started to comport a little strange, she wasn't smiling, nor was laughing at any joke of her friends and when they were asking something on because she was troublesome, she simply was evading the questions. She only said:
       "I can't talk; I can't explain what happened to me"
The rest of the class was wondering because she was behaving in this way and they started suspecting that something bad was happening, but Marjory, Cecilia and Yuriko treated that the rumors do not grow, they also were suspecting that something bad was happening to her, but they did not want that Nataly was in mouth of all. Marjory, Cecilia and Yuriko wanted to talk with Nataly but they were a little afraid about how Nataly is going to react. Cecilia said:
        "She is our friend! She know that she can trust in our! If we don't talk with her, she will think that she doesn't have our support and it's not true. We promise that we always be friends.
Marjory said:
         "Yes, I know Nataly since we are in primary , I know that now for her one of the most important things is to feel our support and fondness. She needs to feel safe and we have to help her!
Guadalupe said:
         "Both have reason but, what we are going to do? She doesn't want to do nothing!

Marjory said:
        "Well, I know her sister. If Nataly doesn't want to say us nothing, I will talk with her sister, she could knows something about the behavior of Nataly"
After a week that Nataly was strange, the girls spoke and each one proposed an idea, they decided that they would write to her a letter asking her to tell their "why" she was sad and giving her forces and spirits.
They were going to write the letter at the moment of break but they could not write it, because when they were in class of history, before of break, Nataly was started putting bad , She was alone in her place and not speaking with anybody. Marjory realized about it and said to Cecilia.
   "Hey, look Nathy! She is so bad. I'm going to talk with her right now"
When the 2 girls are talking, Nataly started to cry and Marjory was very surprised about the things that Nataly told her. But now, all the class was paying attention to the 2 girls. After some minutes a lot of students were around Marjory and Nataly; for the luck of the 2, the stamp of break sounded and they had the opportunity to escape of this inconvenient and embarrassment situation since the teacher realized that something were generating disorder and the reason was Nataly and he was going to asking.
Yuriko and Cecilia ran to meet Nataly and Marjory in the bathroom, Nataly was crying, but it was a different weeping with a very deep feeling that was containing a unique sadness, inexplicable and immense , something that I can't explain.
Nataly told to her friends:
     "Since some time I have a different behavior and I'm strange. Well, I'm going to tell us why;. You know that my mother was sick but now her illness are deteriorating , I'm very afraid and worried about what going to happened , I can't imagine my without my mother!....."
Yuriko said:
    "Now I understand why you never what to talk about it, Nataly you have to remember that you always can trust in us. We always stay here for help you, I know that your mother can recover her life and everything is going to stay okay!"
Marjory were very silent, she only embraces her, Cecilia said:
      "Stop to cry, we have to find a solution"
Marjory said:
       "You have to be strong; you will see that everything will go out well, trust"
Some months passed, but the things didn't change, were worst! One day Nataly didn't go to the school, her friends received the new that Nataly's mother was died. Since that moment the four friends were more joined that before, helping mutuality. It does not fit doubt that in the most difficult moments is when you see your real friends. Every day Nataly give thanks for have friends like Marjory, Cecilia and Yuriko.
When they were in third grade, they started to go to parties, especially of the school; they passed beautiful and wonderful moments. By the anniversary of school, students should participate in the Fair of sciences and present project; they decided to make the project together with 2 more students. They spend a lot of time together between laughs and guffaws. Finally, in the day of the fair of sciences, the project is very good, they made product for woman.
In September, there are the Olympiads of sports, they guard very special moments on this activity, to never forget anything many photos took, and this was something that Marjory, Nataly, Yuriko and Cecilia loved
This year finish and with it a lot of remembers that each one guard in their heads, but the life continuous. In the summer, something very special was going to occur, Yuriko was going to be 15 years old, she hoped that moment with a lot of illusion because for a girl it is something very magic like a fantasy that she can realized.
Yuriko said:
     "I'm so nervous, but happy in the same time, I want to the day comes"
Marjory and Cecilia accompanied her to delivering her invitations; Nataly could not because she travelled in Lima. Nathy felt very badly for couldn't accompany her;;
When the day comes, they passed a very wonderful night; they danced and danced all the night. In all the summer the friends met rarely due to the fact that they were studying different things, generally Marjory and Cecilia were meeting since they were studying together in the cultural.
When the next year starts, they weren't in four grade. They are exciting because in that year, many girls were going to celebrate their sweet fifteen. In one of those parties, Yuriko meet a boy that was so handsome, she danced with him a lot of songs, and she was very happy because she felt something different, something that was filling her soul and heart at the same time. It feeling was calling love. Their friends were so happy because Yuriko feel happy.
All the things were going well, but they didn't imagine that something bad were destroyed it calm. Marjory always said that she felt bad like sick; she felt that something was bad inside her. She went to the doctor but they always were saying to her that everything was going well, one day had a strong pain in her chest and due to this their mother took her to a better doctor, detected to her a rare disease that not many persons were possessing, this disease was linked by the heart.
When Marjory knows about her disease, she couldn't believe it, she only said:
     "Why me?"
Every time that she said it one of her friends said:
      "Marjory you must not give up, must have forces, we will help you to win this disease, nothing will be able to be stronger than our friendship, we promised to overcome anything problem together and we will do it!"
Marjory had terrible pains, everyday it pains grow a little and sometime she couldn't resist the pain but also everyday she said to herself:
      "I know that I can, I am not going to defraud the persons who believe in my-my family and my friends-"
One day in the school, when Marjory be upset. There were talking Cecilia, Nataly and Yuriko about how to help Marjory. Nataly was very worried about the future of her friend, she don't want to lose her because both were friends since both had 8 years. Nataly told to Cecilia:
           "What we can do? We have to help her, we have to brose information about that strange illness, I talked with my uncle that is doctor, he promise me that he is going to help me to discover more about it illness"
Cecilia said:
           "Oh! That is so good, but we have to do more things, that is not enough"
The girls put to think at maximum, trying to find an idea that could help her friend in order to save her life. Yuriko said:
          "Up to finding a solution, we must join money to be able to pay the treatment that I'm sure that is expensive"
Time passed, and something the condition of Marjory improve, but others times it was worse. Something that was not changing was the desires of living that she had Marjory and her faith in God. She believes with all of her forces in that God is going to help her.
The last time that Marjory and her mother went to the appointment to the doctor, he said to them that a group of doctors of vat would come to Peru to prove a new treatment for this rare disease to the heart .According this group of doctors they had discovered the way to cure that disease.
The mother told it to the friends of Marjory but also she told it:
"I can't pay it"
The friends assembled all the money, asking for collaboration in the streets and in the school, realizing raffles and other activities. Marjory could realize the treatment and she recovered little by little, without losing her faith in God. When all is finished, she was feeling as a new person, now she values the life more. She told to her friends:
   " thanks to stay there when I needed , you helped me in all ,you gave me the homework, you explained me what you were doing in class, because you knew that I would return, thank you for not giving up, for trying to fill my life of happiness when every is dark "
In that moments the 4 girls started to cry and they embraced each other mutually. They fulfilled their promise to always be united in spite of the adversities that they could present in the life, they will continue being friends and overcoming united and united any situation because between them , there is a feeling very strongly: the real friendship
They learned that the real friendship exceeds everything and overcome anything problem.

"Nothing can stop the real friendship"



Medina Arellano Magaly Nataly


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This is a very touching story. I think, however, the plot is a bit too difficult for the writer's command of English. Perhaps, in the future, a simpler topic would work better? All in all, a good job!