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Submitted Sep 3, 2008, 4:12:04 PM

A Poem for a first love

When we first met, I spent the whole day just talking, in my preceded fashion I was the one constantly squawking .You let me rant on, like you already knew that's what in needed, I felt cleansed by you like my soul had been weeded.
You said I was funny, that was rare you said, we talked about everything and nothing till the night was dead. I loved you for loving me, that fact simply that you wanted me.
 To be with you was like stillness and frenzy, all looks categorized every word remembered. We would lie together feeling the pain, that I would soon be gone, and when would we see each other again?
My world you became, you didn't let me hide behind me scared eyes. You are the sun and the moon to me. My whole web of lies.
 My fear of loss made me cling to your side, not letting you go free, forcing you to hide.
 I couldn't just be with you, I was always plagued with scared thoughts and you knew what I was thinking. You felt it too.
 Distance we knew would eventually drive us apart, but it doesn't stop the crying, crying from my weeping heart.
 You wanted me to happy whatever that meant, how were you to know that you were happiness
and so I lament.
 The birds have no song for me the day is long, without you to share it with everything I do is wrong.
The thought of you can at once make me cry and sigh, at least we had something to lose, at least I've had that feeling before I die.
 The footsteps we walked, the places we talked, are suddenly devoid of joy, without you, my love, my boy.
Walking and holding your hand, was the safest place I've ever been, I was not afraid of the rest of the world, I didn't care about being seen.
 A room pulsed when you were within , the sun was high, you could commit no sin.
 Goodbye for now, but don't fret or weep, my love for you wont fade away it will keep, it will keep.


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Commented Sep 18, 2010, 3:43:34 PM
Okay, you have to change a lot of spellings.
out starched - outstretched
sewer - swear
watts - what's or what is

Not bad, but fix it up.
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Commented Sep 19, 2010, 4:14:09 AM
sorry spelling and me are not friends i did go over this just didn't get them all
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Don Roble

Commented Sep 19, 2010, 3:26:42 PM
I'm starting to sound like kt's parrot. I agree with what he found. You need a spellchecker. Most word processor programs have one and you need to use it.

some 1 cares- this is never right, not ever.