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Submitted Oct 23, 2010, 1:37:05 AM

A place of Sorrow

I know of a place with only sorrow,
As though a world with no tomorrow,
From wayward halls an owl calls,
To reach and hither beyond those walls,
Galls and withers the being named time,
Left to suffer and unknown crime

Forget the age of right and wrong,
Which no one believed in all along,
Let this truth be a potion,
That people laugh when many die,
It pains to say that others cry,

When the truth is spoke,
Many may hear,
An oddly bloke,
Who's always near,
Hidden in the shadows and left alone
Till the age, that bloke, my roam

Right beneath the purest chest,
Leaps and speeds a pounding heart,
Always wondering whats for the best,
Lest the world stop and stare,
Just to know whats truly there.

The leaves have all fallen the trees have gone,
Though it does not stop the hate that spawns,
Where sins of the fallen lay about,
All throughout this endless bout,
kill the thoughts that make you you,
or face the dreary view.


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Commented Mar 29, 2019, 10:44:25 AM
Since no one commented on this, I will. After all, I wrote it. And I think it is pretty good.

Oh, I think I am going to rate it as well.
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Commented Nov 5, 2023, 10:37:40 PM

kt, what a wonderful salute to a wonderful man. The emails I receive from time to time from Don never fail to spur me on and give me hope. The OG's were all there for me right from the start and patiently read and helped me through every submission… the many of them!! I miss you all.

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Commented Nov 21, 2023, 3:24:28 AM

I truly have been spending my head down in code when I am able to get to my computer far too often; given that I have not read or commented on this before now.

I cannot really put words to the regret I feel knowing you both are fighting this battle, and I know Don has been struggling with his eyes. I have not seen or heard from Don in some time, I hope he is well. I have no doubts that he’s fighting strong no matter what his condition. I recall Vermithrax was also having issues with his eyes before we lost contact.

Diabetes is a scary thing for me as well. My Dad has type 2 so I may get off lucky if it comes my way. My Aunt had type 1 and did not survive it. We lost her some time ago now.

I hope you are well as I’ve not seen you in some time. This was a wonderful commentary.