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Submitted Jun 3, 2011, 2:49:51 AM

A Passion in My Heart

A passion beating in my chest
a pain breaking through my heart.
My mind thinking of the best,
just wondering where to start.
A passion flowing through my body,
piercing every part of me with joy.
The girl I love not so snobby,
She will never be my toy.

A trust only made by desire,
a truth that cannot be explored.
A burning rush that sets on fire,
a love that cannot be destoyed.
A frequent thought that goes untold,
just the time that ticks on by.
A constant beat getting bold,
this life; I'm not ready to die!!

For this love, it's getting stronger,
oh, the time has past its curse.
And this hope I have is longer,
for the pain has past its worst.
These days are getting short,
I don't know where they start.
For the pain is ever lasting,
oh it's getting very short.
All i have is a passion,
Is a passion in my HEART.
I have a passion is my heart.

A day without you by my side,
a week without you being here
life feels like a part of me just died.
everything so perfect its almost like a fear.
A light going out, a candle being lit,
a hope inside me that keeps on burning,
A new place, I just can't wait to sit.
a new birth of passion is yearning.

a hand that never goes untouched,
a mind that never likes to quit,
a feeling like i'm being enriched,
The girl i love has her wit.
As was said some time before
True love was just a faze
now to me a love is just war;
waiting for 2 size to choose
what all they had to lose.

a love thats ever lasting,
a truth that never goes untold
a spell thats always casting
a tale thats never grows old.
it's like an arrow being shot,
its like a fire being stoked,
a battle hear is being faught
a person being choked.
all i have is a passion,
a passion in my heart


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Commented Jun 4, 2011, 1:09:59 AM
I liked this. Really good.