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Submitted Feb 2, 2011, 7:31:31 PM

A Park

Steps of the many,
Cause a clamour,
In the crowded park,
Two lovers argue,
Birds sing unnoticed,
And the weather is -
Wispy clouds scud,
Across a grey sky,
Which could be,
Summer, Winter,
Autumn or Spring,
Words are said,
And words are said back,
Information is transferred,
Emotions are felt,
Up and down,
Go the children,
On the see-saw,
Laughs and smiles,
Tears and shouts,
All that is human,
And all that is inhuman,
The trees are bare,
The grass is dull,
The sky is everlasting,
Beautiful blankness,
Spreading till the end,
Of both the world,
And time itself,
The moment is caught,
And held,
In the hands of the Observer,
The people are suspended,
In movement and speech,
Their smiles forever imprinted,
Underneath their tired eyes,
One leg in the air,
Hands held forever,
Wind-strewn hair,
Eternally captured,
The trees,
The plants,
The birds,
The people,
The sky,
Are suspended,
And the Unremarkable,
Becomes all that is,
All that has been,
And all that there is to be.


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Commented Mar 31, 2015, 8:18:46 PM
This is good. Nicely done and well presented. Keep going, and define further what supernaturals really are. Or are you going to keep us hanging? :)