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Submitted Nov 8, 2007, 5:28:10 AM

A Klingon Tale

Her prey crashed wildly down the trail
Its hunter closing still
In pain it turned to face her there
Its only thought to kill

She faced it proudly spear in hand
Watching its every move
Her eyes they focused on its own
Her prowess she would prove

Blood streaming down its side,
it reached her in three strides
its hunter tried to make her kill
but was foiled by its hide

She felt its tusks pierce her skin,
And knew that she would die
The black fleet was closing in
When suddenly by her side

A warrior proud stood over her
and faced its deadly wrath,
His blood flowed freely from his wounds
and while he fought he laughed

'Join me now and be my bride!'
He shouted as she watched
His spear jabbed quickly toward the beast
and its hide it notched.

In despair it roared and growled
And tried to turn to flee
But in its path the woman knelt
On her bended knee

Her spear it flashed through the air
And pierced its racing heart
Her prey fell quickly to the ground
And she watched its spirit depart.

"What happened to our hunter fair
and her warrior proud?
The love they shared was fierce and deep
And eternal was their vow.

Her warrior died and joined the fleet
that sails through death's dark realm
And yet her heart is filled with pride
She knows he's at the helm."