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A Jack Vine Rhyme

A Jack Vine Rhyme
(a poem from the 'Jack and the giant' PI series)

I'm Jack Vine and I'm a nursery rhyme PI.
I find out facts so don't try to lie.
My partners name is Tiny, that's Tiny Giant.
We take all kinds of cases and all kinds of clients.
Jack who? You ask. You mean you don't know the name?
Why, I grew a magic beanstalk; yup, the very same.
I have this gorgeous dame in my life, who goes by Mary.
She has a sister too, her name being Terri.
Now, Mary was a case first, as she lost her little lamb.
But I found out later that story was a sham.
It seems her lamb wasn't really lost; she'd made that up.
The plan was to get me to notice her, and maybe have sup'.
I guess the ploy worked for eventually we tied the knot.
We even have two kids now, and to me, that's a lot.
Tiny, my partner, he got caught too,
Seems Terri wanted the big guy and knew just what to do.
In the end, it seems, we all made out quite well,
So now I'm off on another case, 'bout an egg that fell.


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Very nice.
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Again another very good one.