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Submitted Mar 17, 2015, 12:57:07 PM

A Halloween Bash

A Halloween Bash

Jack was nimble, Jack was quick,
Jack O"lantern was looking quite slick.
With a pumpkin head lit by candle light,
He"s the coolest dude on Halloween night.
His date, I see, is Wendy the witch,
An interesting pair, like Lelo and stitch.
To a party they all went, to Dracula"s pad.
Drac wore a black tux, looking quite Rad.
There were others guests there, like Wolfman Jack.
He held in his hands a candy filled sack.
Alice Cooper was there, playing a rock"n bands gig.
With zombies and ghouls, from a graveyard dig.
And who"s that over there, the Jolly Green Giant?
No it"s just Frankenstein"s monster, standing defiant.
In through the window, flew Batman and Robin.
Neither had a date, so Robin was sobbin".
The Widow was on the hunt, dressed in lingerie black.
She was one hot mama with an incredible rack.
The invisible man had painted his face,
He was hitting on a dead chick, trying for first base.
All partied hard from midnight till dawn.
But once the sun rose all would be gone.
Halloween comes but once a year,
And this nights frights will be nothing to fear.
You see, we monsters would rather go trick or treating too.
Then head out to Drac"s castle; that"s what we all do.
So if you"d care to join in, on our Halloween bash,
Be sure you stay clear of Wolfman"s candy stash.


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Feny F Dewi

Commented Dec 3, 2016, 1:20:17 PM
I guess the more you get hurt, the more you grow. Life is never be easier, indeed, and everybody will disappoint you, but make it as a lesson for you to be wiser :)
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Commented Dec 3, 2016, 3:27:03 PM
Yup, that is why I say that it is hurt that shapes you;)
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Galuh Ayu Anggaratri

Commented Dec 4, 2016, 2:58:13 AM
I couldn't agree more that hurt is the best teacher in life. Very nice poem.