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A great friendship forever

The history begins a winter day, during a snow storm in a orphanage, located in Chiclayo. The sister Filomena who takes care of "a happy family" an orphanage, finds two little baby's, Brigitte and Emi near to orphanage. Brigitte is a spirited, loving and charismatic girl, curious, independent, she behaves like a tomboy, fights with the boys climbs up the trees and invents all sorts of adventures, she is too close to Emi, who is very timid and emotional. Brigitte takes it upon her to be her protector, when they have 10 years old they are separated by a rich family that decide adopt to Emi, she accepts, and she leaves the orphanage, Brigitte of course, is crushed by the news, but her characteristic cheer and resolve pull her through; she is happy for Emi
Emi keeps in touch, but one day tells Brigitte, she cannot having a relationship with her, this breaks Brigitte tender heart and she is divested by the news. She runs to her favorite place a forest near to the orphanage called "the rosebush" there she cries disconsolate for two days, both of them make the promise to never get separated, Brigitte stays in the orphanage in spite of all the two friends keep in touch sending letters, to each other, but on day Emi sends a letter, where she tells Brigitte that she can´t keep the communication with her, because her adoptive mother had forbidden it, A few time after, when Brigitte is 15 years old begins to work as lady companion in a rich family, her initial hopes are dashed, but she decides to look forward the experience, she arrives at the opulent mansion, but is immediately teased by two siblings, Noelia and Janz, Noelia take especial pains to make Brigitte life horrible and, her adoptives parents do nothing to help her, Noelia´s endless plots finally make Brigitte a servant in the house, having to do very menial work.
One day after she cries because of them, she meets a boy in a beautiful stone gate, who cheer her up, his name is Steven, later she meets his cousins Mario and Peter and she became friends of them, One day while after a fight with Janz is some way, she falls in a river and a boy with a bear saves her, his named is Albert, since this fact Albert will always be there for Brigitte until one day her adoptives parents order to her to go to Lima, the three friends Mario, Peter and Steven do everything is in their hands in order to adopt, finally she is adopted by a interesting and generous family and she lives with them happily, Steven and Brigitte fall in love each other, but one day during a fox hunting, Steven suffer an accident with his horse, he died from this moment Brigitte becomes very sad and she won´t recover until a time later, after that she goes to study to Piura with her cousins Peter and Mario, also travel with Noelia and Janz, Brigitte wants to study and became in a lady, in the bus, where she travel to Piura, she meets a boy who is going to study in the same school, his name is Marco, first she doesn´t like him because he is very prepotent, however, she will learn that he´s very sweet and insecure.
In the school Brigitte becomes a good friend of Patty, a shy girl with glasses, and she discover that Emi is studying there too, one day she finds out Albert working in a zoo, in Piura too, but Janz and Noelia, make her life to be impossible , Mario tells as Brigitte that he loves her, and Emi heart it, she loved him secretly and she break in to tears when Mario realized Emi loved him so much, he decides to go out with her, one day the nuns discover Emi´s dog, then they punish her, but Brigitte get involved and the only thing that she get is not to go to May´s Festival, However Brigitte doesn´t render and takes Emi´s dog to the zoo where Albert works, and thanks to a present. After that Brigitte escape to go to the party, finally on the summer holidays, she helps Marco to Brigitte to surpass her fear to ride a horse, then when they were dancing Marco stop, suddenly and gives to Brigitte her first kiss, although it seems her didn´t like it, later everything will return to normality. When they arrive again at school, Noelia who was Jealous of Brigitte sets a tramp to them and the nuns discover them, when went to see each other at the stable, Afterwards they throw to Marco and Return to Lima, to begin his as an actor when he arrives, he first visit is the orphanage, the site where Brigitte lived during her childhood, she spoken to him so much about this place. After this fact, Brigitte decide to return to Lima, because it is worth no longer to follow in the school. If Marco is not, she escapes from school, when she return to the orphanage, she realize Marco was there before, but she didn´t reach him. Brigitte decide to become nurse in order to take care of the children in "A happy family" (the orphanage) shortly after, she is transferred to the hospital, she is 16 and she meet again with her friends Mario, Peter, Emi and Patty. Brigitte and Marco meets each other after a play, he was doing but shortly after he parts and they decide to write letters with the hope to meet again, later Brigitte graduates as nurse and takes care of, Albert, who had an accident and has lost his memory. Later Marco invites to Brigitte to a play where after a terrible accident Marco partner becomes quadriplegic and she forces him to marry her Brigitte, she resigns to him and, after a dramatic scene, where Marco asks to Brigitte not go, she returns to Piura, where there Emi is waiting for her, because they want to work together in a hospital, they fell happy because they are again together and share new experiences, however one day when they where to lunch in a restaurant Brigitte felt bad she couldn´t to breathe and Emy was nervous and required help to the people that were in the restaurant, so she tacked a taxi and decided to go with Brigitte to the hospital. There Brigitte received a bad notice about her health, the doctor told her that she suffered asthma, when Emy listened it, she cry a lot for the bad luck of her best friend, whereas Brigitte feel optimist to overcome her obstacle moreover come her obstacle moreover, she decided to follow the treatment and be again the charismatic and happy girl, then Emmy writes a letter to Mario and Peter which are Brigitte friend, she inform to them that Brigitte suffer a lamentable illness, and it´s useful to collaborate with her, because she need a soon recuperation, after two days there traveled to Piura and visited to Brigitte I the hospital, Brigitte felts emotionate and thankful with them, because there always were with her in bad moment of her life.
After two months Brigitte received a good notice by the doctor, he told her that the illness, that she had was cured and she could come back to her home.     On the other hand Emi to prepared a party surprise to Brigitte, and both promised that her friendship been forever, and never feel sadness in spite of the obstacles in their lifes.



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Don Roble

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Well, you got right to the heart of the matter. Voodoo stuff always scares me. This is why. Good writing.
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Whoa! Voodoo, bad!
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Great story! I think Renn deserved what he got.