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A great friendship

        In these time is really difficult to find true friends, mostly people use to make frienship with people that have some status, benefits or some advantage over others, I think that many people forgot the meaning of true friendship and just think to win something like benefits or advantage. For example nobody want to be friend of man that drives the bus or the women that sells the milk or the boy that sells the newspaper because is really difficult that someone of these persons can make a favor. I'm going to tell a nice story where we can appreciate what is the means to be a true friend, without hope receiving anything in return.
        In a very poor neighborhood live Mirko who is a great boy, he is really funny and playfull. Mirko loves the soccer and all time he is with his soccer ball, but Mirko has a really hard life; his father whe he was eight years old and his mother goes to the streets every day looking for work, she sometimes cleaned houses, washed clothes and cared for children, but there are days that she does not work and the money missing at home; Mirko aware of this really difficult situation comes to street to sell candy or

clean cars, the few days left to go to school to work to help his mother with little money for home expenses, but the most important is that Mirko did not lose the hope to overcome this bad time that he is living.
        The hope that keeps strength to Mirko is your dream of becoming a great soccer player, Mirko dreams that some day he is going to play in a famous club and he want to be the better to can give his mother all things that she deserves. Mirko has a neighbor called Diana who is his best friend, they have grown together and they love like as siblings; Diana is also a poor girl so many times comes to working together with Mirko. Diana has a dog called "Bubu", Diana use to go all places with her dog, she never left her dog.
        To the another side of the city lives Andreé who is a very rich boy,his father has a very big company; Andreé has a very big and beautiful house, but the most important is that Andree knows that the money is not everything in the life and by the contrary He is a very simple and generous with the other.Andreé also loves the soccer so he is training all the afternoons in the best club of the city. Andreé does not have many friends because he saw that all boys or girls wanted to be his friends beacuse he was a very rich, he does not had true friends inspite of the fat that he was very good person.
     One afternoon while Andreé went to his soccer practice ocurred some very unpleasant; the Andreé´s driver was distracted for a little moment and he did not see that a girl was trying to take your pet and he pushed their; as a result of the accident the girl became injured and the pet died, Diana was the girl and the pet was Bubu; few meters behind Mirko watched amazed as his very best friend was pushed by the Andreé´s car. Diana was taken to the hospital quickly, doctors said they would recover soon as the injuries were not serious, but Diana and Mirko were very saddened by the death of Bubu. The other hand Andreé felt guilty for everything that had happened, he was very sad and wanted to try to give some kind of solution.
     Andreé tried to speak with Diana and Mirko to apologize but they were very hurt and they did not want to speak with Andreé. Spent days and Andreé could not forget the sadness and Mirko Diana, Andreé decided to go looking these guys to apologize once again, when Andreé arrived to the Mirko and Diana´s neighborhood could see when Mirko was playing a soccer match with other guys, Andreé was impressed with the great ability that Mirko had to play soccer, Andreé also was impacted by the joy and enthusiasm that Mirko did on each movement with the ball. Andree was
in the best soccer school and had not seen anyone play with such emotion. Andreé stopped the game and asked if He could to play too, Andreé was very excited because he loved soccer, after some discussion Mirko agreed to the participation of Andree but with the conditio, that Andreé playing in the contrary team. Mirko had a big surprise, Andree played with the same enthusiasm and the same skill that him, Mirko never thought that the rich boy could do so well. After the match Andreé went to Mirko and said please accept that apology. They went to Diana and She accept the apologyze too.
    Andreé offered their friendship and told them they could count with him for anything, then Mirko told him: "We accept your apologize for all that happened, but You should have lied that I do not believe that someone with so much money want to be a friend with poor people like us ."Andree said:" Excuse me Mirko, but You are very wrong, I live in a world full of luxury and wealth, but also full of hypocrisy and envy, it is very difficult to find true friends, I would be very nice if you accept me as a friend ";Diana and Mirko said nothing, but never thought to hear that response. After three months and Diana had to travel to Chile with his mother, Mirko was very sad becuase he felt that he He was going to be alone.

    Meanwhile Andreé could not forget from his mind the great skills that Mirko had to play soccer, Andreé knew that these talent had very little and could not be wasted a talent in that category. One day while Andreé was coaching his partner suffered a serious injury and the team did not have another forward replacement. Andree talk with his coach and told him that He knews a guy with an incredible ability to play soccer, then the coach told him to invite him to practice the next day.
    Andreé went to Mirko's house and told him about the things happened in the training. Fisrt Mirko was in doubt because he was a little apprehensive so Andree said: "This is your big chance is not missed, all things will be right my dear frien; you will see, tomorrow afternoon I will see you". The nest day Andreé and Mirko came to practice, coach did play Mirko and Andre in the same team; that great, good and amazing reality could to see the coach, these two guys started to understand in a spectacular way, that afternoon was the start of a great combination talent, but also the beginning of a great friendly.
    The all world was astonished with how to play Mirko, but was a problem Mirko was not a member of the academy and do not forget that it was the best academy in the city and the most expensive too. Andree talked with the manager of

the academy and said, "Lord, do not worry my family will pay the expenses of Mirko until he gets the requirements for the scholarship." The requirements were to make twenty goals in a tournament and give 10 assistances to ten other goals. The tournament of these year Mirko maked 28 goals and gave twenty fivee assistances; it is important to mentioned that these twenty five goals were maked for Andreé. The same year the Andreé´s father get a job for the Mirko´s mother in a company of food. Andreé helped to mirko to obtain a scholarship in his high school, Andreé and mirko also played together in the school team and together obteined many cups for the school.
    These guys finished the high school and starting to play soccer in a proffesional way. Is probable that Mirko play in Argentina and Andreé will play in Brasil. These guys gave us a very good lesson about the true friendship and importace to be always sincere and clear. Finally I am sure that the worth of the people are in their way of being and the values that they had, people are not worth for the money, nice home, luxury or status that they have. We must learn to value the people without prejudice based on race, religion or economic status. It was A GREAT FRIENDSHIP BY DANNY A. LEON TIRADO.


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A good story. Well done.