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A friendship lesson


Carlos was a sociable guy with regular grades at school. One day when Carlos had just entered high school, he saw a not much high guy with short blond color hair and glasses wearing, from his class walking toward his home from school; his name was Claudio and was loading on a huge pile all of his books. Carlos wondered, why would someone bring home all his books on Friday?. Carlos had planned a big weekend (parties and a football game next afternoon), so he just shrugged and continued his way only with his planes on mind.

As Carlos walked, he saw a group of boys running towards Claudio. They threw Claudio's books which he had been carrying and so they pushed him to fall to the ground. His glasses went flying and landed about three meters of Carlo's feet on the mud. Claudio looked up and then Carlos saw a terrible sadness in Claudio's eyes. Carlos heart was turned towards him. Carlos ran towards him and while Claudio was dragging to his glasses, Carlos saw tears in his eyes. While Carlos gave him his glasses, Carlos told him that those guys were really really idiots; they should bother their mother. Claudio looked at him and said: Hey, Thanks! Claudio had a huge smile on his face. It was one of those smiles that showed genuine gratitude. Carlos helped him to pick up his books and asked him where he lived. Claudio lived close to Carlos' house, so Carlos asked him why he had never seen him in the neighborhood. He said he had gone to a private school during the last years (Carlos had never talked with a boy who attended private school).

They were talking on the way home. Carlos found Claudio a very nice guy. So Carlos invited him to play football with him and some friends on Saturday morning and Carlos agreed. They spent the weekend and the more they knew Claudio, the more they were pleased. Carlos' friends thought the same. Monday morning came and found again with Claudio its huge pile of books. Carlos stopped and told him that if he continued carrying those many books he would get very huge muscles. Claudio just laughed and gave him half of books.

Over the next four years, Claudio and Carlos became the best friends.

One day when they went to a party there was a guy who tried to give some cocaine to Claudio. Claudio didn't know much about it, but Carlos was that kind of friend who was always there to help him and he convinced him not to even prove cocaine because it was harmful and it was always troubleful for him; at the beginning you only want to prove it but then you get addicted and have problems with friends, family, school and everything. Claudio was really happy to have found a friend like him and it made their friendship get stronger and stronger during the next school years.

When they were about to leave school and started thinking about college, Claudio chose El Salvador, while Carlos chose the USA.

Carlos knew they would always be friends and that distance would never be a problem. Claudio decided to become a doctor and Carlos got a scholarship to study at business school. It bothered him sometimes that Claudio was a real monster at studying. Even Claudio was selected by Universities and was preparing for the speech of graduation day. Carlos was really glad not to be him who had to move forward and talk. The day of graduation, Claudio really looked fantastic. Suited and even looked good with glasses. Claudio had more appointments than Carlos and all the girls loved him. Well, sometimes Carlos was really jealous of him! And that was one of those days when Claudio was nervous. So Carlos gave him a pat on the back and said, Hey, friend, everything will be right; great! Carlos gave one of those looks (thanks) smiled and said, Thank you! While beginning his speech, cleared his throat and began:

"The Graduation is the time to thank those who helped us to achieve up through these difficult years, our parents, our teachers, our brothers, maybe a coach ... but first of all, friends. I am here to tell you that being a "friend" is the best gift you can give them to anyone. "

I'm going to tell you all a story, said, (Carlos was looking my friend incredulous when told the story of the first day they met). Carlos had planned suicide that weekend. Claudio said that he had emptied his locker for his mother, so she would not have to do it later and was carrying his stuff to the house. Carlos looked at him deeply and Claudio gave him a smile. Thanks God I was saved. My friend saved me from doing the unspeakable. Carlos heard an exclamation from the crowd, while the handsome and popular boy told them about his moment of weakness. Carlos saw Claudio's parents smiling and looking at him gratefully. Until then Carlos had not realized the depth of this. Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person's life. For better or for worse, God made everyone in life to affect others life in some way. Helping them to find God in others.

And remember: "Friends are angels who bring us up when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."


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Commented Jun 30, 2009, 3:39:00 AM
Interesting story. However, who was planning suicide? Carlos or Claudio. I think you need to clear that up a bit.