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A friendship is for life

The Friendship is for Life

Trujillo, is a beautiful city where is developing slowly thank the foreign inversion for that, many young people of different cities decided to study in some universities of this city also that Trujillo is quiet and can have a good quality of life; for other hand, this city is characterized for the warmth of its residents, for consequence is very easy to get used to living here; and as we also know Trujillo is known as capital of culture, and it is very famous around the world.
For other hand, many young people of Talara when finished the school they should decide where travel for studying the university since here there are not any university for that, the parents should get used to the idea that their children live alone in a new city for consequence, they tried to find the best place for that their children can have a good life for the time of the university since they only want the best for the children.


And one of the cases, was the family Lalupú de Lama, which had two children a son that his name is Jorge and is 20 years old and Ximena, a beautiful girl of 18 years, for that the parents should decide where their children will study; his son is studying in the University of Piura, and his career is system engineer; but for other hand Ximena decided study Administration and International business, and this career do not have this university for that, her parent began to find a university whit this career, and the best option was the Private University of North, although the beginning was difficult since they knew that miss her but they knew that will be her welfare and her future, too. However, Ximena knew that she would quickly get used in that city. And she was mistaken since she met many friends in short time that always helped in the difficult situation for example: when she did not understand math, any friend would help; and one of them was Rodolfo who helped a Ximena with good advices when she felt alone and taught math.


One evening, Ximena who is girl of 18 years old; was doing her homework of the university; and suddenly someone call her, the call was from Talara, her natal city; after the call she was very worry and crying, she was impatient since did not know what do because she had informed that Miguel, her father, in this moment had suffered a cardiac arrest for consequence of stress, because he had worked in Petroperu, oil company for 20 years and had had a sedentary life.

In other part, Rodolfo, Ximena´s best friend felt that something was happening, for that he decided call her; and she talked about her problem, in this moment he did not know what should do so, he went to visit to a department for offering his support.
Thank his problem, not only had affect Ximena in a spiritual part, too in a economic part since Miguel, her was father was the only person that support his home, and for consequence Ximena was happened a difficult moments since did not money for paying the university, her department, her food, so her friend, Rodolfo tried to help not only with advices and support in this moment. He talked with his moment. He talked with his parents, Luis and Claudia for giving money and helped in her studies because with this problem she began to lowering her grades and it worried to all friends.


Thank to God and the support of Rodolfo and her other friends she can overcame and her father recovering the health but she learnt that sometimes can be perfect but then can have dark moments, but always can have a good friends like Rodolfo who helped her in this difficult time and she always remember his


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Don Roble

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Very, umm, earthy. You do get to the heart of the matter.
Very, very good.
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I am so loving this; a fabulous chapter.
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Very good. Excellent imagery.