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Submitted Mar 4, 2009, 9:03:50 PM

A Friendly Encounter (Extended)

Stepping in from the cold and kicking the snow off my feet, I look down and notice my tie could use some tightening. It is a dark striped tie matching my blue shirt. Nothing that makes me stand out too much. It says, look at me, notice me, but in no way remember me. My jacket nearly covers the entirety of my shirt but the tie remains exposed.
On my way in, she was working again. Her brown hair is partly covered with a rolled bandanna, and is down and slightly tangled. The bandanna brings out her bright blue eyes. Her maroon and light blue sweater is tight and shows the outline of her thirty four be bra, and is very tight around her stomach.
We exchange a smile and I ask for a coffee. Filling up the cup, I cannot help looking her up and down. She looks good from the back, too. She has no panty line and I get the vibe she is not wearing a thong either. Handing me my coffee our hands touch and she comments on my smell. It is cocoa butter, I am trying something new, I say. She likes it. I think I might stick with this for a while.
Taking a seat in the corner I pick up the book I brought in and pretend to read. Skimming several lines and turning the page every couple of minutes she keeps looking over. I cannot tell if she continues to smile after noticing me because she does not mind, or if it is not the first time she has been in this situation. Eventually, she comes to my table and asks if I would like anything else. I am about to leave, I say, but I could use a blueberry muffin. "We are out of blueberry," she says, "but cinnamon is pretty good."
Glancing back on my way out, her smile is fading and she is wiping a table. Our eyes meet one last time, and as I wave goodbye, she looks somewhat disappointed but muscles a smile.
The fifteen minute drive to work, I am continuously hit with the Spirit of the Staircase, but I will be back tomorrow.


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Commented Mar 5, 2009, 1:33:07 AM
My friend, take this and run with it. I can easily think of three or four different ways I go with this little scene. The possibilities are endless. Your little scene makes this so. it would would be a shame for you to stop here. B)
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Don Roble

Commented Mar 8, 2009, 11:27:53 PM
Skimming several lines and turning the page every couple of minutes she keeps looking over.

Do you mean you notice her looking over? She's not skimming the book. Just a thought.

I like this as an opening. I don't know where you want to go but it starts well enough to get my interest.
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Commented Mar 9, 2009, 11:34:04 AM
Don, I see what you are saying there, I had edited this a few times and was trying to find the write way to say that I wasn't actually reading but was just watching her and she had known
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Commented Sep 24, 2009, 7:55:39 AM
Excellent :)

Please do more.