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A fantasy comes true By Karen Hernandez

A fantasy comes true By Karen Hernandez
once upon a a time, there was a little boy with a big imagination. He was very responsible boy, the best in his school. H e was very anxious, also, he loves to know the unknown. His name was Mike. He was 8 years old. Every night he saw with interest the starts, their movements. He remembered many starts names, and which he didn´t, he put them a name. Mike loves seeing the moon, more when it was new moon. When he saw it by many hours, he believed to saw a man with an ax.
One night, Mike´s mother asks him a question:
-Son every day you see with enthusiastic and by many hours the sky, ¿Why do you like it?
-Mike answered: "Because I would like to fly and go flying to saw the starts. Also, I would like to discover the moon´s secrets. For those reasons, when I grow, I want to be an astronaut."
Mike´s father was a military and for work´s reasons, he was transferred to different places. In one of them, He had to move with all his family to a beautiful and big house.
The house had 2 floors, a basement and it was encircle by many bushes. The climate was hot. At nights, the sky was clear, the starts were so near that when someone went up stairs, they thought that they could touched the moon.
One day, Mike accompanied to his mother to the basement for look cooking pots. Mike was playing with his ball. He threw the ball to the floor, but in a moment, the ball was under big furniture. Mike kneeled and treated to put his hands near the ball, but he didn't imagine that it was so far. He threw to the floor and was dragging slowly. Then, when Mike`s fingers took the ball, it enter in a hole where there was a light. Mike followed the ball. He was advancing and without pain attention, he took the ball and stood up. He realized that he was in another world because it was totally different.
This place was very beautiful with a shining sun and many trees of different colors. Also, blew a pleasant wind. People could listen to the birds singing and in front of him; there was pasture where he wanted to bring down. Then, when Mike observed the view, he took his ball and threw it very far. Mike started looking to the ball, but when he finally found it, he realized that the ball was between the paws of an animal. Mike raised his head and saw a beautiful unicorn. It has white hair and a large horn in its head.
Some minutes later, Mike heard a voice which said: "Hello!"
Mike was surprised and saw around him for know the person who was talking to hem. Then, the unicorn knew mike´s surprise and said again: "Hello! Can you her me?"
Mike realized that the unicorn was the animal who was talking to him.
    -Hi! Who are you? - answered Mike
The unicorn smiled.
-Finally! I achieve it. - The unicorn yelled- I was treating of treating of communicating with many humans, but anybody answered me. Finally, I found you!! What is your name?
Mike was very exiting and answered: "Mi-ke"- stuttering-"And ""yo-u, "" what`s your name?
- The unicorn said: "I don´t have a name."
-So I´m going to call you Jim""said Mike.
The unicorn was very happy and said: "Thanks!"
-    Well, tell me Mike, What are you doing here?-asked the unicorn.
-    I was playing with my ball, and then, I was here. I don't know how to come back to home. Can you help me, Jim?
-    Sure- answered Jim- We are very far for obtain it but I´m going to carry you.
Like this, Mike got on Jim and started their trip.

Jim told Mike: "First, we are going to see the fairies, because they are going to give us a liquid of protection."
After many days, they arrived in the fairies' world. There were a lot of fairies. They were very beautiful. They have light blue wings. Besides, they were very little. The fairies were flying but when they saw Mike and Jim, they were to refuge at their small houses.
Jim and Mike were stood up under a big tree. The fairies saw them by their windows. Them, the fairies understood that they didn´t want to hurt them. So, the fairies went near Mike and Jim and asked them what they want.
Jim told Mike the things that they should make. Next, Mike said the fairies that they were looking a liquid of protection.
Then, a group of fairies went near Mike with a box in their hands. Inside the box there was a shinning powder. The fairies said Mike: "Put the powder in your hands and then in the big leaf".
Mike put the powder in the leaf and it turned in liquid. The fairies said Mike: "If the powder hadn´t converted in liquid, you shouldn´t be the chosen one for pass by a big adventure."
Like this, Mike and Jim crossed roughs and mountains, but one day, they saw shadows very far from them. Those shadows moved very fast. When the shadows were near Mike and Jim, they could saw their faces. The shadows were very ugly.
Jim said Mike: "Take out the knob with water of your pocket and show it to the monsters."
Mike hurried, took put the knob, raised his hand and shows it to the monsters. The monsters stopped by the shinning light which shined in their faces. Immediately, they escaped.
Later, Tim and Mike found to the captain Marcos. He was near his flying boat. His boat was small but very fast.
Jim told Mike that they needed a dragon ´egg, but Jim didn´t know how to found it. So the captain made a plan.
    -The captain said: "If we fly around the clouds where there are bad souls, they can hurt us. For these reasons, we are going to fly very fast. Then, the souls are going to scared to the dragon. In that moment, you can take the dragon´s egg."
One day later, they started their plan. The y were very scared because they passed by a serious danger, but at the final they did it. They were so happy. However, next of that adventured, there was another one which was the last one.
Jim said: "We could pass the trips by land and wind. Now, our last trip is by sea."
Like this, they continued their trip. They crossed deserts and storms. They slept in caves to survive. Later, they arrived to the shore sea where found Silver, the dolphin, very far from them.
Next of walked for a long time, Jim mooing and Mike whistling, Silver appear. Silver went near Jim and Mike jumping very fast. He was so happy to saw Jim, his friend.
-    Jin told Silver the situation of Mike. Jim said Silver: "Mike have to do his last stage for come back to his home. So, He needs to enter to the sea and find the diamond which is in an oyster. However, there is a big shark looking after it. For those reasons, we need your help!"
They had a big problem. The shark could eat them together. Immediately, Silver thought in his friend the mermaid who could help them to get the diamond.
Silver whistled and whistled, and finally the mermaid appeared. Silver told her about Mike and Jim situation. She said that she knew what to do for entertain to the shark but she didn´t know where the oyster was.
-Jim said: "No problem! I know exactly where it is, but the oyster is delighted. Only a human person can open it and take the diamond."
-The mermaid said: "My friend Silver can whist, also my friends, the mermaids can dance and sing. If we do it together, we could distract to the shark. Besides, in that moment, Mike and Jim have to find and take the diamond."
Everything was according to the plan. The shark was distracted. However, in a second, the shark heard a little noise. He turned over and saw Mike opening the oyster.
The shark swam very fast to Mike. Mike was totally sacred and stiffed. So, Jim put in front of the shark, without thought about it.
Unreliable, the shark saw Jim and escaped so scared because he never saw an animal as it in the sea.
Thus, Mike could obtain the diamond.
Then of obtained the 3 important pieces. They went to the shore sea. They made a small pit in the sand. First, Silver broke the dragon´s egg, then, the mermaid put the liquid and finally Mike threw the diamond. They waited some minutes for mixed them. Later, Jim put his horn in the mixing and formed a doorway by where Mike could come back to his world.
Everybody said goodbye. In one hand, they were very sad but, in the other hand, they were happy for obtained what they wanted.
Finally, Mike came back to his home; next of many years, Mike´s dream came true. He turned in an astronaut. He knew different worlds as he made when he was a little boy.



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Commented Oct 14, 2009, 1:05:47 AM
This is a nice story. It needs a little cleaning, and you could use some more spaceing between paragraphs.
Nicely done.