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A Family Weekend by Maria fernanda Rodas

A Family Weekend

Mr. and Mss Carter lived in the midst of a big city. The first thing they saw when they woke up was a huge advertisement for toothpaste that hid the morning sky. Their daily routine was simple: wake up at eight, breakfast, leave his only child, Natasha, at school, go to work in an office block, leave the three, pick up Natasha and spend the whole afternoon at home.

But that was not going to happen on that Saturday.

That day was not an ordinary one; it was the first Saturday of the month. And the first Saturday of every month Mr. and Mss. Carter used to do a family reunion in a cabin in the woods. They considered it a "retreat to purify the soul in the company of family"

Natasha not quite agree with those meetings. Natasha was twelve years old but very mature for her age and for that reason, every time she went to the meetings she was bored to death because his cousins were much younger than her and very uninteresting.

Natasha begged, cried and pleaded, but she could not prevent the inevitable. On Saturday, clad in jeans and a striped gray coat, very timely she went downstairs to meet her parents.

With a sigh she got into the gray truck and didn't retire her view from the window the whole trip. As his parents talked about big issues, Natasha just watched the lush trees that surrounded them soon. The only thing to dream of the meetings was playing in the middle of the woods full of harmless animals and roll in the leaves falling from trees.

With a scream, the van stopped at a large wooden house. There were several cars around the house. Natasha took her backpack and followed the little stone path leading toward the front door.

She touched the door with his knuckles and his parents hope to come closer. Almost immediately, a fat lady opened it.

- Nathy! John, Rhonda! Welcome! Come in; come in -exclaimed Aunt Daphne. Stepping aside to make a way for the Carter family.

Natasha could not enter without getting a hug from her aunt. She rubbed his neck before meeting with her relatives.

Natasha had to say hello to several of his uncles and aunts who, seeing her, made exclamations such as:
- How great you are!


- You are very pretty, dear!

Natasha squinted and realized that the quickest way to get rid of his family without being bad was going to see her bored cousins.

Aunt Daphne, to deduce what he was doing, stopped talking with Mr. Carter and said:

-Jessica Arnold and Drake are playing in the second room of the hall to the right.

Natasha nodded.

-Thanks, aunt.

She left her backpack on a chair and opened the door to the hallway.

It was a very small and rustic cabin that only had three rooms: the living room, the kitchen and a bedroom with a big bed. Natasha opened the door of the room she had indicated her aunt (and which knew well) and put his head.
She saw her cousins of nine years playing with some small cars. She narrowed her eyes and felt like an outsider in that scene so childish. He closed the door softly and sat on the floor, trying to stifle tears.
She felt that she didn't belong there. She felt like an outsider in the midst of so much love and friendship. What Natasha but wanted a place where she could belong.
A place where her friends heard her and her opinions were taken into account.
She dried the tears that had escaped from her eyes and stood up. She crossed the hallway and escaped through the back door without telling anyone where she went.
She started to run without knowing very well where it was headed. She just wanted to be away from there. She wanted to stop pretending that she felt good to be surrounded by her family. She just wanted to get away from a world that did not belong, just wanted to go into their world.

Suddenly she stumbled over a stone and began to roll on the floor full of leaves. Natasha shrieked with pain but could do nothing to stop his fall. She felt as he scraped knees like twigs and they cut his arms slightly.
She hit a tree and left to ride. She coughed like crazy and tried to examine her body.
Her jeans were dirty and torn at the knees and had one or two small cuts on her wrist. She removed the leaves from her hair and lift hard.

She was facing a large cave in a navy blue polish. The cave was surrounded by trees and shrubs.

- Are you okay? -Cried a worried voice, helping her out.

-I think so -Natasha said vaguely.

-That was an ugly fall -said the girl, shaking her clothes - Are you sure you're okay?

-I'm fine -said Natasha more safely.

The girl smiled.

-By the way, I'm Arezia. You must be Natasha.

- How do you know my name?

-Oh, all my people know it -responded as if nothing- Best said. All our people know that.
-Well ...- Natasha swallowed- And who are our people?

-Magicians -she exclaimed, surprised - Your parents never talked to you about who you were?

- My parents are ;? - Magicians? Arezia had to be crazy. Though her appearance did not seem like a crazy's she should be.

Arezia was very tall, appeared to be about thirteen or fourteen. Her eyes were green like the leaves of trees and his hair was jet black. She wore a thin dress black and white stripes and a necklace with a stone as big and bright as a diamond around her neck.

-Sure- rolling her eyes blank - I mean, your parents are not witches. King Willinfred gave you to those humans to take care of you. You're a witch with great power and you are destined to save us.

It was too much for Natasha who closed his eyes and saw all black.

- Is she right? -asked a female voice.

-Yes, dear -answered another voice- You've accomplished your mission. You can go and rest.

-But mom ... I want to stay to see if Natasha will be fine.

-Arezia -answered another voice, cutting. - I know well enough how to heal people, so please go back to your room.

There was a bang and a sigh.

-I will punish her -a male voice mumble.

-Leave her, she is entitled to be angry -replied the other voice and Natasha felt like the woman touched her forehead ""She is much better. I hope she has recovered from the shock.

Natasha was lying on a small wooden bed but with a feather mattress quite comfortable. She stretched and sat on the pillow. She opened his eyes and looked around.

A woman with thick black hair and green eyes looked at her with concern. At her side was a bold man with glasses.

-Natasha? Honey, are you okay?

It had been asked to her that many times throughout the day.

-Yes -she said- It was nothing serious.

-I hope so "" the woman said with a conciliatory smile -Well, are you hungry?

All Natasha wanted was to know what was happening.

-Where am I?

-Oh, I thought Arezia had explained everything to you. We are in Razherthän. The world of the magicians.

- How did I get here?

-The cave in which Arezia was, is the gateway to our world -she said softly- I couldn't go to help you because, for some strange reason, adults do not have access to your world.

Natasha swallowed. That was not happening. It must be a dream.

-Those are basic things, dear Natasha.

-Who are you?

-Forget introduce myself -she admitted with some embarrassment ""I'm Desireh Robins.

-A pleasure, Mrs. Robins. Now can you explain me what do you expect from me?.

-The King will take care of that, darling.

- Do magicians have a king?

-Of course dear, now stand up. Carefully "" Desireh commented while helping to lift Natasha.

The bold man approached them.

"I'm Daniel Robins. I will help Des to carry you to the king.

-A pleasure "" Natasha said.

Desireh and Daniel left the room escorting Natasha.

When they were about to leave that small house, a shadow appeared.

-I want to go ""Arezia announced.

-You know you can't -Desireh said, wearily.

-But mother...

-You heard your mother, little girl -replied Daniel- And do not give me another excuse to punish you.

-I think Arezia should go -Natasha said shyly- She helped me with the fall.

Arezia gave her a look of gratitude and looked her parents, triumphant.

- Would you say no to the chosen?

-Okay, come with us -Desireh said, defeated "" But behave well in front of the king or you will pay dearly.

-Well -mumbled Arezia.

Natasha looked shyly to the family and was isolated as they walked the streets of Razherthän.

 It was a very medieval city. The houses were made of carved stone and several people with simple costumes worn path by simple spells.
Natasha fascinated look like a man lifting a stone to just stare.

-I will take a while to master the magic very well -commented Arezia- Only the king Willinfred has a total and complete domination of it, and it took years of practice.

Natasha was saddened.

- Is this all true? - Natasha asked "" I mean ... that I am a witch.

-As surely as the sky is blue -Arezia said.

-Why did you call me "chosen"? Does it have to do with what you said in the cave?

-Something like that. What happens is that adults know nothing about their shortcomings -Arezia's voice was a whisper now- They do not know anything about your world. Only a few like mom and dad.

>> A prophecy says that one of us will find that out and will try to use children (the only ones who can enter) to force them to tell him the secret and use it for evil. This same prophecy says you will save us from that wizard and put him in Phaterethän.

- Phaterethän?

-A kind of hell, only to wizards -Arezia answered gloomily.

Natasha shocked and saw a woman melting a large block of ice with the palm of her hand.

- Do you know when the prophecy will be fulfilled?

-According to astronomers, should be at this time - she said nervously -Because you're here and you know who you are.

- How do you know this?

She rolled his eyes.

"We did not meet in the cave by accident. According to the king, I was destined to meet and be with you until...

- Until?
-Until death separates our destinies, Natasha Carter.

It reminded her of a couple promising to look after one another.

-I wish I could stay here forever -muttered Natasha. She felt she belong to that place.

-If everything ends as I expect you will, I promise ""Arezia said with a kind smile.

They had advanced to a hill on which stood a magnificent and splendid castle.

-Over here, girls -Daniel said, pointing to some stairs.

-Be Careful -said Desireh clinging to the rock of the hill.

-Don't worry -Natasha exclaimed -I used to go to climbing classes with my parents.

It was depressing to think about her parents. What would her do when she returned to the world of humans?

If she returned.

Natasha turned away the thought of his head and up the steps of the hill without falling.

-We are almost there ""Desireh said.

Suddenly, the rocky terrain gave way to lush vegetation and beautiful.

Natasha blinking, dazzled, and followed Arezia and their parents through a small cave that hid the royal palace.

Natasha almost slid by distraction.

-Relax -Arezia said, holding her strong. She was beginning to take a liking to this little innocent girl ""Everything will be okay.

-You promise?

-I do.

And they follow Arezia's parents to fulfill their destinies.


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Commented Jul 22, 2015, 7:35:05 AM
That was so scary I got goose bumps now. I hope I don't get a Alter Ego since I enjoy be alone.
Anyway need to do some editing with quotation but it's really nice work.
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Don Roble

Commented Jul 23, 2015, 5:39:53 PM
You need to leave a space between paragraphs here. It's too hard to read with no indents.
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I agree with Don. Plus, you need to do some editing.

Now, this is a very good story. The ending has a nice twist. I would clean it up a bit.