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Submitted Nov 10, 2009, 4:01:19 PM

A Fairy-tale type story with reversed roles? (female fighter and male

OK so this all seems a bit strange, right? Before you rate the prolouge take some time to read the explaination of the story.
Main Characters:
Young boy.
A leading figure in the local chruch, highly influencial in the town and head of the orphanige.
A giantess. Now I know what your thinking. Giantess? Well it was the only way I could think of of having a strong woman like the story needed and for it to have any real meaning. It's set in stone now so don't complain. Please bear with me as she will become integral to the story.
So here's the plot I came up with:
There is a small town in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains. In the town there is an orphanige where there is a small boy. He has suffered lots of abuse here and soseeksto get away. He is too young to understand anything the adults are saying and knows nothing about the giantess hiding in the mountains. He wishes to fend to for himself or at least find somewhere he can stay where he is treated as a friend and not an object or a slave.The giantess fill this dream perfectly since he can really relate to her but also because she proctects him and despite her blaitent superiory does not abuse he huge size; treating him like a fragile vase thoughout the story.
Now, the head of the orphanige is important because he is a high profile figure in the community and so has a lot of influence. He was the first person to meet with the giantess and since has preeched hate about her forcing people to beleive that she is a wicked fiend when actually she is rather docile.
The giantess really wants to get to know the people of the isolated town but has always been driven away by them. She oftern cries, wishing she had someone to keep her company since she is very lonley.
The boy plays the part of the 'damsel in ditress' since he is captured by the head of the orphanige and taken back; (but also a 'whistle blower' if you will) because he encourages the people to see reason on the matter at hand..
The head of the orphanige plays the part of the 'wicked witch' since he is the reason the giantess is seen as a wicked fiend and because he atempts to seperate the two, now best friends. He soon discovers that exosicms do not work on the giantess since she is so pure, so warmhearted - angelic even; and not possesed at all. The people of the town soon wake up to what he has done owing to the web lies and consperisies he has fabricated so let the giantess make short work of him in the end.
And, finally, the giantess plays the part of 'the knight in shining armour' as her prodound love for him eventuality grows into an unbrekable bond resulting in her risking life and limb to save the boy. Right from the start she takes a shine to the boy, protecting him from wild animals, because of his lionheart that drove hm to get to know her and this is a major factor eventualy leads to the head of the orphaniges' humiliating demise.
Ovbiously everyone will live happily ever after but all in good time.

And finally here's the prolouge:

In a land far away there are two people. One a small boy and the other a young giantess. They could not be so physically different - the giantess, with her long blonde silky smooth hair, luscious red lips, utopian figure and robust body. And the boy; a poor orphan, with no where to go and nothing to look forward too, he has short brown hair, big gleaming almost sapphire like eyes. Yet, these two could not be more similar.

The giantess is greatly feared by the townspeople near to the mountains where she chooses to reside. They fear her supposed wrath; scared she might enslave them or even destroy the town. Ironically though the people hadn't a reason to be afraid because actually given a chance the giantess can be quite docile and very friendly. These selfish people know not of harmony and this has driven them into disbelief, banishing her, protecting the town with their very lives every time she makes an appearance, so, they work on the notion never to venture into the mountains on the horizon. She is rather young too about ten years older than the boy; so like the boy is only a mere child herself technically - although more of a mature young adult and like the boy has no parents.

The boy, however, is quite shabby when compared to the apparent ritzy splendor of the giantess. Though he, like the giantess has suffered abuse by evil people with rigid, conservative attitudes. He is still too young to know hate.He does not know about the giantess but cruelty at the orphanage where the boy lives has led him to want to run away from the safety of the town.

They do not know it but soon the paths will cross and great things will happen resulting from their brave actions. Destiny will prevail.

What do you guys think of this storyline idea? Me? I just wanted to experiment and try something new.


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Commented Nov 12, 2009, 1:29:33 PM
Interesting; write it up, and lets see where it goes.
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Commented Nov 13, 2009, 1:10:56 AM
Oops! I read the story already. See my comments! Sorry.