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Submitted Oct 19, 2009, 4:56:41 PM

A Dreamer's Shop

Written by Alexander Treboun


I squandered some time in front of the food kiosk, before the sales lady served. She was descrepit and her hair was dreary. Her creases on the forehead were there to stay. It looked like she'd frowned on everything you'd said.

I ordered two fresh salmon's and proceeded them in the fair colored, wooden basket of mine.

I decided to step in a skerry shop on the edge of the street. It was interesting looking. The entire outer wall was painted in vibrant red and it was ornated with darker shreds of leather skirt. In the middle there was a golden print of letter "R" hand-drawn, or so I gathered. It was still - fresh - wet and taste. The scent wasn't inviting.

But the colors were.

The exterior gave nothing about intentions of shopping. I wandered in, now curious.

The interior was even more amazing. Everything was dyed with red and gold. Red sleeves, red blankets, red table decorations, golden ceiling ornaments and mirrors. A lot of mirrors.

I freezed on the entrance from the shock. I was shocked. Mirror's were distracting. Nothing about this shop told about their selling points. I was much more curious now.

How weird can a shop go?

I stepped myself deeper into this uncharted area, slowly and gently stepping my legs, so no sound could be heard. It surprised me that there was nobody inside.
I began to inhale to scream for attention, if by surprise, somebody who didn't hear me enter -hopefully- would come soon. This place began to turn haunting.

But before I could gather some air in my lungs, I was interrupted from behind.

"Hello" The voice said kindly. I flinched to the point where my breathing came uneven. I took me a moment to go back to my default procedure of hale ventilation.

"Oh, So sorry," It said, sounding amused. "if I indeed, scared you."

I turned around to see who it was. And it was a boy in red straightened dressed with golden lanes on both side of his torso.

His pale face looked innocent and amused. His skin looked sleek with no errors in his features. He was a teen, and from the looks of it, he hasn't entered puberty.
His face looked too smooth for an older male.

"Umm..." I started, stealing away from my thoughts. "I am curious, what kind of shop is this?"

He grinned. "This is a private subscription tavern."

I frowned my forehead. "Tavern?" This didn't look like a tavern. Too much fashion. "And what do you do in here?"

"Our customers order things and we deliver them" He explained as he walked to a table, that looked like a counter. He took something in his hands from the counter. It seemed to me like a paper or something.

"What kind of things?" i interrogated him.

"Well it something they desire." He said, surreptitiously. Still no single cue about their selling point.

I tried to hide my smile. I felt silly. This was kind of awkward. He seemed to gather something form my expression, since he began to unfold more, more clues.

"Well, think, what do you desire now?" He said for paradigm's sake.

I wasn't on the same wagon as he was. "Desire?"

He frowned expentantly. He grinned again. "Yeah, like, what would like to have...this moment, fore example. Something extra-ordinary."

I thought for a minute. Ice-cream would be nice. "Ice-cream. Cold, rare that tastes like, beyond the imagination." I decided to play along.

"Well you ordet this super-delicious ice-cream and we'll deliver it to you" He gestured his hand behind me. It made me turn around.

He walked behind the red curtains and came back with a package that looked like a birthday present. It was all red with golden strings.

He ripped the papers out and handed me a box with no pictures.

"Imagine it" He whispered as he handed the box.

I couldn't but follow with curiousity. I pictured the ice-cream. Milky white with coconuts, chocolate cone, unimaginable taste. Amazing scent of some sort.

I closed my eyes as I opened the box.

And there it was. My dreadful ice-cream. Just like I imagined it. But the scent...

 Was beyond anything I've sniffed before. It was simply mouth-watering.
Suddenly the boy in reds shut the box down in front of my eyes.

"For you to get it, you must pay" he said gingerly.

I woke up from a dream. Or the music stopped singing as he shut the box.

I don't know.

But I knew what they did here.

They actualise your largest dreams here. Pretend....

You wish something....

And have it. :D


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Commented Mar 30, 2015, 1:52:25 AM
I really enjoyed the concept and some of your comparative choices. Keep posting! :)
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Commented Mar 30, 2015, 11:25:40 AM
Very good. A nice slice of life.