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Submitted Mar 20, 2010, 2:45:35 AM

A criminal's mind part1

Adam Winchester

Fool, he couldn't begin to grasp the philosophy of my creation.

'This is art. Mine.' I said, raising my head to face him. He held my gaze. 'I destroy and deform, thus giving birth to a new and wholly different individual. Like a sculptor. He has to wound the stone, has to shatter it to carve his piece out of it. But when stone is a material, solid matter, human soul, mind or nature are different. You can't reach out and tie them down to work on them. You can't grasp them in any physical way. Each of them are beautifully unique, and untouchable. Like the autumn wind on a cool evening. It touches you but you can't touch it.' My mouth twisted into a pleasant smile.' So I had to find a way to reach the mind and soul of a human being. I had to find a way to tie them down on the workbench until I carved them to my liking, through the body and the heart. Pain, torture, despair, sadness, insanity. Loss. I stripped them of defenses and made them into a new art piece of mine. Their thoughts, feelings, what and how they do, it all belongs to me. I made them think, feel, act the way they do now. I destroyed and deformed their whole existence and created something new.'

Sheer horror and disgust sat upon the man's face.

Like I said..,

He couldn't begin to understand the beauty of my art.


Two nights later I was alone in the cell they locked me in. I stared at the white pills in my palm just for a minute before swallowing all of them.

I sat on the bad mockery of a bed, and waited.

The air felt damp and heavy in my lungs. I could smell dirt, damp and rusted metal. Only the cold of the bars against my temple and shoulder felt pleasant.

I lay down on the rough blanket and closed my eyes.

It's done finally.

My masterpiece will be complete by the next sunrise, when they'll find my body cold, and lifeless.


They will remember me, those children. They will remember what I had done. I burned a brand into their very soul, so they can never be the same again.

Forever my creation, forever my work of art, signed with blazing letters.

Mine, for the last dim moment of their lives.


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Commented Jul 7, 2011, 11:18:30 AM
Funny, and quite original.

Well done Elkie - but take a look at the spelling mistake in the second line.

You'll see it.
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Commented Jul 15, 2011, 12:45:58 AM
Very funny! Good job!