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Submitted Feb 15, 2015, 11:06:35 AM

A Cracked Case Solved

A Cracked Case Solved
(A Rocci Raccoon File)

A re-post as a point of reference for another more resent rhyme

Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall,
But was his fall an accident at all?

It was said in hushed whispers, there was something that stunk,
But that turned out to be Pepe La Pew; La Pew was a skunk.

A howl too was heard, just moments before,
Followed by the bang, of a slamming door.

The police searched the crime scene, gathering evidence and clues.
When asked about suspects, they gave out no news.

Humpty was in the hospital, under intensive care.
His shell cracked open; his yoke lay bare.

Doctor Doolittle work tirelessly, well into the night.
He wrapped Humpty with Duct tape. What a pitiful looking sight.

Yet the tape seemed to help and Humpty opened his eyes.
The Big egg's recovery, a complete surprise.

The police question Mr. Dumpty, "Can you tell us your tale?"
"I think it was Jack and Jill," he said, "for I was hit with their pail."

Stunned were the police, for they knew Jack and Jill.
They assumed they were at home, or maybe up the hill.

Unconscious and tied up, both were found around noon.
In the grass on the hill were a dish and a spoon.

Their pail, it was missing, of that we all know.
Having been used on Humpty's head, striking a great blow.

The kids were thus questioned. "What happened to you two?"
"It was some boy." They guessed unsure. "Maybe Little Boy Blue."

Boy Blue, the cops found, in his room playing his horn.
Earlier he'd been with The Three Little Pigs eating corn.

The detective in charge, his name, Rocci Raccoon,
Considered all the evidence, like The Dish and The Spoon.

Hmm, he then wondered. Was that sound heard a howl?
Or, had it been a fake howl? A fake howl from a cow?

The kids had an alibi. They were both squarely tied up.
Boy Blue wasn't at fault. He was with three pigs having Supp'.

Back to Humpty, Rocci went. "Are you sure who you saw?"
"Well, maybe not exactly, for I'd taken a great fall."

"Tell me more," prodded the raccoon. "Anything that you can."
"I saw two shapes," said the egg. One holding a ham, the other a pan."

So who, Rocci pondered. Who likes eggs with their ham?
He could only think of one. That was Sam I Am.

An APB was put out, and our Sam was thus found.
He was caught with a Laughing Little Dog, sitting by, on the ground.

It seems he had an accomplice, for there too was The Cow.
With nineteen boxes of Moon Pies, the cow more like a sow.

"Why'd you do it?" asked Rocci. "Try to pull off your scam."
Sam sadly replied, "Because I like eggs with my ham."

The moral of this story... Well, I can't think of one.
This rhyme seems to be over. Yes, I think it is now done.


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Commented Feb 16, 2015, 8:03:18 AM
This was great. It made me want to try my hand at rhyming, haha! The only thing that I was certain was, was it over all American icons, ('Doolittle', Pepe Le Pew, Moon pies) or was it just supposed to be fairy tale characters? Other than that, they flow and structure was great.
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Commented Feb 16, 2015, 8:21:10 AM
My work is kind of all over the place. I tend to let my mind leap outside the box from time to time. You can sometimes come up with some good ideas that way. If you'd seen some of my earlier work you'd know what I mean. As a challenge give this rhyming stuff a try. I'd love to read what you can come up with. I never thought in a million years that I'd be writing rhymes and poems; yet I am.
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Commented Feb 17, 2015, 7:00:59 PM
It was hard at first to get in the flow, but in the end this was very entertaining. You have talent, sir.
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Commented Feb 18, 2015, 8:54:13 PM
Thanks Darkfire. I'm glad you liked it.
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Commented Feb 22, 2015, 6:33:06 PM
lol Never, ever lose that sense of humor, Pirate.
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Commented Mar 1, 2015, 2:01:27 AM
:) If I haven't lost it yet, I'll never loose it