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A Cloudy Wish by Kevin Argomedo

Once upon a time, there was a frog which name was Froggy, one day Froggy was looking for some plants in the tadpole reserve when a strong storm started.
-    I hope to be safe at home
Suddenly, something fell down from the cloud, it was a little baby, with a name on his honeycomb; it was Mallow. Froggy saw him so cute and decided to adopt him in the Tadpole reserve.
Ten years from the accident, Froggy was scared about Mallow, because all of his feelings were related with the weather, when he was sad and started to cry, the weather changed into a rainy one; however, when he was happy, the weather changed into a sunny one. Scared for these events, one day Froggy called Mallow.
-    Mallow, you know how much I do love you, but there is something that I have to tell you.
-    What's wrong dad? "" Mallow asked "" just tell me.
-    What I'm trying to tell you is ; I'm not your dad.
-    ;
Froggy started to narrow Mallow his story, but apparently he didn't listen to him, he was petrified, since that moment, every night he started wondering about whom would be his parents. One day he couldn't take it anymore and decided to find them; he woke up early and prepared the breakfast for his dad, next to the breakfast he left a note:
"I'm sorry daddy, after what you told me, I can't stop wondering who my true family is, so I'm going out to look for them; please, pray for me when you remember me.
Loves you,
And he left home, that day he went to the country and met a carpenter, Mallow helped him because the carpenter gave him food and a place where to sleep, the next day he started his trip again, and it continued by helping many people, up to the moment he knew a farmer, Mallow helped the farmer to feed his animals and the farmer said.
-    Look, I have got some seeds, these seeds are very special, and I think you worth one.
-    Thank you sir.
-    Don't forget to water it!
That afternoon, Mallow sowed the seed and watered it. That night, he was looking through the window, when a wishing star passed; he saw the star and said.
-    Please wish star, let me meet with my parents.
After those words, something very curious happened.

-    Is this an earthquake? Why the earth is shaking so much?
Mallow was very scared, he saw through the window and anything else was moving, he left the house and saw that the thing that was provoking the shaking was his ex- little plant, it grew very high, and a voice inside the plant said:
-    Climb me
Mallow felt hypnotized and started climbing the giant plant, when he was climbing it, sometimes he felt thirsty, sometimes hungry, but he never gave up because he felt his dream would come true, the next afternoon, he noticed that he had reached the top of the plant, when he was there he saw a big door with a sign above it:
-    "Cloud Kingdom"
When he entered he realized that those people looked like him, but no one knew who he was, until he got desperate and started to cry, and it began raining.
Everyone was looking at him; they were saying many things like:
-    Would it be possible?
-    The prince has been found?
-    It is possible, no one else than the royalty can do those things.
-    Hey guy, what's your name?
Mallow, a little scared answered
-    My name is Mallow.
No one said anything; one old guy took Mallow and asked him:
-    How old are you?
-    I'm ten
Suddenly, two tall men took Mallow and putted him on a Nobocar and took him to the Palace, there were two people waiting for him, one was Mr. Nobo, and the other was Ms. Weatheria; both saw Mallow and hugged him. Mallow was still confused, he escaped and asked:
-    Why are you hugging me? Who are you?
The man said:
-    I'm sorry, let me introduce myself, I'm Mr. Nobo and she is my wife, Ms. Weatheria, we both are sovereigns of this kingdom, and you must be Mallow, don't you?
A little frighten, Mallow answered:
-    Yes, I am.
-    Believe it or not, Mallow you are our son.
-    I'm not your kid, and if so; why did you forget about me?
Ms. Weatheria came closer to Mallow and said:
-    We never left you, one day, we were so happy to have you with us that we decided to forget about our work in the palace and take a trip, but in the trip, you started to cry, you were very angry and started a storm with your behavior, the Nobocar started shaking and you fell over.
-    ;
-    ;
On Mallow's mind everything made sense, that was the reason of why Froggy adopted him, the reason of his difference with the others tadpoles, the reason of the similitude of him with the people on that kingdom, it was his true home.
With some kind effort he hugged his parents and told them how much he wanted to meet them their parents asked him to stay in th kingdom, and Mallow accepted.
That afternoon, Mallowed realized about his true dad and went to see to Mr. Nobo:
-    Mr. Nobo (I can't tell you dad), would it be possible to let Froggy, the frog that took care of me since I was a baby, live here with us, with me?.
-    I'm so sorry to tell you this son, but we can't. your friend Froggy has to live where he is, because if we go down, we could disappear because our bodies are not resistant.
-     I understand, ;;;., wait, if that's true, how could I live there?
-    ;., that's a good point.
-    I know how
Ms. Weatheria said.
-    You were exposed too much to the close earth that it doesn't affect to you, so you can use the Nobo car and visit him whenever you want, but be sure to tell him not to say where our kingdom is.
-    OK, thank you, mom.
A tear slipped on Ms. Weatheria's face.
Since then, Mallow started visiting Froggy and his real parents, up to the moment he became the King and decided to share experiences with the beings that are down of the clouds, such his friends from the Tadpole and Froggy.
Mallow lived happily forever and ever.


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Rain Rider

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I enjoyed reading it. The story was interesting and flowed along well.
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Rain Rider

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Welcome :)
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Sad imagery in this, but it's well written. Definitely from the heart, you bring out your own voice in this really well.
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Superb. Nicely done.