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A Change Of Heart Chapter 6

Carter smiled and walked away. Grey Wolf turned and watched Carter leave, so Grey Wolf ran towards him to catch up.
"Is she still there," asked Grey Wolf?

"Yes come on, they'll be happy to see ya again," said Carter.

So they walked through the forest and saw the cabin, Mary was sitting outside on the porch. Then she saw Carter and Grey Wolf, she got up and ran and jumped in Grey Wolfs arms, they hugged and then he put her down.
"I thought you'd never come back," said Mary.

"I told you I would come and see you soon," said Grey Wolf.
Carries parents came out and smiled and invited him inside. He stayed and ate. When they were finished Carrie and Grey Wolf went outside.

"Come on, I want you to see my village up close," said Grey Wolf.

"Mom Grey Wolf is going to take me to his village, may I go," asked Carrie?

"Yes, you to be careful," said Mom.

So Grey Wolf took Mary to his village, when they arrived, Black Bear greeted her with a smile.
"Welcome," said Black Bear.

"Thank you," smiled Carrie.

"So this is my home," said Grey Wolf.

"It's beautiful and big," smiled Carrie looking around.

As Carrie was looking around, this one warrior was staring at Carrie full of hatred and anger.
"That man doesn't seem to like me being here," worried Carrie.

"Stay away from him, he don't care much for the pale faces, but don't worry, he won't come near you as along as I am standing here," said Grey Wolf.

"Why, is he afraid," asked Carrie?

"No, he knows what I can do to him, see that scar across his chest," asked Grey Wolf.

"Yes," said Carrie.

"I cut him with my knife, we got into a bad fight," said Grey Wolf.

"Oh," said Carrie still afraid.

"Come on, I'll take you home," said Grey Wolf.
So he walked her back home. He walked her up to her porch and smiled. He reached over and stroked her dirty blonde hair putting it behind her ear, then they kissed.
"Goodbye," said Grey Wolf walking off the porch.

"Goodbye," Carrie smiled and closed the door.

It started getting late, so everybody went to bed. It started raining, a bad storm swept through the village and on the sea. Cortez and his crew were on the sea during that bad storm. It was rocking the ship and water splashed on deck, men were shouting and pulling on ropes and tying things down.
Then the sail ripped, everybody quickly ran towards the sail, and started pulling tight on more ropes, then the ship hit a boulder underneath, there was a hole at the bottom of the ship and it started to sink and fill up with water. All the men jumped out, some stayed on the ship as it was sinking, as some men started to jump off the ship they drowned because as they jumped they didn't jump far enough away from the sinking ship, they couldn't swim gas enough to get away, so they drowned.
Cortez quickly swam towards a board that came off the ship and got on top of it and sat on it. He looked around in the dark and couldn't see where he was at or what might be in front of him.
Next morning a little Indian boy and a girl were playing in the white sand when the little girl pointed out to the sea. The boy was being brave for the little girl, he stood and waited. It was Cortez, laying across the board. The boy told the little girl to run and get the warriors. So she ran, the little boy pulled the man onto shore just enough to get his head away from the water.
The little girl tugged on Black Bears hair and pointed. Black Bear went with the girl and ran towards the little boy to help him. Grey Wolf walked that way as we'll.
"It's Cortez," said Black Bear.

"He hardly had any meat on his bones," said Grey Wolf.

"Come on, help me walk him over to our home," asked Black Bear?

"Why, he wouldn't do that to us, he would have left, why should I help a white eye," asked Grey Wolf?

"Look, he needs help, I am taking him," said Black Bear throwing Cortez on his back.

"But," said Grey Wolf.

"Once he recovers he will see how we truly are, he will see how we take care of one another, we will no longer be hated, we will show him we are not savages they call us, he does not have to be afraid of us," Black Bear laying him down in his home.

"What, where am I," asked Cortez?

"Your safe, bring me some water and food," asked Black Bear?

"What happened to your men," asked the Chief.

"They all drowned, the ship started sinking in the storm last night, I'm the only surviver, even though I should have went down with my ship," said Cortez.

Grey Wolf opened the flap to let the woman with food and water come inside.

"Here drink this, slowly," said Black Bear.

"Thank you," said Cortez.

"You will stay with us until you feel better, and then you can leave or stay. You will also see that your people do not need to fear us, we are all equal," said Black Bear.

"Thank you again, when I thought I was a goner, I got to thinking, the indigenous people are human beings like me, they also have wives , children, grandchildren, pets, houses and that we are all the same just different works, will you forgive a bad man, for my eyes are now opened, my people should truly see how you really are and your hospitality," said Cortez.

"Yes, we do everything you do, provide for family's, teach our children, help them to become men and women, tell them stories," said Black Bear.

"We will leave you here to rest," said Grey Wolf going outside.

So they went outside and ate a little and played with the children.
Cortez healed, he never did go back to England, they adopted him into there nation, he had a change of heart about the indigenous people and how he saw them, that they were not devils, but good people. They tell good stories as we'll.

"I wish it was that way long ago, where the Indians and Whites lived side by side and not have to worry about anything.

I always ask my adopted dad why? Why did they not want to, or even try to live together? My dad said, "it was greed that killed the whites and Indians." My dad is a white man, but down the line he is Cherokee, Blackfoot, very little Irish and very little German. He also said, "the Whites wanted to take the land and not share it with anybody, including the Indians, even though the land was for everybody not just one, also the Government."

I asked my grandpa who is a white man but has Cherokee in him, he is also a Apostolic Holy Ghost filled man. I asked him weren't the Indians here first? He said, "no, the twelve tribes of Israel, they migrated to Alaska, They became the Eskimos, Inuits, etc. then they started to migrate to America they also became what we know has the Kiowa, Apache, Lakota, Dakota, Yankton, Cheyenne, Cherokee, Aztec, Mayans, Navajo, Mohicans, Mohawks,
Mescalero Apache, Kiowa Apache, Inca's, Chiracha Apache etc."

I tried to read the book Battle of Wounded Knee (B.M.H.A.W.K.), but I couldn't it just made me cry, I opened the book barley got on the second page i started crying, so I gave it back to the library. I especially get sensitive about African Americans, what the whites did to them in Africa, killing there children and families. I don't understand how people can kill people despite what color they are, how they speak, or dress, they still do it today, but it's all signs of the end times. Everything that's happening right now, is how it says in the bible. People killing there children, mother and daughter fight and kill one another, father and son fight kill one another, thousands of people following and believing a man saying that he is the antichrist or saying Jesus is here, he is over there and they follow, all of this is in the bible as we'll.


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Commented Mar 31, 2015, 8:28:08 PM
Everything works in this chapter except the ending. That should not be part of the chapter. Your essay, near the end, on the relationships between peoples would be more effective after a good edit and then placed in a section entitled "Epilogue."

This, also, is a good story. I would pull it down and really go to work on it. Flesh it out, add some detail, build some suspense.