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A Change Of Heart Chapter 5

Next morning a young Indian boy was playing in the sand on shore, when he quickly saw a ship on the sea and ran to his village.
The man on that ship was not there to trade, they were there for the women and young girls. As the men arrived in their village they started shooting and taking the women and young girls.
All the men were fighting, shooting guns and arrows, trying to help there wives, daughters, granddaughters, so they pushed them closer to the shore, as they were trying to get them back, the ship turned around and started firing there canons, all the warriors ducked and ran. The ship was now gone.

"We have to go after them," angered Grey Wolf.

"No, it's to dangerous," said Black Bear.

"Are you afraid," asked Grey Wolf?

"No," said Black Bear.

"I know where they are going," asked Carter?

"Where," Asked Black Bear?

"To England, to show them to the people, like they did you," said Carter.

"We have to stop them, we have to stop them on the sea," said Black Bear.

"But how," asked Grey Wolf.

"We go behind the ship, because they won't be able to turn the ship on its side to shoot the canons at us," said Carter.

"We also can join our tribe with another tribe and fill the sky with arrows," said Grey Wolf.

"Good idea, let's do it," said Carter.
So Grey Wolf and Black Bear went to another village, they went to Kicking Bears and told him what they were going to do. So Black Bears warriors and Kicking Bears warriors all got into there canoes and went out to see.
They caught up with the ship from behind, all the men were busy on deck, and they put the women down under deck. One woman looked through a hole in side of the ship and saw many warriors, she told the other women and they came and tried to look also.
As the men were cleaning the deck, the sky was filled with arrows piercing some of the men on deck, they all scattered and reached for there guns and started shooting.
Kicking Bird yelled, and they all fired there bows and this time it killed every single man on that ship.
Kicking Bear, Grey Wolf and Black Bear pulled themselves up with a rope that was hanging over the edge.
When they were on the ship, Grey Wolf went down to get the women as Black Bear and Kicking Bear tools some things back with them. Then the warrior rowed up in there canoes and let a phew women in each canoe and took them all back home.

"Thank you for helping us get them all back," said Black Bear.

"Your welcome friend," said Kicking Bear.
Black Bear and his warriors went home.


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Commented Mar 30, 2015, 12:13:20 PM
You have a battle scene here! A rescue, with a fight and a lot of action! Paint that picture!