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Submitted Mar 13, 2015, 2:53:52 PM

A Change Of Heart Chapter 4

Next morning everybody woke up and ate breakfast. Grey Wolf woke up and got out of bed and walked into the kitchen.

"Brother you should still be in bed," said Black Bear.

"I'm fine, it doesn't hurt," said Grey Wolf.

"Good, come join us," said the man.

So Grey Wolf sat down and started eating. When they were finished the woman took the plates and washed them.

"Mother can I show Grey Wolf around the farm," asked Carrie?

"Yes, but don't walk to much, his leg is still healing," said the woman.

"Yes momma," said Carrie.

So they went outside and Carrie started to show Grey Wolf around her farm. Then when they went around to the front they saw men on horses.

"Who is that," asked Carrie?

"A bad man," Grey Wolf quickly grabbing Carrie by the arm and went around to the back door.

"Brother," said Grey Wolf.

"I know, I see them," said Black Bear.

Carter stepped outside.

"What are you doing," asked Carter?

"You know," said Cortez.

"Please leave my property sir," asked the man?

"Not until I get my savages," said Cortez.

"Please, I have a daughter and wife, do not harm them in front of us," said the man.

"Alright, you heard the man Cortez," said Carter.

"I will be back, let's go," Cortez riding back to the ship.

"We must be going now, we don't want any harm to come to you and your family," said Black Bear.

"Oh please stay, it's no trouble," said the woman.

"No, we must be going, we are very close to our home, come look," Black Bear taking them down into the woods, then they came across a hill and went up it and looked over.

"See that is my village," said Black Bear.

"Mother I didn't realize how close we were to them," said Carrie amazed.

"Me either," said the man.

"We must go," Black Bear walking down towards the village.

"I guess we won't be seeing each other again," asked Carrie?

"We will," Grey Wolf kissed Carrie on her forehead and walked towards his village as we'll.

Carter stayed behind. As they came down the hill into more forests, they walked through the forest and reached there village. Everybody saw them walk to the village and greeted them with smiles. They sat down and told everybody about there journey and what they have seen, it was late and everyone went to sleep.


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Commented Aug 15, 2007, 9:31:03 PM
I enjoyed that and I also like the title. You have good imagery and I chuckled at a few of your analogies. This story also had a refreshing breath of fresh air, and by that I mean violence. Lots of it. Keep it coming mate.
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Nina Charles

Commented Aug 16, 2007, 11:26:19 PM
Great imagery. The introduction paragraph, to me, doesn't really sound like your voice and can really be left out. you cover all the basis later and throughout the story. That's the only change I'd suggest.