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A Change Of Heart Chapter 2

The ship started to move, they all dropped everything and ran back up on deck, they all started fighting. The indigenous people from shore started screaming and yelling out.
The rest of the warriors got in there canoes and paddled after them, some of the warriors started shooting, the warriors on the ship fought there way towards the edge of the ship and jumped off and swam towards the canoes to help. But the ship took up speed and it was to fast for the canoes, so they stopped and yelled out to the brothers.

Finally a couple of men pinned down Black Bear and held him down. Grey Wolf was still fighting to get off, Cortez quickly pulled his knife out and stabbed Grey Wolf in the leg. The crew quickly grabbed him and threw him down the in the dock also Black Bear.
Black Bear helped his brother get up and say him down against the wall, he wrapped his leg with cloth that was already down there with them.

"They tricked you also?" Asked Kicking Bear.

"Yes, you?" Asked Black Bear.

"Yes, they also came to my village, the Mohawks and traded with us, and then tricked me, my men escaped," said Kicking Bear.

"What do they want?" Asked Grey Wolf in pain, trying not to show it.

"I don't know," said Kicking Bear.

Then Carter came down with food and sat it down next to them. They ate it. Then the ship came to a stop and the door above started to open again. The crew members quickly went down and tied them up and brought them up on deck. They were in England, in an unfamiliar place, standing there were thousands of people and buildings.

Then a carriage drove up, a man with white and gold clothing came out of the carriage. They brought a ladder down and he walked up it to the ship. He saw the Indians and circled around them, then he looked at Carter .

"There naked," said Sir Austin.

"We'll yes sir, there Indians, they do not dress like us," Said Carter.

"Bring them down into my office?" Asked Sir Austin.
So Cortez, Carter walked them all down to Sir Austin's office and threw them inside an iron cage.

"Fascinating aren't they?" Asked Sir Austin.

"Yes sir, but must they be tied up, they are not animals," said Carter.

"Follow me," said Sir Austin.

"Look down there, that is an animal," Sir Austin pointing at a Grizzly bear.
Sir Austin went down to the arena and said,

"People of England, I have a show for you, savages in a new world of England, come being them out," demanded Sir Austin.

So Cortez brought all three of them out, Cortez untied them and shoved them off the ledge and landed in the arena. Grey Wolf didn't land on his feet when Cortez shoved him, because of his hurt leg. Black Bear helped him up, all the women were frightened and gasped, the men were amazed and afraid at what they saw.

"Here a new human beings, the savages!!!!" Shouted Sir Austin.

The Grizzly bear stood up on two legs and growled, the Grizzly was chained to a post by his leg. All three men looked at the Grizzly and back at each other.
Black Bear let Grey Wolf go and made sure he could stand on his leg and he did. He told Grey Wolf to pull the post out while he and Kicking Bear distract the bear.
Grey Wolf quickly ran towards the post and pulled it out, Black Bear, Kicking Bear and Grey Wolf ran and jumped out of the arena and into the stands, everybody was screaming and running over each other, as the three
Indians were getting away.

"Get them, NOW!!!" Shouted Sir Austin.

All three Indians were running on top of the roof tops. Carter was running and waited in a boat. They all saw the boats and quickly jumped off the buildings and ran towards the boats and jumped in them and paddled away quickly.

Grey Wolf was being very strong despite the pain the bleeding and throbbing from his leg from all that running and jumping. Black Bear put some salt water into his hand and poured some onto Grey Wolfs wound as it started to burn.


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Commented Mar 26, 2015, 9:48:18 PM
Needs a really thorough editing.

Now, this is better. Still, I would intersperse more narrative with the dialog. It is very hard to carry a story with dialog only. You may want to keep that in mind for future writings, or, if you choose to rewrite these.