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A Change Of Heart Chapter 1

In an Indian village there were two young men, brothers hunting game in the forests. When they came to the edge of the forest they saw white clouds floating on the sea, so they ran back to their village and pointed to the edge of their village.

Then they saw the white clouds pull up on shore, and men getting off the white clouds and coming towards them.

One man named Carter was very pleased to see them, and Carter could translate, he can speak there language, even though they already knew how to speak English. They brought gifts to trade, so they started trading.

Some of the men gave the women jewelry, mirrors, brushes, hats, clothes, there were laughing as some of the men tried on the hats and jackets, they thought they looked funny. Except one of the young men, he stood in the back with his arms crossed, watching the pale faces. His name is Grey Wolf, he didn't like one of the pale face they call Cortez. There was evil and hatred in Cortez's eyes and that fake smile of his.

Grey Wolf knew he was trouble but did not do anything or say anything, because there were to many of them. When they were done trading, Cortez asked if a couple of strong men would help carry some of their belongings onto the ship. Grey Wolf knew something was not right, so his brother, himself, four other braves carried things to the big ship.

When they arrived, they all started to look around with amusement on how big it was. The crew members told them to go down and put the stuff down in the bottom of the ship. They went down and looked around. Black Bear looked in the corner and saw another Indian tied up.


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