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Submitted Apr 14, 2009, 11:51:04 PM

A Chance

I'm seeing the world's faults,
And have been praying for a single way
That all of the dark clouds above us
Will change the world someday.
We all are carrying the dream
Of hearts that will open like doors,
And then the world will be newly seen.
And the shortcuts that we have followed,
Have lead to all that we've ever wanted.
So hold on tight we're just getting started.
The world is pressuring us, and it's hard to swallow
And while reaching for the future and going for the gold
We will see all the truths of our world unfold.
I'm seeing the world's faults.
And I've hoped it would be changed.
That the sun will brighten the darkness,
And our world wouldn't be so enraged
That maybe the future has made an entrance,
I'm seeing the world taking a chance.